Lord Have Mercy Church Charging Admission Fee For Super Bowl Celebration???

Reader why would a pastor/church want to become a non-profit organization? I'm glad you asked! A tax-exempt status means that the church does not have to file federal income tax forms, and individuals and businesses can write off donations on their taxes. With that being said, I got real problem with tax-exempt churches charging their tithe paying members a fee to attend events that are held at the church. The money that will be collected at this event will be tax free.  The time is right for calling for the government to remove tax-exempt status from all churches.


  1. This is ridiculous for a church to charge for a Super Bowl event at their church. However, they did invite an award-winning Gospel choir to the show, so the church has to "show JJ Hairston the money." Other churches will do activities like this for free. It is past time for the government to remove tax-exempt status from churches and ministries.

  2. A "PRE-Super Bowl GOSPEL celebration"?!?!?!

    What exactly is that, and what does it entail?

    Are they celebrating the GOSPEL of the Super Bowl?
    Is your Pastor starting for one of the teams?
    Is their a scripture that states that Football is somehow linked to the Gospel of Christ?

    This just looks like something one of the church members made up just to get more money (TAX FREE MONEY) out of the people.


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