After 30 Years Of Ministry State Senator Wants Road Renamed After Pastor Creflo Dollar!

Reader according to online chatter, Atlanta Pastor Creflo Dollar will soon have a road dedicated to him south of Atlanta. Of course, the news didn't go over to well with many Georgia residents. 


  1. Thats Good. This man has been the most ridiculed person I know. I was in Haiti on a mission trip and the strongest, most professional, most disciplined and spiritual orphanage and school I saw was totaled funded by, guess who? World Changers. You Negras, yes i said negras, give up hatin on this man. God must be with him, cause yo hatin ain't workin. Congrats Sir.

  2. So the man who,

    Stated that if he had HIS WAY, he would execute non-tithers,

    Wanted people that fled from Eddie (hello boys) Long's CHURCH because of a STILL unresolved issue involving young men to RETURN because IT WAS ONLY A WRECK.

    And currently wants his members to buy him the most expensive, opulent, and exclusive jet that THEIR MONEY CAN BUY, because he can't spread the gospel without it.

    If they do decide to name it after him, I am sure there will be a toll/tithe booth.

    1. Cop that just means his congregation members who ride the bus would be able to watch him drive past in a Rolls Royce on a highway named in his honor.

    2. And you know Creflo's going to request (at their expense of course) they pave it with gold if they are to name it after him. I mean, according to Dollar, we should not have to wait to get to heaven to walk on streets of gold...

  3. The road must be like his teaching. Full of holes.

  4. As a pastor you ought to be afraid to let people give you this kind of glory and honor. He is supposed to give that glory back to God. I would have told them to name the street after Jesus.

  5. If you know about Creflo Dollar and what a crook he is, please sign this. If you don't know, take a moment and read about him then sign this. The idea of naming a major street after this crook would just make the city and state look bad.

    1. I signed it gladly with a quickness.

  6. If creflo is going to walk on it, I'm sure it's gonna be paved with GOLD...

  7. Naming a street after Creflo Dollar probably won't happen. Federal and state governments usually don't name streets, buildings, parks, etc. after people who are still living for obvious reasons. While still living they're subject to committing an atrocity or some other act that would bring dishonor to that(street, building, etc.) which carries their name.


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