Fantasia The Secular Artist Brought The New Year In At Church!.

Reader, praise God Fantasia the secular artist brought the New Year in at church singing and praising God. I use to be in a place where I looked at secular artists as if they didn't have a relationship with Christ because they sang worldly songs. The way I was brought up in the traditional Baptist church it basically taught us that secular people were not saved people.  I'm so glad I'm not bound by that idea anymore. This girl got the oil! Yes, she sings secular music but this girl makes sure she acknowledges Christ in every concert she does.  She knows where she came from and she's unashamed.  I can appreciate that.

The below statement is what Fantasia posted to social media.  I pray she don't miss her calling:

Bringing in my New Year with Worship was everything to me.. When Yahweh, which is God, who sits high and looks low speaks, I listen. What I've come to realize is my Ministry is right there on that stage. Some say (you know what you should be doing) and I say to them (I am doing it). Taking Him wherever I go👣 touching and reaching souls outside of the Church House. 2016 will be a great year, but know this, the enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy. So he will only turn up a lil more but the key is YOU PRAY A LIL MORE. What he should realize now about Fantasia Taylor, is I can't be stopped. 😊 If God is before me that's more than the whole world against me. Happy New Year. You made it 🤗 Thanks so much to Lux Monroe for this lovely dress. Last but not least thanks to Triumph Church OH MY MY MY y'all are the best God Bless (and they can SANG)!!


  1. So blessed when I see people in high places speak the truth.
    There is power in the name of YHWH!

    1. Wow, what an amazing talent Fantasia has been gifted with. She definitely uses it to Glorify the creator and her shows are pure realness.

  2. Yes! Fantasia is not ashamed to say she worships YHWH!

    1. Listen! Fantasia is anointed but don't limit her to church !!!! Smh she's doing what she was called to do ! Just how God designed it! Yall always want somebody to put on a show at y'all church! She's touching lives worldwide!! It's beautiful to watch!!
      Everybody talking about she needs to go gospel ! Why! So YALL can NOT buy her albums lol Yall buy them now so hush

  3. God is willing to use you right where you are. When you're in tune with him... He gives further instruction. Wait on the Lord.

  4. LOVE to Fantasia! She blessed us in a mighty way at Triumph Church's 6:30 service at the Fisher Theater! I've been a fan since Idol, but THIS was a shining moment in her career. Her voice was transcendent (whew!) and clearly anointed in that place. May God bless and keep Fantasia ever aware of His presence! Hallelujah!

  5. Amen...nothing like seeing a woman dressed in the devil's color, all tight and fit and bending and reaching for those godly notes, singing from the growling of her sensuality, praises unto the Most High. WHEW!!! Hallelujah!!!


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