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Fire The Pastor!

Reader, this is how these churches entertain the goats. This is utterly ridiculous for a church.   What are they teaching the youths of Church by the Glades? This performance is so sad tragic, inappropriate and pagan that no comments are necessary.

When The 1st Lady Willingly Becomes The Side Chick!

Reader, I'm somewhat open-minded, but this is absolutely disgusting. And for the wife to agree to take the side chick place is more disgusting.  A 60-YEAR-OLD pastor has married his 19-year-old girlfriend with the full support of his 44-year-old wife - and now his teen bride is pregnant. Thom Miller is in the process of building a huge house for his two wives with each of them occupying their own wing that he will visit on a regular schedule. He currently lives in a smaller home and has each of his wives spend three nights with him before the other one takes her turn.

Thom, who is a former mafia enforcer turned pastor, had talked about polygamy with his first wife Belinda but it was seven years before they settled on 19-year-old Reba Kerfootruba joining their family. The trio plans to raise Reba and Thom’s future biological child together as a family.

Fix It Jesus: Powerball Winner Gives $680,000 To Pleasant Hill Missionary Baptist Church.

Reader, in my opinion, she is wrong for making a donation to her PASTOR, instead of directly helping those that desperately need help.
Marie Holmes, winner of $88 million Powerball in March, made a Christmas gift of $680,000 to the church she has attended since she was a girl. Holmes, a 27-year-old single mother from Brunswick County, won $188 million but opted to take a lump sum of $127 million. After taxes, she went home with $88 million. When her prize was announced, Holmes said she planned to tithe, or give 10 percent of her winnings to charity.

Her gift to Pleasant Hill Missionary Baptist Church will pay for long-overdue repairs and renovations to the church and its equipment. Holmes' aunt, Carmel Wheaton, said five generations of her family have been members of Pleasant Hill, a 130-year-old church located in Brunswick County about halfway between Shallotte and Ocean Isle. The predominantly African American church has about 400 members and about 135 regular attendees, Pastor …

What You Say? Black Pastors To Trump: Our Meeting Is Not An Endorsement!

Reader, I've mentioned in this space a couple of days ago that several members of a group of prominent African-American ministers.....were scheduled to meet with Donald Trump Monday are making it clear that they have made no commitments to endorse the real estate nut.

Their public declarations of non-endorsement come after a press release from the Trump campaign announced a coalition of 100 African American religious leaders will appear with the real estate mogul shortly after the meeting to endorse him. Bishop Clarence McClendon, a Los Angeles-based minister who was invited to the Monday meeting with clergy, posted to Facebook after the Trump campaign announced the coming endorsements. 

Sad News: The COGIC Founder's Daughter Passes Away!

Reader, I just learned the last remaining child of Charles Harrison Mason, the founder of the Church of God in Christ, has passed away.

Full article courtesy of: MyFox Memphis

Le'Andria Johnson Is In Need Of A PR Team, And Nothing Else, She Was Not Drunk Scoping!

Reader, I face palm doing Pastor Le'Andria scope last night. I do agree some folks deserved to be cussed out, in my humble opinion. I love me some Periscope you have so many people and pastors on periscope trying to use it as a building tool for the body of Christ. In my humble opinion, that is what I believe Le'Andria was trying to do before everything went crazy.

I was on her scope last night when she started her first, second and third scope because of a lost connection problem and before her husband took over to do damage control.  Some folks are saying she was drunk scoping again, but in all honesty that's not true. I don't know if she was drinking or not but cussing she was guilty of that. (I don't call having one Martini drinking.)

Anyhow Le'Andria started out trying to give some wonderful advice about how black people don't need to be fighting to spend their hard earn money on Black Friday. She stated that we as a people look bad to the world fighti…

Change Summit With Pastors Samuel H & David Alexander Bullock!


Mother Being Forced To Choose Between Daughter And Church??

Reader, I'm sorry but when you're a member of a church, you agree to the bylaws and doctrine of that church. If you don't agree with it, then move to a church that does share your belief. Why would you associate with a church that had different beliefs than you?

A Collegedale, Tenn., resident Linda Cooper has been asked to leave a church she has attended for six decades because she would not publicly condemn her daughter’s lesbian lifestyle in front of the congregation.  Article here:
In my opinion, she did not choose between her daughter and her church, she chose between being a member of something she didn't believe in and her daughter... They are not judging the mother- they are holding to the beliefs they have and want no mistake to be made as to what the church's doctrine is. The church didn't break up the family, nor did they try to - this family chose to have beliefs outside of the church's doctrine. There are PLENTY of churches that share this woman…

Tracy Morgan Said He Spoke To God After His Tragic Car Accident??

