Shots Fired: Pastor Steve Parson Challenged Roland Martin!

Reader, Preacher man Steve Parson was made to look like a big fool the other day by Roland Martin when he couldn't answer Roland questions about the less than 100 pastors that met with Donald Trump. Well, guess what the good preacher man has offered a weak explanation for his lack of knowledge the other day, plus he's challenging Roland Martin to a rematch:
 For the people who were quick to judge, accuse me, name call etc from TV one interview and Black Ministers meeting with Donald Trump I apologize but I had just driven 8 hours from New York ARRIVING Home At 4:00am. I tried to sleep only 3 hours and was called by Roland Martin with his Agenda. I will being doing another program later with him. He won that one However don't miss the next one!! Our second meeting with Donald Trump last night here in Virginia he assured me to work with our efforts to bring revitalization to our inner cities of American. Rest Here!


  1. Ms. Ann who would you trust to deliver more results? Roland or Mr. Parson?

  2. Lets look at the mentality of this pastor.

    Parson says Roland won that one.
    (Making himself look bad)

    I am 99% sure Roland wasn't trying to "WIN" the interview.

    He (like other people) just wanted some answers to specific questions & issues.

    I know it's a long drive from NY to Virginia, BUT YOU JUST GOT OUT OF THE MEETING and you couldn't answer ANY questions about what went on?!?!

    All those black "PASTORS" met for 2 hours and the only thing Parson could recall was financial education and building wealth???
    (Hard core Prosperity gospel preacher)

    I am sure Roland will "WIN" the next interview as well.

  3. Sell out negra's in the pulpit try to deliver their congregation to Donald. Donald could give a rat's azz about the black church or community.

  4. My mind just keeps going back to 1990's when Donald Trump took out a full-page ad in one of NYC's most popular news papers and called for the execution of 5 innocent young black men who had been wrongly accused of brutally raping a jogger in Central Park. To this day, after DNA has exonerated all five men, Donald Trump has never issued an apology and still contends that they're somehow guilty.

  5. Most of these Black Preachers are greedy crooks, all they understand is stealing money from their stupid church members. When it comes to real financial and economic concerns they don't understand anything.


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