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Lord Have Mercy: Greensboro Congregation Pays Pastor's Way To Super Bowl 50?!?!

Reader South Carolina Pastor Ronald Wilson is usually giving sermons Sunday mornings, but not Super Bowl Sunday. His congregation at Kingdom Vision Life Center in Greensboro surprised him with an all-expenses-paid trip to the Super Bowl! "Usually, I'm a man of words," Pastor Wilson said. "I had none."
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Who Disagree With Gospel Artists Sharing A Stage With "Secular" Artists?

Reader, it's a sad day when  BET doesn't even have enough confidence in today's Gospel artists alone to be the only artists performing on their own show of celebration. Nope, instead they have to rely on secular artists in order to draw an audience.

How many Gospel artists have we seen in the last couple of years, performing at the Grammy's, AMA's or at the Billboard Music Awards? But these networks keep involving secular artists in these types of shows.....which in my opinion should only allow for the Gospel artists to stand out and to be respected all over the world and not just to a certain demographic.  The show tonight is a little too secular for my taste, from the host all the way down.

Lord Have Mercy Church Charging Admission Fee For Super Bowl Celebration???

Reader why would a pastor/church want to become a non-profit organization? I'm glad you asked! A tax-exempt status means that the church does not have to file federal income tax forms, and individuals and businesses can write off donations on their taxes. With that being said, I got real problem with tax-exempt churches charging their tithe paying members a fee to attend events that are held at the church. The money that will be collected at this event will be tax free.  The time is right for calling for the government to remove tax-exempt status from all churches.

Rumors Are Spreading All Over Town, That Kanye West And Kirk Franklin Are Working On A Gospel Album?

Reader whatever happen to "I rather have Jesus than silver and gold"? According to social media Kirk is in it for the money. The spirit of the Lord has left and he serving another god. It is sad to see him in this state but the bible warned us that this will happen. Folks will fall away from the faith. Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God. James 4:4.

Kanye and Kirk (“Losing My Religion”) are working on an album together? — That’s the question some folks were asking as a photo of Franklin, West and a few other artists was trending on Twitter Friday. The photo, seen above, was posted by rapper 2 Chainz on his Instagram account Friday night. Seen in the photo are “Kanye, Mike Dean, A$AP Mob’s A$AP Bari, and…Kirk Franklin,” according to Hot 97 DJ Miss Info. 2 Chainz didn’t include any info when he posted the photo.

Lord Have Mercy: Bishop Paul Morton Wants A Commitment From Hillary Clinton That She Will Protect God's Church On Marriage.

Reader presidential candidate, Hillary Rodham Clinton was speaking at a Campaign event in Iowa on this past Monday when an event goer asked her if the Ten Commandments mattered to her. The former Secretary of State replied that she is indeed a person of faith.. a Christian and a Methodist. That's when retired Bishop Paul S. Morton  took to his twitter page to asked pastors who were going to meet with Ms. Clintion in Philadelphia to get a commitment that she will protect God’s Church on marriage.

Jesus Take The Wheel: If You Come To My Church You Can Win A Car?!?!

Reader what brings people into your church? What sort of gimmicks, if any, are used? Is it the music, the performances, the charisma of your pastor? Upon what does your church depend upon to draw new churchgoers and to retain those who already attend? Those questions and many others are being asked by controversial talk show host Thaddeus Matthew who has just gotten out of Facebook jail..... and posted the following to his timeline:

One of the biggest con artist in Memphis is pastor Craig Wilson of New Beginning church in Frayser. Known for selling used cars on the church lot, his lastest gimmick is to give away a car to some lucky chump that joins his cult of followers. In 2014, Wilson was arrested for writing a counterfeit check to another local church, Christ baptist Church for $10,000. He told the church that if they cashed the check for him that they could keep a $1000 just give him the rest. can you believe that the pastor of Christ baptist could be that gullible?
Also, in 2014 W…

AME Founder Richard Allen To Be Honored With Postage Stamp!

Reader the U.S. Postal Service announced the Black Heritage stamp for 2016 will honor Richard Allen, founder of the African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church.  The stamp will be released during the 1st quarter of 2016, which coincides with the 200th anniversary of Allen’s founding of the AME Church.

Church Fight: False Accusations Levied Against Bishop John H. Sheard!

