Fix It Jesus: Why You Should Stop Hating on Celebrity Pastors Like Joel Osteen!

Reader stop right there, who is Hating on Joel Osteen? there is a difference between the truth and falsehood, God said to beware of false teachers and Joel Osteen in my opinion, is that. Also, in my humble opinion,  the word "hating" gets overused way too much.  Why do folks assume you hate everyone that you  disagree with or think is going about things wrong? You can cause division when you make statements like that. I don't hate anyone. That being said, turning a blind eye to someone who is clearly using and abusing people's trust and weaknesses go against everything that is moral and ethical.

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  1. While there maybe SOME truth to this article. The writer fails to address that some of the criticism (that he views as hate) is directed at the false doctrine that these celebrity pastors preach.

    The Bible is filled with Jesus and the apostles judging and criticizing churches and pastors. The apostle John actually wrote 7 churches mentioning their faults and short comings in detail.

    And if we as Christians Aren't holding pastors feet to the fire (comparing their teachings to the word of God) then WE ARE SELVES are not living up to the cause for Christ.

    If pastors want to call sound decernment hate, let'em hate.



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