Reader, I'm glad Tracy Morgan survived his tragedy. Speaking to God is rare when one don't have a relationship with His Son, but a conversation? Don't buy it.

Comedian Tracy Morgan says he spoke to God after the car crash in June 2014 that left him in a coma and left him with a traumatic brain injury. “You’re never going to be normal after you go through something like that,” he told Complex of his accident. “You don’t die for a few weeks and then come back to normal, trust me. Something’s going to be missing, something’s going to be gained—you just got to live your life after that.”

The comedian said he had a conversation with God after the horrific limousine crash that took the life of one of his friends. “I went to the other side,” he told the magazine. “This is not something I’m making up. Do you know what God said to me? He said, ‘Your room ain’t ready. I still got something for you to do.’ And here I am, doing an interview with you.” Morgan revealed he recently filme…

About That Flyer Which Implies ENDORSEMENT, Without A Doubt??

Reader, a standing ovation to Bishop Corletta J. Vaughn for clearing this up for those who support her and her ministry.
The good news is that Bishop Corletta Vaughn and other pastors....who names appear on a flier claiming endorsement for racist Donald Trump have taken to social media to decline or participate in any such meeting.  The bad news is that there really is a coalition of fake pastors and ministers meeting with him and the flier is real.

Donald Trump Buys The Black Church!

Reader, if your pastor name is on a list that is suggesting he or she is meeting with racist Donald Trump, then you might want to consider finding yourself a new Spiritual leader and church. I am convinced as long as money is involved some pastors will dine with Satan. With all the racial hate, this person has been spewing in these last couple of weeks these fools should be ashamed to call themselves pastors. Given Donald Trump’s long history of racism against Melanoid people, how can any black pastor meet with him?

Black ministers supporting the Republican Party is the equivalent of black ministers supporting the Klan. It goes against the self-interest of the members of their own congregations. However, we do know that there is a long history of black ministers doing nothing but serving their own self-interest. The real question should be how much money did they ask Donald Trump to contribute to their individual churches in order to gain their support?!

Is Hollywood Pleading The Case For Planned Parenthood? Should Christians Be Outraged?

Reader, the TV show Scandal on last week has caused a scandal of its own by showing Olivia Pope having an abortion on the show winter finale. Social media is still in a tizzy over last week TV show Scandal on ABC, created by Shonda Rhimes and starring Kerry Washington. What was all the fuss about, you ask? Two words: Planned Parenthood.

The above questions were asked on the David Alexander Bullock radio show, on last night. The talk show host talked about ‪#‎Scandal‬ and the issue of ‪#‎Abortion‬ and ‪#‎PlannedParenthood‬. He asked can we really think it is okay to enact having an abortion to the sound of "Silent Night?" Grotesque and appalling and intentionally offensive to all Christians.  To mix a Christian hymn--about the birth of the Christ child, no less!--with what most all Christians consider an abomination is shocking. The talk show host goes on to reminded his listening of some of the lyrics of this old beautiful Christmas song:
Silent night, holy night
All is calm…

The Beauty Of The Old Holiness Church Of God In Christ!

Reader, once upon a time the old COGIC had a beauty about it that's missing today. I really enjoyed the below video very much. It's my prayer that many other COGIC leaders would watch this video with understanding. This young lady video is another testament to why living holy as instructed by the word of God is our only witness.

I feel as though the church doors should be open to anyone regardless of your sin, however when you come in and you have a pastor that preaches the word straight from the Bible and it doesn't approves, your lifestyle don't get offended, sit down.  If it mashes your toes then back your foot up and say ouch and move on. If you choose not to attend that service anymore then that's okay. A pastor can't cater his sermon around your feelings he will be held accountable for not teaching what is right.

 Great commentary Mizz Hadassa

Gospel Singer John P. Kee Is Once Again Working To Get Guns Off The Streets.

Reader, the Pastor of New Life Community Church in Charlotte, North Carolina John P. Kee thinks he has taken more guns off the streets than the police department. The church, named after his popular recording choir, is extremely active in street ministry in his hometown. Those familiar with his stellar career know his testimony about being a former drug dealer and how God delivered him.

 For years now Pastor Kee has been on a mission to take his street ministry to other cities that are hurting with crime as well as the economy. “I have been doing a major gun drive and I give away gift cards and gas cards. I received so many guns it didn’t make sense,” said Pastor Kee.

Source Facebook:

Erica Campbell Speaks On Transsexuals And Gays Within Gospel & Church!

