Remembering Dr. Myles Munroe:" So why do so many men buckle under pressure?

Readers, some on social media are remembering the death of Dr Myles Munroe last year by mentioning the one messages that touch them the most.   The ONE message by Dr. Munroe that will ALWAYS reminisce nostalgically for me  "So why do so many men buckle under pressure?" Why so many men lose sight of their God-given vision? It may be that they don’t understand how to convert the negative power of pressure into the positive power of perseverance.

Success in life requires perseverance. Perseverance actually means “to bear up under pressure.” People who have vision are stronger than the pressure life brings. In order to draw the fragrance of His glory from your life, God will allow you to be put under stress. We forget too easily that character is formed by pressure. The purpose of pressure is to get rid of what is not of God and to leave what is pure gold.


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