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Lord Have Mercy, Does The Pope Have The Power To Absolve Sin??

Readers is this heresy of the highest order, or what? I didn't know the pope, nor any of his cardinals, bishops, or priests had the ability to declare (someone) free from blame, guilt, or responsibility of sin? In my opinon, the pope has once again tried to take away from God what rightfully belongs to God alone. Is it not, blasphemy to think that a sinful man can remove the guilt of sin and the stain that envelops the heart of every man, woman, and child, that separates them from the holiness of God?  What in the world is the pope saying here? Does he really think he has the power to grant ALL priests the ability to “absolve sin?”

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines the word ABSOLVE to mean,“to set free from an obligation or the consequences of guilt.”