Reader, the issue of transsexuals and gay people in the church and the Gospel has been a longstanding point of discussion among many. In an interview with TEAm Curtains, Erica Campbell weighed in on the topic, as she referenced God and she believes He stands for. “I believe sin is sin and it exists and God forgives it just like everything else. Source:

My Prediction For The 2016 COGIC General Board!

Reader, the following note was forward to me by way of email. It's not my prediction of who I feel should be on the upcoming 2016 COGIC General Board, but someone else's opinion about the candidates and incumbents who may run for this body. Tell me what do you think?

1. Presiding Bishop Blake - shew in. In this church it is hard to unseat someone who has been elected and as visible. Although I would prefer him not to run again, it's his choice. If he were not to run, my choice would be:
2. Bishop J. W. Macklin. I would support him. If he were to win, I would say make Bishop Drew Sheard his 2nd and keep Bishop Brooks as 1st. If something were to happen to Bishop PA by 2016, I would say Bishop Daniels or Frank White as 1st.
3. I hope and pray Bishop Sheard is content with just being on the board until 2020. then I would say he should run.
4. I would like to see Bishops Winbush, Brooks and Mckinney retire. I would like to see Bishops Thomas and Wooten not run again. It was a nove…

Fix It Jesus: COGIC Abuse Victims Coming Forth!

Reader, Dr. Earl Carter has uploaded two new videos to Youtube.  It seems that many COGIC abuse victims are coming forth telling their story. Some abuse victims are urging Dr. Carter to continue the fight against these cover-ups in COGIC under the reign of Bishop Charles Blake.

Lord Have Mercy Pastor Compares Drinking Petrol With Holy Communion??

Reader, yesterday the Commission for the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Communities (the CRL Rights Commission). Was less than impressed with Rabboni Centre Ministries’ pastor Lesego Daniel’s explanation of why he made his congregants eat grass and drink petrol.


Are you ready? Preachers Of Atlanta Comes To Oxygen In 2016!

Reader, if you've seen all the other Preachers show, put it out your mind right now. This is how the Oxygen network described the upcoming edition:

 Atlanta is the home not only to fast cars, sprawling mansions and the southern elite, but a new generation of up-and-coming preachers who are superstars of the pulpit. The third installation from the popular franchise, “Preachers of Atlanta” documents the lives of the city’s young elite mega-pastors as they focus on the daily struggles and triumphs as husbands, wives, fathers, mothers and friends, while also maintaining their duties as men and women of God.

The five preachers challenging the status quo are Pastor Corey Hambrick, Pastor Le’Andria Johnson, Pastor Canton Jones, Pastor Kimberly Jones-Pothier, and Pastor Judah Swilley.

G. Craige Lewis Of EX Ministries Responds To Kirk Franklin’s Interview With The Breakfast Club.

Reader, G. Craige Lewis of EX Ministries deals with Kirk Franklin's interview with The Breakfast Club. Defining what true religion is and why Kirk's stance is not biblical.
Video Here!

Pastor G. Craige Lewis Rebukes Kirk Franklin & Charlamange tha God for Power 105.1 Breakfast Club Interview.

We're Tired Of The Black Megachurch?

Reader, is there a disconnect between the Black church and the Black community? Some folks in Detroit seem to think so, with a church on every corner in Detroit and yet no unity or "ACCOUNTABILITY". Reader, thisclip gave me goosebumpsit happen this past weekend in Detroit.  The Black church is losing members and one of the reasons is that you can't pray away economic suffering and racism. The speaker said that Black churches earn $420 billion annually. If that's true, why are its members, especially in Detroit, living in poverty?

Black Church Accountability

We Christians Are Quick To Quote The Bible When It Benefits Us.

Reader the Bible is extremely clear on how we ACTUALLY supposed to treat refugees & immigrants. Read this and apply it to what you see conservatives, who are often Christian in name only, doing across the country right now.

In the midst of tragedy, political unrest, and scrambling for solutions regarding the current refugee crisis...have we stopped to think about how God calls us to respond?

“Freedom from Pornography”

Reader, this is a very interesting Your World Broadcast.America needs to know that pornography destroys marriages and belittles those involved both the innocent and the guilty.  

This is a two-part program were Pastor Creflo Dollar sat down with Marcus and Brandi, a married couple who have experienced first-hand the devastating effects of pornography.  In the first part of the special two-part episode, Pastor Dollar explains how porn images can never compare to real intimacy and God’s plan for our lives.

Then, he  reveals the answers that will enable this couple and anyone to break the negative habit and walk free from its grip. Through the second episode, Pastor Creflo revealed what is at the root of this negative addiction and that it can never replace REAL intimacy like God intended for us to have.

James Fortune Getting Therapy For Anger Management!

