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Why Didn't Tasha Cobbs Show Up For The Woman of Gospel Event In Toronto Canada Last Night? Was It About The Money?

Reader, there are two sides to every story. People have heard one side and have become the judge, the jury, and the executioner. You cannot come to a conclusion just based off of one party allegedly telling the truth-that is nonsense. 

Anyhow rumors are being put forth on social media that Tasha Cobb refused to perform last night in Canada, because the venue hosting the event didn't have all her money.   What is in the dark, always comes to light. 

Let's Help Save The Church of God In Christ?!??!


Readers, this thing with Dr. Earl Carter has really rubbed a lot of church members the wrong way and they are not staying silent about it. The comment posted below was posted to social media minutes ago by a young unhappy COGIC member, who is not happy with what has happened with Dr. Earl Carter.

Folks are also questioning why was Bishop Carlton Pearson an invited guest when Dr. Earl Carter wasn't even allowed a hotel room?

One year ago today, this Man of God preached the Word of God... And one year later, look at where we are, Since when do we apologize to the World for what we preach to our OWN people? - Denzel Washington can curse up a storm in his movies, but remain COGIC. - "Bishop" T.D. Jakes(My great-grandfather's nephew) can call Ruth and Naomi Lesbians and come to COGIC. - Queen Latifah can BE a lesbian and be COGIC. - Tonex can perform in homosexual clubs and come to COGIC(West Angeles) - Magic Johnson can call people in California during the election, and tell them to vote for Homosexual-"marriage". - J.D. Husband can be accused, by HIS OWN WIFE, of molesting children and being a homosexual, and doesn't get kicked out of COGIC until he confessed.

All the Pastors, Bishops, Elders, Ministers, Youth Pastor, etc. that are accused of some manner of sexual assault every year, and all COGIC does is pay off their victims(Even G.E. Patterson frown emoticon ). Somebody has to care enough about the church to say something, What happened at the Convocation last year and Earl Carter's letter this year are separate issues. The Presiding Pope(since the office is so untouchable, that we can't even disagree with him without being ostracized), never gave Earl Carter a chance to recant his statement...AND GENERAL BOARD MEMBERS HAVE ACKNOWLEDGED THIS!!!!

 I'm not in Blake's camp or Carter's either, this is God's house! And with all the pedophiles, homosexuals, whoremongers, adulterers, and much more, you think we'd have more concern for our church and the public's opinion of the church than the statement "Bleeding from the butt"...What about the statement "take the dung and put it in your children's faces"?; now I'm no woman, but every woman I have talked to said that that statement was NOT offensive, even if it was, the SIN is what should bother us.

We defend Bishop Blake like God appointed him, He was ELECTED NOT SELECTED. There have been presiding bishops before that have not been re-elected...Excommunication in our church should not be based on whether or not you criticize the Leader, but if you disagree with God's Word(In word or action).

I found COGIC nearly 6 years ago, and fell in love with it; but this disgust me, the plethora of Court cases that I have read about child molestation in our church(In my own jurisdiction!!)...but nobody cares that my view of this church is being destroyed, I have to either turn off my brain and act like I don't see what I see, or say something till somebody agrees. I AM CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST! But I worship Jesus, not fallible men. ‪#‎SaveTheChurchofGodInChrist‬


  1. So pearson is no longer a heretic?

    1. He's still s heretic! How can two walk together? Gods not pleased!

    2. Bishop Blake invited him.

    3. Something is wrong here? He preached at a jurisdictional bishops church a month ago!

    4. At Bishop McKinney's church. Also, he was at Blake's church over a month ago as well. He was on the platform.

    5. Corruption and sin at its' highest level...

    6. He IS still a HERETIC...he still believes that people don't go to hell.

    7. No, he's no longer a heretic in Bishop Blake's COGIC. Did you ever see him with Bishop G. E. Patterson? COGIC has sadly lost its way. And these jelly back elders and bishops only care about following leadership blindly and loyalty to the Seat of the Presiding Bishop. Can anyone say "JIM JONES"!!!!!!

  2. It's all very obvious. Those who are a part of the denomination know very well all of it's, let's say, short-comings. God, in my opinion, is making sure everything is obvious. So justify ... question as if you're naïve ... claim your innocence. I just wonder what the C.O.G.I.C. membership will tell God when He asks about their kingdom building efforts. When He ask who were they praising. When He ask what responsibility they take for what they participated in. Not a pastor, bishop, or the 'most reverent'(lmbo) van hold service by themselves let alone get filthy rich.

  3. Blake and Jakes? - "the two shall become one"
    Blake and Pearson" - "no delusion of inclusion here"
    Blake and Danzell? - "Actors of the Holy Spirirt"
    Blake and MAJIC Johnson - "Mark 1:40 "Jesus cleansed a leper"

    Can someone tell me where I can find the song by Elder Carter "Brooks is a Crook, Brooks is a Crook, Brooks is a Crook..

  4. I saw the photo of Brandon Porter and Carlton Pearson. Are they a couple in the ministry? Anyone knows if the the couple will engage to do a revival at Asusa?

  5. Save the COGIC by riddin it of all the corruption, beggining with Bishop Blake

  6. This is a sin and a shame.....something is VERY wrong. 1st of all Carter is Ole school. I didn't see ANYTHING wrong with his sermon because it reminded me of my grandpa. Com'on now season folk they say sissie they're bold. So if your COGIC standards have compromised he should have NEVER been up there.....BUT the problem is your leaders KNEW...the video went viral & your Bishop is a coward. He threw that man under the bus. Carter was hurt felt betrayed etc. not saying he is not in his flesh....but the FACT IS COGIC turned their back on him. Im just looking at pics from your 108th convocation. You got transgenders and flaming homosexuals from the pulpit to the audience. Carter told the truth in his sermon. The message was for CHURCH the so called saint and everybody know but wanna play dumb. You preach the cross to an unbeliever or back slider. I pray he leave COGIC. he doesn't need to be around a bunch of no back bone men...besides God Don't need NO COWARD SOLDIERS!!!

    1. Amen...you get a A:)) ...well said...

  7. You know who homosexual from looking at pictures? What a judgement!


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