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'Fly Jock' Tom Joyner Makes Big Announcement!!

Reader Tom Joyner is leaving radio for good. Tom Joyner, once known as the ‘Fly Jock’ because he would do a morning radio show in Dallas-Fort Worth and then fly to Chicago to do an afternoon show, is getting ready to hang up his mic. “I’m putting in my two-year notice,” Joyner says on his Fly Jock Blog on 

Lord Have Mercy Judgment Has Come To The Church Of God In Christ!

Reader "judgement has to come to the Church of God in Christ" according to the latest video release from Dr. Earl Carter.


  1. Earl....Please GO AWAY. Now.

    1. He has nothing to GO AWAY to.That's why he's trying to be the 'saviour' of the Church of God in Christ. If he had businesses, franchises, car dealerships, or a large church, he would out there taking care of his businesses or professional career. Let's face it, the man has nothing going for himself. This crusade against Bishop Blake is now his 'cause de celebre'.

  2. I'm a recently former COGIC member of 27 years (turned inclusionist) and this video just brings to light how much COGIC has changed which isn't necessarily bad. I mean there is some funky stuff going on that needs to end, but I think change will come of this situation. Maybe some people will find the freedom to leave and go where they are appreciated and not just tolerated. I do pray for the grand Ole COGIC. It is a beautiful institution and yet part of the Body.

  3. First of all, let me say, I support Elder Carter. I have commented several times on this site how it is my belief Blake threw this man under the bus. But this video is the worst of all the others Elder Carter has done.

    It is full with COGIC propaganda. Even when the narrator cited the history of COGIC and its relation to Azusa Street, she omitted to mention spiritualist mediums, hypnotists, and others interested in the occult attended the Revival. And even today, a lot of what goes on in COGIC is the stirring to usher many into an altered state of consciousness where they then become highly susceptible to the leaders in the Church and Church teaching. This is exactly what hypnotists do.

    The Azusa Street Revival was led by African American minister, William J. Seymour. Seymour was a student of well-known Pentecostal preacher Charles Parham. A year after the revival began, A Parham was arrested and charged with sodomy in Texas, and lost all credibility with the neo-Pentecostal movement he started. So far for all the talk about "holiness".

    I was a part of COGIC for years. COGIC's teaching on holiness and sanctification is not biblical at all, as with other of their doctrines. When it comes to just the basic of one's salvation, COGIC does not teach in simplicity and real truth of the verse, "For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God". Rather they almost bypass salvation, and tell others they need more than that (whatever "that" is, certainly was never clear to me), but one needed to "tarry" for the HOLY GHOST. And when it came to holiness, they seem to want to label "holiness" as a bunch of do's and don'ts as defined by the church - come to church everyday, don't go to movies, don't wear pants, obey your pastor, give in the offering, come to bible study and prayer meeting, serve in the church - as opposed to The sanctification of the believer in three realms: positional, progressive, and ultimate, reflecting the past, present, and future aspects of salvation.

    1. COGIC is a cult. Plain and simple. What troubles me about Earl Carter, and I support him and pray for him as well, is that he can't seem to see that he is fighting to save a cult. There are Godly people in COGIC but God is not in that church. In my opinion this video is the best he's done. This video exposes all of the fallacy in COGIC from the very beginning right up to now. Earl Carter has acknowledged that COGIC has been paying off people and propping up homosexuals and sexual deviants for years. So he knows the history of the church. But as far as I'm concerned they are the black version of the Roman Catholic church with the hierarchy and rampant sexual abuse. A lot of women are sexually abused in COGIC as well as children. If you listen to the preaching of the COGIC founder in that video you'll hear him almost chanting. I know about the old time way of preaching and call and answer but it was almost like a chant the way he was speaking and let's not talk about the speaking in tongues part. Maybe if COGIC is exposed those people can get free.