Reader, Yolanda Adam talked to James FortuneonFriday's show, he opened up about how therapy for anger management and prayer have truly saved his life.  Some Christians still don't understand how he could scald a child, beat his wife and never be held accountable for it....Especially from the Black churches and Christians who continued to support him without accountability. I'm for one who's glad he's going to anger management, counseling and praying. Good interview.

Question: Is There An "Age of Accountability" Identified In Scripture?

Reader, the following question is from my email:
Ms. Ann at what age are children held accountable by God for their sins?? As far as I know there's no "age of accountability" identified in Scripture. There is nothing in the Bible that says, "Here is the age and from here on you are responsible!" I really would like to think the reason for that is because children mature at different paces.
That would be true from culture to culture, and from age to age in history. So the Lord in His wisdom didn't identify a specific moment. God knows when each soul is accountable. God knows when real rejection has taken place; when the love of sin exists in the heart. When enmity with God is conscious and willful. God alone knows when that occurs.

What do y'all think, is there an age of accountable?

Will Bogle Dr. Ricky Dillard Manager:

Reader, Dr. Ricky Dillard posted the following to his social media page:
Here is my manager Will Bogle's story of being turned away at the US Embassy in Paris during the height of the turmoil. Article Here!
The couple was not allowed entry into the American embassy. The embassy told them they were on closed mode. They ended up walking to their hotel and leaving. The wife is 6 months pregnant - this is how our own country treats us in another country, what a shame.

Should Bishop Carlton Pearson And His Message The Gospel Of Inclusion Be On COGIC International Stage??

Reader, has the church of God in Christ reinstated Bishop Carlton Pearson? He was "excommunicated" right? This has been a hot topic especially since last week event at the COGIC HOLY Convocation. Just wanted to share what I stumbled upon this morning and I hope many of you will take the time to watchthis video by Bishop Carlton Pearson.

Some old school saints are upset and questioning, the idea that Bishop Carlton Pearson teaching of universalism, reincarnation, the gospel of inclusion is on their International stage? A war cry has gone up and out concerning Bishop Carlton Pearson.

Also, according to social media, at this time Bishop Carlton Pearson is seeking counsel from Bishop G.D.McKinney. Some are in hope that Bishop G.D. Mckinney will be able to steer Bishop Carlton Pearson back to Holiness.


Thousands Quit Mormon Church in Mass Resignation!

Reader, yesterday thousands of Mormons surrounded the LDS Church in Salt Lake City, Utah to submit their official resignation letters.  According to reports, there were more than 2,500 in attendance, with the majority announcing their plans to quit in the wake of the Church's stance toward gay couples and their children.

In my opinion, everyone who is opposed to a church doctrine should do the same. Instead of hanging around causing problems.  Why be a part of a Church you don't believe in? Hoping one day the Church will embrace popular culture? Better to recognize that will not happen now than wait in frustration for some great enlightening change. Go live your lives!

What In The World Was Rapper Plies Thinking, Inviting A Man Of God To A Strip Club?

Reader, was Rapper Plies wrong and did he show mad disrespect in inviting Kirk Franklin a recovering porn addict, to a strip club? Some on social media seem to think so.

"This just goes to show how the devil works and uses his emps. To invite a man of God, and I don't care what his shortcomings are to a strip club, it's crazy."
"It doesn't matter what PLIES invited him to or where to come... It still didn't stop the fact that KIRK agreed to swing on by!!..(on the same block, in the parking lot, on the sidewalk or roof) he still agreed to come...& Plies may take him up on HIS offer just to call his bluff."
The world is watching us. Now I really wouldn't have expected Kirk Franklin to take Plies' offer into consideration, but it happened.  Two men who look very much alike (like can pass for twins) are on 2 totally different sides of the same coin are going to church & to the strip club together....ain't that something?

Rapper Plies t…

Lord Have Mercy The Bishop C. H. Mason Praying Doll?

Reader, according to some "saints" on social media the above item was a huge hit at the 108th COGIC convocation. The 1st of its kind "The Bishop C. H. Mason Praying Collectible" was offered by Pentecostal Pioneer Industries, LLC.


Kirk Franklin Apologizes To The LGBT Community For Homophobia In The Black Church.

