Fix It Jesus: Pastor Of Experience Church, Va. Steps In The Name Of (R-Kelly) Love During A Worship Service.

Reader, this pastor say some of yall is to deep, give me your thought.  Is this ok or wrong? (The playing of R Kelly "step in the name of love" in a church on a Sunday morning and the pastor and First Lady steppen to it?) Now some Muslims will blow themselves up for their faith and beliefs, while some Christian Pastors will make a mockery out of the places they have dedicated to the Lord.
Where is the dividing line between the church and the world?Sin has been downplayed for so long, that the world have invaded the church.

 Now look what that seed have produced: Wickness!!! No respect for God at all. Mercy King Jesus!!! Just like Eli's sons in I Samuel 2:12 they had no respect for the service of the sanctuary and more. They solicited the people to wickness. God killed Eli Sons. What you see happening in this video is stirring the wrath of God. Disrespectful to God and His people.  R-Kelly is famous for his sexual perverted performances and sexually immoral music, but since he "mentioned" LOVE I guess its acceptable? Source:


  1. There is a certain subtle sensuality going on in lots of these churches. Many such churches have adopted a form of worship that appeals to the flesh through their music, dances, and antics of pulpiteers to get the flock aroused emotional. The phrase "holy rollers" was coined to describe some of a particular religious persuasion because many suggested there was more going on in those white sheets besides tarrying for the Holy Ghost. An interesting point to note is the LORD said "we should worship in "SPIRIT AND TRUTH"... not in the FLESH as so many denominations ascribe to.

    I mean... there is a moving inside lots of these churches that promotes lust through praise dancing, immodest dress of the women, sensual singing, entertainment, hugs and kisses and most importantly, WATERED DOWN MESSAGES. Thus, a culture has been created, and many are blind and deduce that much of these ploys are "Spirit-led".

    I'm not surprised at all by this R Kelly junk. This Pastor and his wife are like lots of others who lack discernment of real worship - coming into the presence of a HOLY GOD and His people. No wonder they treat God's house like a club. WHAT A SHAME...


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