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Why Didn't Tasha Cobbs Show Up For The Woman of Gospel Event In Toronto Canada Last Night? Was It About The Money?

Reader, there are two sides to every story. People have heard one side and have become the judge, the jury, and the executioner. You cannot come to a conclusion just based off of one party allegedly telling the truth-that is nonsense. 

Anyhow rumors are being put forth on social media that Tasha Cobb refused to perform last night in Canada, because the venue hosting the event didn't have all her money.   What is in the dark, always comes to light. 

Lord Have Mercy, Dr.Earl Carter Is Now Being Black Ball By The Powerful Hand Of The COGIC Organization.


Readers, in the video I agree 100% with Dr. Carter rebuking the Church instead of putting on a dance and show and entertaining like most COGIC preachers tend to do now. The fact that they are trying to black ball him is troublesome for me.  It was a much-needed video  in my opinion, COGIC is well on its way to becoming the next major denomination to fall and become a mockery if it does not get these weak men out of office and from behind the pulpit that are afraid to preach holiness. I don't however agree with calling folks out of their name.

In the clip, Dr. Earl Carter is taking no names and calling them all by name while still speaking out concerning the message he preached in the 107th Holy Convocation of the Church of God in Christ, November 2014. Dr. Carter discusses in detail the attacks he has been receiving from COGIC leadership since his message.



  1. WOW Ann, he called Bishop Blake UNGODLY and DIABOLICAL.

    1. He brings up a interesting point about Gomes, how could any Holy Ghost filled preacher stay a weekend with 2 other men and preach at a church and not be aware of these men's lifestyle? It's a impossibility, it's a dead cat on the line and this stinks to high heaven.

  2. Why is Bishop Blake trying to block this man and what he is preaching? He said he is UNGODLY and DIABOLICAL.

  3. He even calls Jake out.

  4. I watched Dr. Earl Carter's video. What a strong rebuke. What exposure.
    Many may disagree because the fake-love message has infiltrated the body but I appreciate the man of GOD for speaking boldly about fornication, adultery, and homosexuality in this hour where it has become social norms...and especially embraced in the body of Christ, sadly.

  5. Bishop Blake is trying to destroy this man.

  6. In other words, Bishop Blake and Billionaire Magic Johnson are trying to destroy Dr. Carter.Shame on them. GO DR. Carter, you have more with you than against you. The Christian church has become a laughing stock to the world.

  7. Well ... Very simple. If the man is lying let Bishop Blake say so. As for me, if Magic Johnson was referred to as 'Bishop', unless it was in jest the term pyramid-scheme is what comes to mind.

  8. Chrishonda JacksonWednesday, 07 October, 2015

    Ann I agree with what Superintendent/ Pastor Harvey Burnett said about Dr Carter's accusation regarding Bishop Blake:

    "If he believes that Bishop Blake is gay, why does he continue in the church? Does he believe that gay bishops are OK or that the church is somehow blessed with a gay leader? Does he not CONTRIBUTE to the ungodly spread of gay affirming doctrine by approaching the subject the way he does? So we are left to think that either this is something said to besmirch Blake's character or it is something that is factual, thus revealing a flaw in Carter's character which reveals his ACCEPTANCE of the gay agenda. ONE of these things can be right but BOTH can't be...at least not in this context or about what I am pointing out here."

    1. I totally agree something isn't right and does not add up. How can you believe the things that have been said and even feel that way yourself, but yet continue to follow? Now you are a enabler of that thing you abhor.

  9. Is he still operating within the denomination? The way talked about Bishop Blake and other leaders I just assumed he had separated himself.

  10. This is his latest clip. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0dwxE8prrl4

  11. This is the type stuff that is expected to come out of this church. Not surprised at all. Personally I can understand why this guy stayed in that Organization as he was bought up and practically raised spiritually in this church. Though many may think he is out of order, doesn't mean the things he is saying is not credible.


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