Santa’s A Demon! The Uncomfortable Truth About Christmas!

Reader, when you mix Jesus Christ with a mythological person, you automatically seed into your child's mind that Jesus could be a myth too. Reader, Mack Major is exposing the truth and shaming the devil with his latest article.  I wasn't going to post this, but it's worth reading. Christmas is next week and we get so caught up with everything happening around us until we don't stop and think where is this stuff coming from. Pretty scary if you really do your research.  We all know Jesus wasn't born on Christmas. So what's the real meaning behind December 25th?? Kinda ironic to change Satan name to Santa! And only 1 letter was moved to form the new name "n." This article is very detailed. I hope it blesses you!


  1. Awesome article. I knew most of this. I don't allow children to participate in going to see "Santa", if anything we all need to instill in our kids going to soup kitchens and helping the homeless. And not just for Christmas but all year around. Thanks for sharing. I pray Christians will read this article for themselves.

  2. Nope i dont celebrate this demonic holiday either. It's baal worship and God even forbid it in the bible in Jerimiah chapter 10 when He spoke against the Christmas tree. Christmas has been celebrated since ancient Babylon. Ppl need to get out of idolatry. They bible speaks about following after the traditions of men...

  3. As a black Anglo catholic I have to laugh at this because St. Nick is a real saint. Yes, their are stories from Europe that have tainted the saint with paganism but there just that stories.
    My problem with Eden Decoded article on Santa is 1. it only cites the Bible no other sources. The article does not have end notes or foot notes. 2. the article has pictures from foreign books but thats it. Its wrong for this person to do this because you are not suppose to use a source if you can not translate the text. That is very unprofessional.


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