Reader, Gospel musician Kirk Franklin had some powerful words to say about the church's relationship to gay people. In an interview to promote his new album "Losing My Religion," Kirk issue a public apology to the LGBT community for homophobia in the Black church.
via The Grio:
“I want to apologize for all of the hurtful and painful things that have been said about people in the church that have been talented and gifted and musical, that we’ve used and we’ve embarrassed… and all this other horrible crap that we’ve done,” Franklin said. “We have not treated them like people. We’re talking about human beings, men and women that God has created.” “The Bible is not a book that’s an attack on gay people,” he added. “It’s not a book written to attack gay people.” Overall, Franklin said he wants the LGBT community to realize that God is about grace and love. “It is horrible that we have made it where the Bible is a homophobic manual,” Franklin said. “That’s not what the Bible is…

Shepherding Sisters In The Church !

Reader, great discussion at The Front Porch.  A pastor with an illicit sexual relation in his church ought to be as repulsive to us as a man sleeping with his sister. A church’s most important decision is who they call to be their leaders because pastors have room for great exploitation, particularly of women, or great effectiveness. In this sense, the church’s greatest need is a holy pastor. What are appropriate boundaries to be maintained between pastors and women in the church? How should a church view a pastor who is having an illicit sexual relationship? What are signals of a pastor grooming a sister for abuse?

Shepherding Women: What Boundaries Must Be Maintained?

Why Is Kirk Franklin Releasing His 11th Album Titled 'Losing My Religion' on Friday the 13th???

Reader the following is from my timeline....check this out this brother Mack Major....he's head on with BIBLICAL TRUTH all the time... nothing but fire all the time:

Does anyone else find it odd that Kirk Franklin will be releasing his 11th album titled 'Losing My Religion' on Friday the 13th??? Let me repeat that again: He's releasing a 'gospel' album titled "Losing My Religion..." on FRIDAY THE 13th!!! To the uninformed person, the response might be 'So what?' But to those who are versed in witchcraft and the occult, this is very significant indeed. Now I'm not implying anything. Or maybe I am.

What I'm really doing is just taking note of the obvious. For one, a Christian has no business talking about losing their religion! That's new age anti-Christ talk. Religion is not the boogey-man that contemporary God-haters have made it out to be. James 1:27 says: "Religion that is pure and undefiled before God, the Father, is this: …

Say What: Megachurch Pastor Says Revealing His Salary Would Violate Christ’s Teachings?

Reader, this is why it's time to start TAXING churches. He is doing the same thing that Joel Osteen did... build a mansion and claim that God wants him to have it.

Megachurch Pastor Steven Furtick cited Christ’s teachings in resisting media calls for more information about church finances. Pastor Furtick is used to questions about his gigantic mansion and other trappings of his apparent wealth — but he doesn’t usually face them directly from reporters. The pastor of North Carolina’s Elevation Church sat down for a rare interview that aired Tuesday on WCCB-TV, where he discussed various controversies related to his promotion of the “prosperity gospel.”

The adoption of the concept that "God wants us (Christians) to be wealthy" began years ago. I don't know where it comes from exactly but I think there are quotes used from the bible. As I've said for a long time now the bible can be used by anyone for any purpsose cause no matter your mind set, Peaceful or Ultra Vio…

Wife Of Former Upstate Youth Pastor Dies After Home Invasion!

Readers, please keep this family and church community in your prayers during this devastating time. I don't personally know them but it is heartbreaking.

Wife of former Upstate youth pastor dies after home invasion

The Legacy Of Billy Graham The Christian Evangelical Has Been Hijacked!

Readers, I was brought up when Billy Graham was doing evangelistic crusades around the world and as children we listen to and watch when he was live on television.  Some on social media isaccusing Franklin Grahamof remaking his father in his own image and it's disgraceful. In Billy Graham's new book were he's the sole author listed for the book is causing raised eyebrows.  His son Franklin’s name appears on a three-page foreword, and, perhaps more tellingly, Franklin is listed as the copyright holder. The foreword asserts that Billy began drafting Where I Am immediately after completing the 2013 book The Reason for My Hope: Salvation, intending that his outline for the latter book “would be fleshed out using his archival sermons.”

Church Announcement: The Bishop Charles E. Blake Legacy Conference!

Readers, Church of God In Christ, Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake is inviting all leaders from Ages 21-50 to meet him in Los Angeles, CA, March 17-18 for his legacy conference.  You do not want to miss this 2 Day historic and life-changing experience as you sit at his feet.

Believe it or not, we will all leave a legacy of some sort – the question is what it will be? One dictionary definition of legacy is "something coming from the past." A legacy is something that remains after we leave this world – something that speaks of our lives. Typically we think of what our ancestors leaves us as a family when we think of this word – but it is actually much broader than that. It also refers to the effect a person had on others while he or she was alive.

 Bishop Blake is one of the most incredible leaders of our time and generation. He is a spiritual father, mentor, and role model to many and indeed is a man of great character, integrity, humility, and passionate about ministry. You…