Church What exactly Is A Territorial Anointing??

Reader, according to social media, Mike Murdock is one of the many criminals who parade as "men of God," robbing and stealing from God's people. Beware of wolves in sheep's clothing. So, Mike Murdoch has made some outlandish claims like if you send $112 to Rod Parsley's Breakthrough, God is going to release a Territorial Anointing to you?


  1. To his credit, at least he's telling people up front that he wants their money. Back in my college days at Concordia Irvine, often times a few beers resulted in turning on TBN and laughing at the heretics. On one occasion they were "burning debts" in a large censer. All you had to do was call their 800 number. Just for fun myself and one of my roommates called with the intention of telling them that Jesus had already paid for all our debts on the cross, but if they wanted to take over our student loans, they were welcome to them. Instead, the first thing they asked was how much we were going to donate. If you're going to be heretical, at least be up front and honest about your lust for mammon.

    1. FUNNY!!! Good for you...

  2. So, why ignore what the Word explicitly instructs, and instead imply that there's some 'shortcut' (mentioned NOWHERE in the scripture) to achieving a special 'gifting'/anointing (again, not biblically assured, not even implied). Why would anyone try to pass this off, as a legit 'ministry'? Oh yeah, it's about those Bennie'$, and the mutual cooperative of wolves.


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