Should Bishop Carlton Pearson And His Message The Gospel Of Inclusion Be On COGIC International Stage??

Reader, has the church of God in Christ reinstated Bishop Carlton Pearson? He was "excommunicated" right? This has been a hot topic especially since last week event at the COGIC HOLY Convocation. Just wanted to share what I stumbled upon this morning and I hope many of you will take the time to watch this video by Bishop Carlton Pearson.

Preached just 30 hours after his own father, Adam "Dad" Pearson, transitioned from this life at the age of 88, Bishop Carlton Pearson delivers a very personal message entitled "Life and the Illusion of Death, Part 1" at Cathedral of Hope in Dallas, Texas, on March 22, 2015. 

Some old school saints are upset and questioning, the idea that Bishop Carlton Pearson teaching of universalism, reincarnation, the gospel of inclusion is on their International stage? A war cry has gone up and out concerning Bishop Carlton Pearson.

Also, according to social media, at this time Bishop Carlton Pearson is seeking counsel from Bishop G.D.McKinney. Some are in hope that Bishop G.D. Mckinney will be able to steer Bishop Carlton Pearson back to Holiness.



  1. Got rid of Carter...and include the "minister" of inclusion...makes perfect sense to me BLAKE...

  2. Well he is an original COGIC son...

  3. "Should Bishop Carlton Pearson's Message of The Gospel of Inclusion Be On COGIC's International Stage?"

    1. I believe it was because of his message of inclusion being the reason he was officially excluded and excommunicated from the church.

    2. Hmm.. Old school. Carlton says that Satan will be redeemed. He says there is no Hell. He said Hitler is in Heaven. He says that all of the scriptures aren't 100% correct. Well, I guess I'm an old school saint and I'll say it.. this dude is in some major trouble....

    3. He is Alan...

  4. Cathedral of Hope in Dallas TX is one of the largest LGTBQ congregations in the nation. They do and give a lot of outreach within communities. They are literally 5 miles away from about 10 small churches predominantly black and do very little within the of those churches pastors recently locked the members out and they had church on the rain...shameful


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