Reader, there's a newly constructed petition that has been drawn up by a COGIC elder that's calling Dr. Earl Carter out for his lack of education and for making false claims against Bishop John Sheard.
Petition Here:

Dr. Earl William Carter 7225 Hawksnest Blvd Orlando, Florida 32835
 Dear Dr. Earl William Carter: We are members and leaders of Greater Mitchell Temple Church of God in Christ, Inc. and Michigan Southwest First Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction under the pastorate and leadership of Bishop John Henry Sheard. After much prayer and contemplation, we felt burdened to share with you our sentiments about your recent attacks against our pastor and jurisdictional leader. It saddens us that we must occupy precious time writing to you under such troublesome circumstances, but we feel that we need to do so for the sake of God’s honor and in support of Bishop Sheard.

Allow us to tell you about the man whom yo…

Good News: Church Up For Public Auction Over Unpaid Debts!!

Reader Pastor James Manning is finally meeting his karma. This is the man that constantly is shouting out racial slurs against President Obama and others. I do not agree with this Pastor's tactics or his application of Biblical Principles against homosexuality. Those who live in a glass house should not throw stones.

The church that thinks "Jesus would stone homos" is scheduled to be put up for public auction next month because their pastor hasn’t paid his debts. A state judge ordered Atlah Worldwide Church to be sold at a public foreclosure auction after failing to pay creditors more than $1.02 million, court records show.

Church Announcement:

Reader in the latest video upload by Dr Earl Carter in which he discusses the on going investigation of Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake.....and the force cancellation  of his appearance at a Dallas TX, radio station.   Dr Carter also apologizes to Western Florida and Supt Larry Perkins.

Nat Turner, The Slave Preacher And Self-Styled Prophet!

Reader each time I read the story of Nat Turner, I just never imagined there could ever be a film on such a large scale about a "slave rebellion" in America. The first time I got to watch Nate Parker was in the film “The Great Debaters.” Since then I’ve been inspired by such an amazing, dedicated, humble, extraordinary artist and person.  Personally, I see Nat Turner as an American hero. So often do we excuse the barbarity of America’s heroes by saying “he was a man of his time.” However, somehow Nat Turner doesn’t get that pass.

Anyhow, if you haven't heard the story yet of Nate Parker's The Birth of a Maybe you heard about the all-night bidding war for distribution at Sunday...Fox Searchlight finally won out at $17.5M? But you might not have heard about his story to make the film...very inspiring...or...why he chose the name of the film. Very powerful. Below is a short clip of him talking about the film for Sundance - and here's a link to the Wiki…

Question: Is It Okay For A Single Pastor To Date Within Their Own Congregation?

Reader, for centuries there has been a unique, close-knit relationship between black people (particularly black women) and the black church.  The question that  is flowing around on my timeline is would you ever attend a church where the pastor is single???

Pentecostal Minister Want To Create His Own Christian Disneyland!

Reader according to online chatter, another fake christian misappropriating tax free money given in good faith by mislead believerss. He's playing it awful close to the edge...being 84..he better be ready to explain to his maker all of the nonsense he's gotten up to during his long and fraudulent career.

With over 60 years of ministry God has used Dr. Cerullo to pioneer overseas ministries & open many countries that have been considered closed to the Gospel. The televangelist wants to build a Christian-themed resort in San Diego that includes fancy timeshare suites, a Biblical museum, high-tech attractions and a 20-foot-high replica of Jerusalem’s wailing wall. The San Diego Union-Tribune says Morris Cerullo is planning the $125 million project on the site of a foreclosed Mission Valley hotel he bought more than four years ago.

The project would include 127 suites, a spa and other amenities along with Cerullo’s new ministry headquarters, a Biblical museum housing Judeo-Chr…

Lord Have Mercy: Family Battles Over Megachurch Founder’s Estate!??!

Reader the family of a popular Pentecostal bishop from Detroit who started his ministry in a storefront says the national megachurch he built before his death is keeping them from inheriting what they believe to be up to $10 million. Bishop William Bonner’s two adult grandchildren say his survivors are being shut out of their inheritance and they believe officials with the Harlem, N.Y.-based Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ are hiding money and records about property that belongs to the family.

“He warned people about it,” said Grace Bonner, a Lansing resident and one of the bishop’s granddaughters, who has asked the Wayne County Probate Court to intervene.A hearing will be held Wednesday.

Church Announcement: Dr. Earl W. Carter, Sr. Will Be In Dallas, TX For Revival!

