Lord Have Mercy: Pastors Say Va. GOP Loyalty Pledge Creates 'Burden Of Fear' For Black Voters!

Reader, Trump done told em you got to pay to play. You got to endorse NOW, put up or shut up nobody told you the road was going to be easy.
 Not real sure what the controversy is about but it's all over the radio and my timeline. Some are saying  for as long as they can remember that the GOP in Virginia has had closed primaries. They've either chosen the nominees in a convention, or in a primary where you had to sign a document agreeing to vote Republican in the general election. If they've done it any other way in the last four years, they have not been aware of it.

 Pastors Say Va. GOP Loyalty Pledge Creates 'Burden Of Fear' For Black Voters


Shout Out To Some Of The Old Black Church Followers

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