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Reader, talk about a pimp preacher. I have always given this dude a side eye. In my opinion, Mike Murdock is one of these preachers who can stand in front of virtually anyone and preach about getting rich and never blink an eye. He has no shame when it comes to asking for money and promising you will get it back 30, 60, 100 fold. He continues to amaze me yet today.   Why does he never talk about love, fornication, adultery, Hell, Heaven or anything else? It's always money & seed sowing with him. Doesn't the bible say to "be instant in season & out of season"? Shouldn't he be preaching the whole gospel?


  1. this dude looks evil. I don't see how people take him seriously...smh

  2. I watch his broadcast daily and rarely will he actually teach the Bible such as when "he fell in love with the Holy Spirit." Every broadcast deals with some aspect of favor, honor, or promotion having nothing to do with the Bible. Case in point, he came up with the $112 seed offering based on Psalms 112 and tells people to pray for a territorial anointing. This is what he is all about, seed sowing and no spiritual content.

    1. u right bruh! he always gets around to you sending him loot...smh

    2. now when the day comes when he sends us money..........

    3. I used to do his church by phone sessions and he was asking for seeds from participants. The funny thing is that "he fell in love with the Holy Spirit." Nothing wrong with that but the Spirit will convict you for not preaching the truth of the Gospel. Murdock's only concern is money and influence.

  3. And every time he comes up with a new "seed", he has stories of people who gave and were blessed, so he says. This guy is a charlatan, and all he does is fleece people for money. People are so desperate, rather than believing God for themselves they would rather believe Mike as he "believes for them".


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