Reader it's time for REVIVAL at Resurrection Body of Christ Church.  And according to Facebook their amazing Pastor, Andre Byrd has been invited to "Light" the fire on the first night, Jan 28th at 7 pm. Followed by Evangelist Pedra Jacobs-Thomas who will be keeping the on burning fire going until Jan 29th & 30th. Then on Jan 31st at 4 pm Dr. Earl W. Carter, Sr. will close it out. Come "Catch On Fire" with the host Bishop Eli Jacobs and the Resurrection Body of Christ Church.

After 30 Years Of Ministry State Senator Wants Road Renamed After Pastor Creflo Dollar!

Reader according to online chatter, Atlanta Pastor Creflo Dollar will soon have a road dedicated to him south of Atlanta. Of course, the news didn't go over to well with many Georgia residents. 

Family Will You Be Watching Lucifer?

Reader, he gives bad a new name, LUCIFER.  So this is up in New York and Los Angeles, and folks thank it's a game.

My Condolences To Pastor E.Dewey Smith And Family!

Reader I'm praying for one of my favorite preachers EVER!!! I can't imagine the grief he and his family are experiencing right now. No words can take away his pain, so I'll just pray because that is the greatest gift that I can give. My thoughts and prayers are with them.

According to the official page of Pastor E. Dewey Smith, Jr:
My Brother passed 1/29/07
My Mother left me 1/2/16
And my Sister 1/22/16
I'm hurting bad, yet thankful.

Church Announcement: Leave A Gospel Tract If You Like But Never In Place Of A Tip.

Reader I hate especially hate these money "gospel" tracts when people leave them as "tips" for their waiter WITHOUT actually leaving them a real monetary tip.  Nothing worse than a cheap skate. If you don't have a tip to leave then don't leave anything.  This is tasteless  and definitely does not leave a good reflection of the gospel (in my opinion). If I were the waiter/waitress I would feel the same way. Leave a tract if you like, but NEVER in place of a tip.

Recently, the story of a server who received a religious tract in place of a tip went rather viral, and the debate about whether this was appropriate has been broad and vocal. Now, a pastor connected to the tract has spoken in response, and made his (and, according to him, his church’s) stance on the matter clear.

It began when, according to WCNC, a waiter received, instead of a tip, a religious tract, promising salvation if the reader would only follow its instructions. As the story went viral, peopl…

First Woman Pastor Rev.Dr.Betty Deas Clark Has Been Named Pastor Of Emanuel AME Church!

Reader, a hearty congratulations and best wishes to the new pastor of Mother Emanuel AME Church, the Rev. Dr. Betty Deas Clark. May God give her the strength, power, passion and compassion on this wonderful divine assignment. May this congregation move forward with a renewed sense of healing and wellness.

The Rev. Dr. Betty Deas Clark has been named pastor of Emanuel AME Church, where nine black worshipers were gunned down on June 17 by an avowed white racist. She will be the church’s first female pastor. Kudos to Bishop Norris and the Seventh Episcopal District. Peace!

Is Not Pastor Creflo Dollar The GateKeeper Of His House? Was Pastor Creflo Dollar Wrong To Rebuke From The Pulpit?

Reader I know everyone on social media have plenty of opinions and a lot to say about Pastor Creflo Dollar rebuking a person(s) for hollering out during a watch night service. He was not rebuking the person Pastor Dollar was rebuking that spirit that was interrupting the message.  Someone stated that apparently this wasn't a regular member of his because they would know proper protocol.

"This is the new year so you will have people visiting that may not normally attend church. The question is was this person able to shake it off and keep coming or did it discourage him/ her from attending. There is a proper way to handle all things. A deacon could have went up and talked to the person rather than openly rebuking them. First you set order, and if they refuse to adhere to the guidelines of the church then rebuke them openly. Would you spank a child without them knowing a thing is wrong? A lot of people won't attend churches now because things aren't handled the right wa…

VICTIM #2 "Bishop Charles Blake Raped a 14 yr Old Virginia Boy"????

Reader according to Dr Earl Carter latest video, a witness has come forth with a written letter saying "Bishop Charles Blake Raped A 14 Yr. Old Virginia Boy While He Was Visiting LA." Dr. Carter asked are there more VICTIMS out there? Dr. Carter claiming that a police investigation is on the way.


Pastor Bryant The Youngest Person Ever To Be Inducted Into The International Civil Rights Hall Of Fame.

