Is Oral Sex Okay?

Reader don't be alarm, by the above question. Some Christians on my timeline are alarm when another Christian talks like this. I like John Piper and respect him greatly. But on this issue, I would hope he will give it some more thought especially those four principles listed in the article.
"will you pressure your spouse for oral sex if he or she finds it unpleasant? If so, then you are unkind. And it is a sin to be unkind.” 
Remind you that "Desiring God" is a Christian church lead by Pastor John Piper for more than 30 years. Of course topics like this is not for all believers, some believers are weak in their minds.  But in my humble opinion in a Christian marriage, I don't think this is something which should even be up for discussion. I'm disappointed John Piper even considered publishing this.


  1. OK Ann...I agree...this should not be up for discussion...what's next..discussions on anal sex?

    1. Anonymous I thought his point was that:
      1. It isn't prohibited by Scripture.
      2. The argument that it is "unnatural" is slippery because even some biblically endorsed sexual expressions appear to be similar.

      Therefore, the determining principles for its morality are: 1. Is it hurtful? And 2. Is it unkind?

      It seems, then, they each person and couple has the right to judge the morality of it, since only an individual couple can respond to the last two (since it is not inherently hurtful or unkind). If they find it is hurtful or unkind in their marriage, then that's fine.

      I suppose one must ask: is it possible that a husband or wife could enjoy giving it out of sincere love and service? Is it possible that the receiver can feel legitimately loved by it? Is it possible that it hurts neither of them and doesn't offend either's conscience? And is it possible that it can unify them and help them to know each other and to bond? If yes, and if it doesn't violate whet the Bible says or God's natural and created order, then it's possible for it to be acceptable, moral, and even good.

  2. This is getting a little Mark Driscollish lol.

    1. Haha, Anonymous leave Mark Driscoll out of this.

  3. Patricia HamiltonSunday, 10 January, 2016

    His thoughts seem to be biblically based, but more questions need to be asked. Does the man wanting oral sex want it because he desires what he's previously experienced personally or seen in pornography?

  4. Garbage in...Garbage out ! Mr. Piper`s mind is evidently fixated on receiving carnal pleasure,so that`s what`s in the front of his mind...receiving carnal pleasure! Is he a proponent of, " equality " in the Marital/Intimate/Relationship ...? Should a Man pressure his Wife into doing something she finds distasteful? Will she receive that same "Pleasure " from her Husband? Is her Husband engrossed in Pornography and becoming "unsatisfied " or becoming " insatiable " due to Lust? I think that " Grown Folks " don't really need someone outside of their Relationship promoting a voyeuristic self gratifying agenda by overreaching into someone else's private intimate life ! That should be between the Husband and Wife! If he or she is comfortable/not comfortable that`s between them ! No teaching can change the way someone`s spouse feels about the intimate details of their Relationship. Married couples have their own comfort levels when it comes to private and intimate details about their situations ! Maybe someone needs to ask John Piper`s wife what she why she thinks her husband needs to express this outside of a Marriage/Relationship/ Fellowship Meeting . ....ijs !

    1. LOL...YOU are 100% on point...A+)...dude...where have u been?...

  5. No oral sex is not ok. It's very nastty and degrading. God did not make man to. put their mouths on sexual organs.Oral sex is straight sodomy. If any one is doing such acts they need to repent and ask rhe Lord to deliver them fromthat spirit before it lead you to hell. Simply Stated.


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