Why Is The COGIC Crowd Attempting To Label Dr. Carter As Being Crazy?

Readers I've been following the Dr. Earl Carter vs Bishop Blake controversy ever since it came to light last year.  In my opinion, you have to be willfully blind not to believe some of what Dr. Carter is saying is true. Not all but, some.  I don't even know what to begin to say about the attempts in the last couple of days to labeling Dr. Carter as being crazy. In my opinion folks are basically worshipping Bishop Blake and the COGIC church and dismissing extremely important things. The comment below drives that point home for me.

Dr. Earl Carter has one of the most prolific minds in modern day Christianity. If you've ever heard a word of what Dr. Carter has said, you can hear that he's actually not crazy but very much intelligent. I do believe this is the same general board that hijacked the convocation from its historical location and forced everyone to be perfectly fine with it. The same general board that fights these sexual abuse cases. The same general board who would allow a man who's a known womanizer and caught on Cheaters to get back on a pulpit. But nobody made THAT fact go viral last year.

In fact, Cheaters episodes have been scrubbed from the Internet; you cannot find one clip ANYWHERE. I wonder why. You all are being controlled whether you believe it or not. Did you all know that there's a COGIC abuse website where numerous people have been sexually abused and cases are still being ignored.

But I guess you don't believe that either. Just because you have a shouting good time at COGIC and everyone looks spiritual and pious in their robes and dresses doesn't make the place or person a clean thing.

And you all also apparently missed the part where Bishop Blake lied to him, threw him under the bus publicly, turned the whole church against him, had churches cancel their engagements with him (thus taking away a portion of his ministry and livelihood). The same man who has been purchased by Magic Johnson and wants to protect the celebrities who belong to COGIC. But Dr. Carter is the one 'sowing discord' though.

You'd have to be heartless to not even CONSIDER what he's said, from his popular message up to now.  Only someone who's grown up in COGIC and has heard and experienced things THEMSELVES in this denomination will know there's more to the facade. Common sense, and again a heart, reveals everything about this situation.

 He "went where he wasn't wanted" because lives are at stake. This is how sick the church has become: defending someone to no end despite DECADES long suspicions (of which you will not know because you're not COGIC) of homosexuality. It's all about defending what's popular and what looks good-- THAT's the worship, veneration I speak of.

Bad leaders are a judgment of God on an unrighteous people who exercise poor judgment themselves. Here's an example of poor judgment: to 'find it sad that this man has taken this angle' but NOT the fact that COGIC admins have actually been the ones taking bad angles. Moreover, poor judgment would also be to overlook the fact that the service last year was actually very powerful, a GOSPEL message was preached, I've never seen one like it, and hundreds of people were saved.

 The actions COGIC has taken spat in the faces of all of those who were saved. The viral guy who claimed deliverance was never even contacted by COGIC officials to see how he was doing and to offer guidance in his walk. But THAT's not sad? Unbelievable.

 You can't reason with people who refuse to look at the obvious, moving with and defending the wolf pack. So, you can continue talking to yourself after this post. Why are you here anyway on this COGIC page? Bizarre. And what's really sad is to see how brainwashed people can become; to the point where they'd point blank quickly deny serious claims. Sick!


  1. Would you mind providing us with the link to this Facebook comment?

    1. For some reason Mike they have removed the post.

    2. Well dang...thanks anyway 😊

  2. Mike the comments was posted in a cogic group in which the administration didn't like the comments so they removed the post and comments.

  3. Chrishonda JacksonSaturday, 07 November, 2015

    I guess I look at it from both sides because I just don't put anything past people anymore, no matter what title they have. Black church folk always wanna sweep their mess under the rug and keep it on the hush-hush.

  4. Ann, what amazes me is that we have been taught in church to stand up and clap and that other foolishness because it's the right thing to do. we have never been taught to sit and look at the person as if he's crazy because we don't agree with his message.

  5. It is no secret that COGIC has well hidden it's sexual improprieties. Many have been wounded at the hands of these sheep in wolves clothing. My real concern is always for the victims. No one ever speaks for them. This is not saying that Bishop Blake is guilty of the accusations, because I don't know. However, if the Catholic Church was not exempt from holding leaders accountable and neither should the leaders of the COGIC.

  6. I have learned 2 things. 1) People, saved or unsaved, will make mistakes. Saved people will sin. Regardless of their calling. That's recorded in the Bible. 2) Jesus died for all of our sin, and since we have an advocacy with him, all sin, save blasphemy of the Holy Ghost, can be forgiven. Regardless of when it is committed or who finds out about it. And that is what I focus on, and because Christ forgives, so do I. It is our unwillingness to forgive one another, and our desire to "punish sinners" ourselves that causes people to "hide their sin" and pretend that it didn't or is not happening. If we were more open to forgive, then we would see more people be more open about their need for forgiveness. However, as long as God forgives, that is all that matters.

  7. Earl Carter is a liar, a false prophet and a man in rebellion who needs to repent.


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