Why Is Kirk Franklin Releasing His 11th Album Titled 'Losing My Religion' on Friday the 13th???

Reader the following is from my timeline....check this out this brother Mack Major....he's head on with BIBLICAL TRUTH all the time... nothing but fire all the time:

Does anyone else find it odd that Kirk Franklin will be releasing his 11th album titled 'Losing My Religion' on Friday the 13th??? Let me repeat that again: He's releasing a 'gospel' album titled "Losing My Religion..." on FRIDAY THE 13th!!! To the uninformed person, the response might be 'So what?' But to those who are versed in witchcraft and the occult, this is very significant indeed. Now I'm not implying anything. Or maybe I am.

What I'm really doing is just taking note of the obvious. For one, a Christian has no business talking about losing their religion! That's new age anti-Christ talk. Religion is not the boogey-man that contemporary God-haters have made it out to be. James 1:27 says: "Religion that is pure and undefiled before God, the Father, is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction, and to KEEP ONESELF UNSTAINED FROM THE WORLD."

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  1. If you are going to write an article to stain the intent of someone, please back it up with facts. the date of the release is dictated by the music industry. Since July of this year, the music industry have stopped releasing new music on TUESDAYS. New releases for any artist secular or Christian is released on Fridays.

    Quote from Billboard:
    If you didn't find any new albums on iTunes or in your local music store earlier this week, it's because beginning July 10, new music around the world is being released on Fridays.

    For more than 25 years, Tuesday has been the standard release day for new albums in America — a tradition Keith Caulfield, co-director of charts at Billboard, says had a lot to do with shipping in the pre-digital era.

    there are many artists releasing new music today FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 13. Not Just Kirk Franklin- Natalie Grant, Casting crowns, Kutless and many more. Are they in the illuminati too?

    1. Fall back Anonymous! I have not written anything with the intent of staining Kirk. If I have please point it out?

    2. I am talking about the article. not you specifically

    3. Thanks Anonymous for the clarification and the information.

    4. I agree with Mack Major. There is a lot wrong with this. Not only that the number 13 is significant, but also the number 11.....

    5. Anonymous the 1st commenter explain the reasoning behind the album release date being Friday the 13th. Therefore in my opinion Mack Major got this one wrong.

    6. He's ILLUMANATI...

    7. Agree he's Illuminati !!! That why he always wearing lipstick and dress very Effeminate. Majority of all those Gospel Singer Sell there Soul for Rich and Famous!!!

    8. Friday is natural for release dates now, because through film industry has taken Tuesday and reserved it for Blu-Ray and DVD.

  2. What kills me with Kirk is his titles! We are ministers of the Gospel. Titles shouldn't have to sell....your life as a Christian should do this. I'm so disgusted by today's Gospel artist and their hit n miss quotes of biblical perspective! Shut up and sit down.....go back to Sunday school.

  3. Context people - context - and more context. The scriptures states religion that is pure.....there are many religious people but is it pure? You can be religious in a bad thing - many of us have (I would dare to say all of us). That title says a lot.....and exposes a lot too.

  4. Has anyone notice it seems that Kirk got some work done on his nose???? IJS

  5. Either you're a Christian or you believe in superstitious claptrap voodoo or good luck nonsense. This guy will say anything to sell books. A fear monger and a con artist.


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