Reader yesterday Pastor Jamal Harrison Bryant was inducted into the civil rights "Walk Of Fame" as the youngest recipient ever. Congratulation Dr. Bryant.

  See people, this is what happens when we aren't recognized by whites, a la´the Oscars, we create our own awards. "The Civil Rights Walk of Fame."

Pastors Should Use SNAPCHAT To Reach The Millennial!!

Reader pastors should use Snapchat to reach the millennial.   That's what different pastors are saying in The International Business Times. Now the messaging app is the fastest-growing social network among millennial Americans, pastors should use the app too, to connect with them.

Jesus Take The Wheel: Catholic Church Lawyers Demand Abuse Victim Repay Settlement Money!?!??

Reader, the Catholic Church is in damage control after one of its lawyers ['Tim Abbott from Walsh and Blair'] lawyers demanded that a child sex abuse survivor repay an out-of-court settlement because she spoke to the media about her case. Lawyers for the Diocese of Wagga Wagga also sought a public apology from the woman for "untruths" she told to the local newspaper. But after being contacted by ABC yesterday, the Bishop of Wagga Wagga said he did not instruct the lawyer to make the demands and he would not be pursuing abuse survivor Gina Swannell for the money.
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Black Clergy United For Change Offered An Apology To Millennials And Members Of The Gay And Transgender Communities!

Reader a local Minneapolis black clergy organization apologized Thursday to the “marginalized members of the black community” in response to tensions between some ministers and Black Lives Matter members in the Twin Citie, especially black youths, for what they said is the disparaging attitude of some of the established leaders in the black church.

Fix It Jesus: Why You Should Stop Hating on Celebrity Pastors Like Joel Osteen!

Reader stop right there, who is Hating on Joel Osteen? there is a difference between the truth and falsehood, God said to beware of false teachers and Joel Osteen in my opinion, is that. Also, in my humble opinion,  the word "hating" gets overused way too much.  Why do folks assume you hate everyone that you  disagree with or think is going about things wrong? You can cause division when you make statements like that. I don't hate anyone. That being said, turning a blind eye to someone who is clearly using and abusing people's trust and weaknesses go against everything that is moral and ethical.

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Congratulations Dr. Jamal Harrison Bryant!

Reader Dr. Pastor Jamal Bryant said he's humbled and honored that the organization that raised and trained him would recognize him as one of the preachers of the movement. Instagram:

Church Announcement:~ Water Telethon For Flint~


Should Pastors Who Look At Porn Be Fired or Forced to Resign?

Reader among the findings in a landmark pornography study released this week was the notion that 41 percent of adult Christians surveyed believe that preachers should be asked to resign or fired if they look at porn. The study, titled, “The Porn Phenomenon” and commissioned by Josh McDowell Ministries, found that 21 percent of youth pastors and 14 percent of pastors involved in the study are currently struggling with porn use.

Many Adult Christians Think Pastors Who View Porn Should Resign or Be Fired

Question “Should I Tithe Or Pay My Bills??”

Reader, this question is for you, tithe or Pay Off Debt -- which one would you do first? I remember when the financial market crash happened back in 2008 -- I remember seeing two news reports involving a Christian woman who was going through a home repossession. In the first report she was proudly proclaiming that God would keep her from losing the home cause I tithe, etc. In the second she was being evicted out of her home. This, along with some other things -- like a $6.5 million dollar church down the road from us that sits empty (about 10 years now) to this day -- serves as a reminder to me that God cares more about his children's well-being than money.

 The more I look at the subject of tithing, I am all the more convinced that the purpose of modern day tithing is nothing more than a racket to keep Christians in bondage. Furthermore, I am convinced that God cannot and will not curse Christians because we are his by adoption -- and paid for by Jesus going to the cross for us.


Bishop T.D. Jakes And The Sermon That Changed Don Lemon!

Reader awesome story.. church pastors play such a big role in people's lives. Very inspirational and challenging. We all need someone to tell us the truth.

Bishop T.D. Jakes and the sermon that changed Don Lemon

Lord Have Mercy, SEVEN Types Of Women Pastors Should Watch Out For In Ministry??

Reader, the following post has not set well will some women,  what are your thoughts? Is this a sneaky attack on women?