  4. This is interesting. There's a small section written about Charles Mason.


    1. WOW! oh WOW oh WOW!!!!

      Very. very interesting...According to the ARTICLE:

      Charles Harrison "C.H." Mason was an American Pentecostal–Holiness and denominational leader. He was the founder, Chief Apostle and first Senior Bishop of the Church of God in Christ, the largest Pentecostal Church in the United States. According to Jeffrey Anderson in his book Conjure in African American Society, he "used roots to supposedly discern God's will, a practice already familiar to those who had experience with hoodoo."

      Satan is alive and well in the GRAND OLE COGIC...seducing spirits, witchcraft, chanting, hypnotic songs where verse are repeated over and over and over again to put many into an altered state of consciousness, shaking uncontrollably, lies and deception that these are the movement of God, sexual promiscuity, lust, greed, control, fake and fraud, ignorance of truth, psychopathic behavior...you name it.

      Come YE out from among them....

  5. I understand where Carter is coming from but this is pure slander. Granted the actors and singers are not where they need to be spiritually, this no reason to disrespect Bishop Blake and his leadership. The best way for Carter to make his case is to leave COGIC and let God deal with the individuals named in the video. This nothing more than pure revenge.

  6. I just thought about this post and the video again this weekend. God will convict those actors and singers if they are using their talents to serve the Devil. Using those entertainers is a poor example for the need to reform COGIC. It is common knowledge that those entertainers are members of West Angeles and the church does attract the Hollywood elite. Be that as it may, this video is an almost 45 minute strawman argument and Dr. Carter would be better off surrendering his credentials and leave COGIC.

    1. You are right...like I said earlier, this video has a lot of COGIC propaganda and did not do much to enhance Elder Carter stance. If it were me I would leave. But some people are resilient if they feel they have a cause. This appears to be the case with Elder Carter. I'm guessing when all the smoke is clear, he'll get out. If not, he may bring a few back to holiness, but overall that church will function as is because of things deeply ingrained in it.

    2. Johnny Hopkins,, you do not know what you are talking about,, Elder Carter is telling the truth,, about charles blake.. I know for a fact that he has in his possession legal court documents that will be presented in a court of law.. while you are talking about Pastor Earl Carter,, out of all the banana back so call men in COGIC; Earl Carter is the only one who is standing up this Bishop Blake and his mess, children are being raped at an alarming rate,, women are being raped and inpreganated by so call pastors, bishops, who have a wife and kids... You folks on this blog who are speaking negative about Pastor Earl Carter need to just shut -- up . When God get tired of mess,, he designates someone as he did in the Bible to Speak ... so unless you know for sure that God has not told Pastor Carter to do what he is doing,,, you need to stop talking about what he should do,, as you hide behind your computer and strict the keyboard... Pastor Earl Carter is showing his face to the world,, as Moses did... I too have in my possessions legal court doc's about Charles Edward Blake and he knows it because he asked me to allow him to have them,, but I am no fool either,, I shared with him some,, and other I still have to give to Pastor Earl Carter.. God said,, cry loud and spare not,, oh, I am sure you can find it in the Bible.. yes,, JUDGEMENT HAS FINALLY COME TO THE GRAND OLE CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST.. GOOGLE COGIC PASTORS, BISHOPS, MINISTERS, WHO STEAL, KILL, RAPES, MANY WHO ARE IN JAIL TODAY AND CHARLES IS GOING TO COURT EVEN NOW ON SOME MESS REGARDING SOME OF HIS BOYS WHO CANNOT KEEP THEIR LITTLE HEAD IN THEIR PANTS... SO, UNTIL YOU HAVE THE FACTS,, JUST STOP. THERE IS ALSO A SEX TAPE OUT THERE JUST SIT BACK YOU PRAY AND WAIT,,, YOU WILL SEE,, COGIC WILL MAKE THE CATHOLIC CHURCH LOOK LIKE BARNEY.. CHARLES STOLE OUR CHURCH MONEY AND NOW IT IS A 24 HOURS LAUNDRYMAT,,, SO,, JUST HUSH UP.. YES,, YOU GUESSED IT,, I KNOW THIS BOY REAL WELL,,, I TOO HAVE PROOF...


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