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Fix It Jesus: Bruce Jenner Covers Vanity Fair as New Woman Named Caitlyn in Corseted Bodysuit.

Readers, just because Christians voice their opinion about something that they don't approve of, doesn't mean they are judging. I hate how people always throwing that word around, JUDGMENTAL.   Christians should be able to have an opinion and be able to share it on social media without being label judgmental and a stone casters. To most Christians, this IS NOT natural.  Right now, many on social media and some within the Christian community are having a strong debate about Bruce Jenner choice to transition into a woman by saying goodbye to his former male identity on the cover of the July issue of Vanity Fair.

The reality star, 65, was reintroduced as a woman named Caitlyn Jenner, now using female pronouns as she continues her transition. The reinvented star looks beautiful on the cover, posing with her brunette locks in flowing curls and showing off a toned body in a white corseted bodysuit.

When The sermon Illustration Go Too Far!

Readers, sometimes I feel like the church be doing too much with sermon illustrations and props.  I’m still a little unclear about what makes a good one. Take for example Pastor Bruce N Baker of Fulfilling Gods Purpose Church Inc of Tampa FL, who had a bathtub and the whole works set up for use during a sermon illustration along with a chicken.