Fix It Jesus: Davey Blackburn Said God Allowed Wife's Death To Give Church Life????

Reader, (you can see it here) in a video posted on Sunday, 12/6/15, shown to Resonate Church, pastor Davey Blackburn said he "wholeheartedly believes that Amanda gave her life to see Indianapolis changed."  Davey Blackburn, the grieving Indiana pastor whose pregnant wife, Amanda, was shot dead during a home invasion on Nov. 10, said God told him he allowed his wife to die in order to breathe life into the church.

I'm sorry, but we must confront the lies of bad theology! Nowhere in scripture is this man's theology backed up. We know the enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy!! Jesus is the only death sacrifice needed for a stale or complacent church! It was not God's will for this man's wife or child to die! Sadly, many think these kind of dangerous thoughts when under trial. Let us teach the truth.

 God didn't take Amanda's "breath in order to breathe life into the church....Jesus did that." Are we to believe God's divine plan viciously murdered a devoted Christian, pregnant mother in order to fill more seats in the church?! I've heard it all now!


  1. I have seen people get saved at funerals.

    I have seen people start to attend church regularly because the death of a Christian.
    A woman at my wifes old church died. She came back for the funeral. At the funeral she was told the church was in need of godly leadership and would she and I consider praying, moving and coming back to help. Because of the death of the women at my wifes church, we prayed, we moved, and we have made a difference in the lives of hundreds in just months being here including witnessing to a Buddhist who ended up being baptised in Jesus Name and filled with the Holy Ghost.
    True Christ died once and for all, but the death of His Saints have the power to save and change lives just by the way the dead person lived. Ultimately, it all points back to Christ.

    That said, its a possibility more positive than negative will come from this women heinous death.

    1. Except Davey said Amanda's breath was taken so that it could breathe life back into the church. He says Amanda was "sacrificed." He goes on to say he gave up his wife for the church.

      Jesus is the one whose shed His blood. Jesus was resurrected. Jesus saves as the Holy Spirit people to Him. No one is saved in Davey's name or his claims that Amanda's "sacrifice." She wasn't sacrificed or martyred for her death. Amanda was shot in her own home execution style in the back of her head. She died of a brutal murder. She was found with unclothed - with her shirt and pants next to her head.

      Davey Blackburn takes on Divine Attributes. This man is an outright heretic. He has used his wife's brutal murder to market both himself and his church brand. He's already seeking a book deal and has given media interviews. He was laughing and "encouraging" medical staff at the hospital while Amanda lay dying with "the best is yet to come." If you think for one moment his behavior caused one nurse or doctor to see Davey as some sort of holy man, nothing could be further from the truth. None of them wanted to get near anything the man was selling.

    2. First of all we don't know just who all was really behind that murder! Jesus said he came that we might have abundant life! Jesus paid it ALL...! God can know how to bring good out of an evil situation but that doesn't mean that it was his will for it to happen. Stop twisting situations to fit a sick religious guilty mind ! That Pastor should be mourning their death! Does he feel the same way about those who died in Cali due to the Husband/Wife Terrorist team ?

    3. As a 9 yo child, I came home from school and found my father-figure dead from a gunshot wound to his head. Police called a lady who lived nearby to try to comfort me. Those there can testify how traumatized I was that afternoon.

      After the original shock wore off I could not talk about it. It wasn't until I was well into my 30's before I could even tell my husband what I'd seen. Even today, I cannot talk about it without breaking down and also reliving what I saw. I assure you that I could never do an interview dry-eyed. Even after all of these years! They would have to stop the interviews at least a few times for me to get myself together to continue.

      Davey Blackburn lacks the signs of trauma one would experience after walking in to find their life partner ravished & suffering a mortal head wound.

  2. It's really not bad theology, we read in Romans 8:28; "All things work together for good." This includes the death of believers... I also have witnessed many being drawn to Christ through the the death of godly believers. To say God doesn't use tragic events to bring about His glory is indeed limiting God... John 12:24 is a good starting point to see how this preacher is probably dealing with the death of his wife and child. Also consider the circumstances that made Thomas A. Dorsey to write the beloved hymn we sing "Precious Lord"... God used his tragedy to minister to the hearts of millions...

    1. @Rev.Kareem

      "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose." Romans 8:28 (KJV)

      That verse does not say everything is good -or to use Davey's own words the same day his wife died "The best is yet to come,' (which Davey tweeted *during* his wife and unborn baby's funeral.) That verse says GOD can work it out for good.

      Davey Blackburn doesn't say that.

      Davey Blackburn falsely attributes Ezekiel's vision of the Valley of Dry Bones to the church. That is a prophecy for Israel, not the church. Further, Davey Blackburn states that Amanda's breath was taken so that it could breathe life back into the church. He goes on to say he gave up his wife for the church. That Amanda's death is going bring about things never before has been written in "history books".

      Davey Blackburn takes on Divine Attributes. This man is an outright heretic.

      This "sermon" is just one example of the outright heresy that man spews.

    2. RIGHT Elizabeth A+))...The REV is wrong again D:))...

    3. @Elizabeth... Who said the verse says everything is good... It says all things works for the good... Even tragic situations... Please keep what I said in the context of what I said... Please read what I said again...

      @Anonymous... Try again...

    4. LOOK…you don’t need to tell the woman what the verse said. SHE STATED THE VERSE AT THE BEGINNING OF HER POST. Obviously and as usual, you missed her point because you want to nit-pick over the word “good”. Look at her entire post to note the main things she said about this dude. He is a heretic (which I believe he is); he falsely applied Scriptures; his antics of the things he said come across as smug; and his prediction that her death is going to bring life in the church, and be written in the “history books” is silly.

      But you know what…you pretty much sounded the same way when you wrote and I quote “I also have witnessed many being drawn to Christ through the death of godly believers.” YEAH RIGHT!!!…Rev…tell us about the “MANY you have WITNESSED that have been DRAWN TO CHRIST”…You are definitely not one qualified to tell anyone to keep things in context. I’m still waiting for you to respond to the lie you told saying “But according to you, the only music that's acceptable are the Psalms...”


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