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Is This Event Like A Step Towards The One World Religion??

Reader thanks to Forerunner Chronicles Christopher Hudson for this post. What are your thoughts on this event? Forty plus speakers from around the world and across the streams of Christianity as they gather to seek the Lord for Unity and Revival as Jesus prayed in John 17, 'so the world will know him'.

Fix It Jesus: COGIC Abuse Victims Coming Forth!

Reader, Dr. Earl Carter has uploaded two new videos to Youtube.  It seems that many COGIC abuse victims are coming forth telling their story. Some abuse victims are urging Dr. Carter to continue the fight against these cover-ups in COGIC under the reign of Bishop Charles Blake.


  1. He's what this church needs...I think about what this church would be like if Dr. Earl Carter was the presiding bishop....No auxiliary bishops or better use of their duties, strong messages against sin, accountability to weed out financial corruption, integrity in leadership, help for those struggling with personal sins, etc..BLAKE HAS NO SUCH AGENDA...

    1. Hey Lil Skippy... Don't forget Martin Luther King had a dream...

  2. Dr. Carter the scripture based message is definitely needed but the methodology on how it was conveyed did not represent Christiandom to the standard of Jesus Christ. For the sake of peace, please cease and desist this manner of attempting to rebuke your leader. We love you in the Lord and pray for your understanding.

    1. He's not going to change his delivery. Many are on board with his message and his approach. See when you talk about this type evil and corruption, you gotta go hard. So you might as well hush all your weak criticism and get on the band wagon and help fight like a soldier against the fruit of darkness... GET OUTTA HERE.

  3. Carter needs a lot of attention.

    1. And when did you qualify to be someone's psychiarist?

      Elder Carter is out front like a warrior.

      Blake is hiding (behind the courts) like a little bitty praise dancer.


  4. COGIC Leadership just doesn't want to be Exposed.

    They really play church EVERY Sunday and have No Fear of God


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