Fire The Pastor!

Reader, this is how these churches entertain the goats. This is utterly ridiculous for a church.   What are they teaching the youths of Church by the Glades? This performance is so sad tragic, inappropriate and pagan that no comments are necessary.


  1. This is the kinda stuff that happens when there is no biblical understanding about music in the church. I'm so fancy remember my name bout to blow... " I try to tell Rev Kareem....

    1. What do I have to do with this? I'm very well taught and versed about music in the church... I didn't even weigh in my thoughts of the video, so how did my name get attached to this...

    2. Come on Rev... you know your philosophy... that God can use all types of music to bless people...even music like this I would imagine...

    3. Come on anonymous, you know you're taking my words out of context. I was referring to genres of music not content... But according to you, the only music that's acceptable are the Psalms...

    4. Kareem, Kareem, Kareem...either you have a problem with comprehension, or you are intentionally being deceptive.

      First you say I took your words out of context, when in fact your exact words were and I quote "Why are we limiting the gifts that God is giving the church? We must remember, all music are forms of art that speaks about the artist present reality... And the last time I checked, God welcomed all forms of art when David said let everything that has breath praise The Lord... So I welcome all artistic forms of music that glorifies God...” REMEMBER?...

      Then you are saying here, that according to me, the only music that's acceptable are the Psalms. Either you are forgetful, lack comprehension, or lying. I said over and over, Paul admonishes us to sing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, making melody in your hearts. Our new songs should emphasize the melody, and not conform to musical genres of the world (i.e. rock, rock and roll, rhythm and blues, hip hop, etc.). There are tons of hymns and spiritual songs out there. The churches made a choice not to use the Hymnals, and the saints don't want to sing them. Most of the folks in "gospel" music are AGAINST THE HYMNS. Why when the Scriptures admonishes us to sing HYMNS. This is REBELLION! God judge them!!! – REMEMBER?...

      Kareem, Kareem, Kareem…

  2. I went to their website and all of this is attempt to make non-believers feel comfortable since they are so "hyper-creative. Having said this, it is high time for churches and creative teams to maintain biblical standards in the church. Look at how the worship team is dressed and you could not help the difference between a nightclub and Sunday worship. You do not need to ape Iggy Azalea to be creative. They also have a clip of them doing Men In Black by Will Smith. If I were a member of the church, I would request a meeting with the pastor and make him explain why they need to do that to reach Millenials, who tend to want no spiritual standards in their lives. I agree with Sister Brock, tragic.

    1. Innovative ministry is not a bad thing but churches must seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit in doing so. While no harm was intended, it was irreverent to perform the song in church. I am glad the clip is up for the world to see to demostrate how NOT to worship God in a creative way.

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  4. Can a CHRISTIAN church be so much like the world that no one can tell the difference between SAVED & UNSAVED?

    There are SEEKER friendly churches
    And then there are churches (like this one) that just want to entertain the masses.


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