Is Not Pastor Creflo Dollar The GateKeeper Of His House? Was Pastor Creflo Dollar Wrong To Rebuke From The Pulpit?

Reader I know everyone on social media have plenty of opinions and a lot to say about Pastor Creflo Dollar rebuking a person(s) for hollering out during a watch night service. He was not rebuking the person Pastor Dollar was rebuking that spirit that was interrupting the message.  Someone stated that apparently this wasn't a regular member of his because they would know proper protocol.

"This is the new year so you will have people visiting that may not normally attend church. The question is was this person able to shake it off and keep coming or did it discourage him/ her from attending. There is a proper way to handle all things. A deacon could have went up and talked to the person rather than openly rebuking them. First you set order, and if they refuse to adhere to the guidelines of the church then rebuke them openly. Would you spank a child without them knowing a thing is wrong? A lot of people won't attend churches now because things aren't handled the right way...that is all." 
"A pastor should not call out congregants in a direct manner during the normal, regular preaching of the Word. They should not use the pulpit to browbeat, humiliate, and bully individuals in their congregations. That is unbiblical and unacceptable."

Reader this is not a popular opinion but it's mine. He did right!!  This is like when you are in someone house they are speaking you should not rudely interrupt them. He's ordained by God in his house. So, who has the right to scream out happy New Year's while he's bringing the word?  I'm just saying this isn't a club!

If you were sitting there and it happened to you, how would you respond?


  1. There's nothing I could have done because his security. This Pastor Dollar was wrong...period!

  2. Like I stated before as much as I disagree with creflo and the way he distorts God's word, I think he was right this time, you don't interrupt a church service, that's just plain wrong. Go to your job and interrupt a board meeting and see what you get. Folks will be on their best behavior at work but will disrespect God's services on a minute. That's not right. He could have been a little more Christlike though, that's my only complaint.

  3. Pride goes before a fall!!

  4. Sister Ann, I can't believe some of the ridiculous comments I've read surrounding this incident. "Satan actin up, distracting the people from their blessing" "get me Pastor!" "Jesus rebuked openly! We need to bring this back!"

    In the video clip we couldn't see who was excited about the new year, but what we did see was a man that didn't like the focus being removed from him. Granted, it's disrespectful to interrupt any type of meeting, service or conference from the audience of a congregation, but the comments i've seen are senseless.
    I hate Christianese and this senseless talk that church people do that will never relate to the world. Creflo was well within his right to openly rebuke, and that person leaving and choosing to never return is an option as well.

    I remember the years that I wasted in church on New Year's Eve... And yes I do mean wasted. The meaning of "watch night" is almost as convoluted as church these days. If there is any blessing that we should focus on receiving in these places of worship --- it's a continued introduction to Jesus and the lifeline that He is. I used to bring people with me that wanted to do nothing more than get an understanding of Jesus, while celebrating the start of something new. Quickly, as I sat in churches that refused to acknowledge the reason that visitors were actually there, too concerned with their own agendas... I realized, these services, especially in the mega church realm, were nothing more than additional financial growth opportunities. We are so focused on ministry and church growth, that we forget that Jesus called his followers to reach the world, not Greater Mount Holiness World Church of God.

    Did you know that less than 1% of Jesus-following Christians over the age of 18 ever lead anyone personally to Christ in their lifetime? Sad. We think bringing them to church is going to do it. Let the pastor bless them.
    I said all that to simply say that it's a shame this happened, and now I'm finding myself focused again on where the heart of the church, the pastor and the Christian should be... And that's the lost.

    Enjoy service tomorrow.

  5. That whole church is a joke...

  6. You would think if he were asking the members to buy himself the Range Rover of jets, he might want to be a little nicer.

  7. We were there in 1994 the entire year. That's all it took. There were called PPA's(Body Guards), one of the guys knew my brother and literally told him that you really don't want to know Creflo behind closed doors. Good guy, but don't disagree with him. Not just this church but across the world, these ministers thrive off of intimidation. See how the people laughed when he went off? If the majority of the crowd and the braintrust behind closed doors would take a stand, these jokers would calm down and have a more humble heart, however, that will never happen. It would take a miracle from God to keep foolishness like this from happening. These preachers can say whatever they want and no one will say anything in the church. Why? They are terrified.

  8. Timezone, good comment. My question is WHAT/WHO are they afraid of? Who is he to be afraid of ? nobody.

    These people pass many, many churches to get to World Changers. Creflo did not NEED a $65 mil jet, He WANTED one. big difference. Sickin'.

    1. I know Anonymous. It's so crazy. It's like this, the ministers take scriptures like, "Touch not my Anointed, do my prophet no harm!" Or I love it when I've actually witness ministers use 1 Kings 17:13 when Elijah told the woman to bake him a cake first. This has actually been used during offering time to terrify the people to bless the man of God and you'll get your blessing, yep. Or the big one from scripture that's used is the account of Ananias and Sapphira in Acts 5 when they died in front of everyone for not being truthful in their giving of what possessions they had. Overtime when preachers use these scriptures for their own selfish gain, the congregation becomes powerless and they feel they can't say a word to the preacher or anyone. Unfortunately the majority of people aren't strong minded to move on outta there like I did. I don't put up with foolishness when some preachers have this "Jim Jones" complex. It's unreal what's out there.


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