        1) The woman who wants to be your wife.
2) The woman who wants to be your mother. 3) The woman who wants to be your lover. 4) The woman who wants to be your best friend. 5) The woman you want. 6) The woman who doesn’t know what she wants. 7) The woman you work most closely with in ministry.
 Article Here:

For the lips of an adulteress drip honey, and smoother than oil is her speech.(Proverbs 4:3)

Brian Carn Ministries Presents 48 Hours Non Stop Prayer!

Reader social media have dubbed the upcoming Brain Carn Ministries event "48 Hours Of Prayer" as being one of the biggest events of 2016. Saints are hoping that the impact of this event would be similar in ways of a movement, like the Azusa Conference that took place in Los Angeles, many years ago.

Church Announcement:

Reader if any of you would like to help the people of Flint Michigan but don't know how here are a few ways to do it. Herbert Miller!

One Of Gospel Music's Biggest Stars Is About To Crash And Burn.

Reader (sorry April) I have tried to hold my peace on Leandria Johnson even though I'm frightened by what I see.  When Leandria Johnson stood before the Sunday's Best judges, she was HUMBLE, homeless & trusting God. Because of her integrity, humbleness & character, she had instant success, yet she remained Humble.

Over the last couple of years, she's done a lot of things & asked for forgiveness like MANY OF US. From drugs, face piercings, alcohol, sex & now nudity? Yes, you read that right nudity by mistake.  All I can suggest is PRAYER instead of attack. Thanks to Pastor Kim for coming to the rescue. Whatever she's dealing with is a stronghold & a struggle. We ALL have them. Leandria is in trouble, there is much that I could say, but I will leave her in the hands of God, I only ask for you who are reading this to join with me and pray. Le'AndriaPeriscope.

Pastor Tanya Why Hasn't The Christian Community Called Out Leandria Johnson.

Lord Have Mercy, Liberty University, Whose Founder Once Denounced Martin Luther King, Will Host Donald Trump Today!

Reader today, on Martin Luther King Day, Donald Trump will speak at Liberty University as a way to get closer with the Republican Party's evangelical base. The date isn't a coincidence, either, as the school's President Jerry Falwell, Jr. said to a reporter,
"We chose that day so that Mr. Trump would have the opportunity to recognize and honor Dr. King on MLK day".  There's no better time to remind everyone that the school's founder Jerry Falwell, Sr. was hardly a champion of civil rights, including the causes for which King fought. Two worthy reads here and here.

Martin Luther King Isn’t Interested in Your Praise!

Reader this is something to think about. Today is Martin Luther King day and almost every major American city has an MLK boulevard -- and an address there has become almost synonymous with poverty and crime. How did that happen, and can it change?
"[King] would know that in a country where black lives still do not seem to matter to most of us, where millions of African Americans are imprisoned or branded as felons, that any celebration of civil rights victory is premature. If King were here to celebrate his holiday with us, he would ask us to show him justice, not statues; changed hearts, not new names on freeways."Martin Luther King Isn’t Interested in Your Praise

Ex-first Lady Gizelle Bryant New Role!

Reader the Real Housewives franchise has expanded to Potomac, Maryland. Chile, the money is longer but these women still cutting up. One of the ladies of the new real housewives franchise "The Real Housewives of Potomac" is none other than Gizelle Bryant (Pastor Jamal Bryant's ex-wife). She divorced the well-known Baltimore pastor after his infidelity.  I will be watching because I want to see what former First Lady has to say.

Viewers will be introduced to the wealthy African-American families who have broken racial barriers and now reside in the sophisticated community. The Real Housewives of Potomac will follow socialite and single mom Gizelle Bryant, international model and TV personality Katie Rost, grand dame Karen Huger, social butterfly Charrisse Jackson-Jordan, publicist and single mom Robyn Dixon, as well as restaurateur Ashley Darby.

Memphis Pastor Sentenced To Prison On Child Pornography Charges!

Reader a former pastor and minister from Memphis was sentenced to 85 months in prison for knowingly receiving sexual images of a minor. According to court records, the illicit acts happened between March and April of 2015. Investigators said 32-year-old Demarcus Smith asked a teenage boy to send him sexually explicit images of himself through Facebook Messenger.

 He also had sexually explicit conversations with the victim. Smith pled guilty to one count of receipt of child pornography in October 2015, after being indicted on charges in relation to child pornography in August 2015. Smith was a pastor at Oak Hill Missionary Baptist Church in South Memphis. He is also a member of the Baptist Ministerial Association.