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Bring Me My "B I G" Black Belt: Showing Out At A Funeral Is Not Proper Etiquette

Readers, regardless of how one may feel they should do everything in their power to hold their peace at a funeral. In this case here, if Aunt Pat Houston is   wrong, it will all come out.

According to TMZ, the service for Bobbi Kristina was interrupted Saturday morning by an outburst from Leolah Brown, Bobbi's aunt, who was swiftly removed from the church with the help of Tyler Perry. An eyewitness says Pat Houston was getting ready to speak when Leolah began screaming, "Pat you know you are wrong for this!"

Dr.Tony Evans, Understanding Kingdom Sexuality!

Readers, I love this man of God's wisdom in the Word of God, and the grace with which he expresses it. This was and is a right now word for today. I believe that's what we have being saying across the board when it comes to the word of GOD how can we judge are even call ourselves Christians and not love everybody it's impossible.  We are known not by works alone, but LOVE has to be a part of our equation.

Get Over It: I'm Black, I'm a Minister and I’m Gay.

Readers, should people who believe that homosexuality is a sin be allowed to create communities that exclude homosexuals? Author and Minister  BENJAMIN C. EVANS IIIsaid it's time to put aside differences, be willing to preach love and make room for people of all colors and sexual orientations.