Church Announcement: Leave A Gospel Tract If You Like But Never In Place Of A Tip.

Reader I hate especially hate these money "gospel" tracts when people leave them as "tips" for their waiter WITHOUT actually leaving them a real monetary tip.  Nothing worse than a cheap skate. If you don't have a tip to leave then don't leave anything.  This is tasteless  and definitely does not leave a good reflection of the gospel (in my opinion). If I were the waiter/waitress I would feel the same way. Leave a tract if you like, but NEVER in place of a tip.

Recently, the story of a server who received a religious tract in place of a tip went rather viral, and the debate about whether this was appropriate has been broad and vocal. Now, a pastor connected to the tract has spoken in response, and made his (and, according to him, his church’s) stance on the matter clear.

It began when, according to WCNC, a waiter received, instead of a tip, a religious tract, promising salvation if the reader would only follow its instructions. As the story went viral, people on social media expressed opinions on leaving a religious message instead of a tip. Read more here:


  1. Here is my thought......There's a lot of things done in the name of...."God"..."religion"...."witnessing", etc.....that leaves a bad taste in people's mouths. It's not the true heart of God in the first place. It turns people off. It grieves the Holy Spirit, when we do these kinds of things. It might would've been different, if someone left an extravagantly huge tip with it? If it was done with a true heart motive? No strings attached. Spreading the Good News of Jesus, like a bait and switch con-game is twisted. Manipulating people. It hurts people. God's way of doing things, are so much higher than ours.

  2. Ms.Ann I said it before, I guess I have to say it again...
    Christian friends, please do NOT come into the place I work and leave my coworker a Gospel tract and a very sorry tip, one that even the tightest tippers would admit is low...just a real bad witness for hard working folks who should expect to be treated better than that by someone Christ died for...if you must leave a poor tip, then at least don't tell them you're a christian...i know some of you wont agree w me but surely we can do better than this...

  3. I'm a pastor, I have told my members to leave extra big tips on Sundays, especially if it is apparent that they just came from church. Christians should view their tipping as an opportunity to show the love of Christ and to pay well those who work hard for them, and everyone knows waiting tables is no easy job for a few bucks a table...

  4. .....And some Christians wonder why lots of lost folks in the world HATE the Church.... If you go to a restaurant, TIP the waitresses or waiters. Be GENEROUS. 20% is GRACIOUS as a norm, an average, at a nice restaurant. Be KIND. If there is a reason to complain, ask for the manager -- nicely -- or go to the manager, calmly, and make your complaint respectfully. Even in the worst of circumstances, it is better to leave without going ballistic than to blow up and lose your testimony, even if you are justifiably angry. Remember that the waitress or waiter is a soul -- maybe a Brother or Sister in Christ, perhaps in need of a Saviour. Oh -- one last thing -- NEVER leave a Gospel Tract IN PLACE OF a Tip! You make Jesus look CHEAP! That HARM'S the cause of Christ (and you deserve a holy boot in the backside)! If you want to leave a gospel tract, leave it with a GREAT TIP! Then the Waiter or Waitress MIGHT even read it, or at least keep it for later reference.... Blessings....


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