Fix It Jesus: Mega-Church To Host Presidential Forum??!?!

Reader in my opinion, the Southern Baptists won't give up in trying to shape the country in their own image. Once, I remember, how they supported segregation. This church with its' roots in slavery and historical opposition to civil rights wants to make certain their "Christian values" are not trampled by hosting right-wing radicals who have proven to be intolerant of others who are not like them.  Source:


  1. Oh come on now!!! We as black ppl need to cut this out. If this is the case then all black ppl need to abandon the Democratic party too.

    It was the Democratic who created the Confederate flag when they tried to annex themselves. It was the Democratics who tried to keep slavery alive. During the 1800' thats was the party of the south. Its the Democratics who continue slavery on black thru welfare programs and therefore keep our black ppl slaves to the government.

    So unless we are going to abandon them too, we need to stop crying about historical slavery and segregation when we stand with the very party whos roots it was to try and keep us enslaved....

    1. Anonymous, you are right about the history, but you can't deny the fact that The Southern Baptist Chruch is rooted in hate. My understanding, The Southern Baptist Church is made up of both parties, this is not about one particular party. And by the way I am not, part of either party, therefore, I refuse to stop crying about our slavery history especially when one consider that today's folk in both parties are still benefiting from that history. In my humble opinion, both parties are cut from the same cloth. You have to admit this church is pushing the line, it's time for someone to take a hard look at the churches that keep doing this.....change their tax status.

    2. If the churches lose their tax-exempt status, the AFL-CIO will have to lose its tax exempt status too. And Planned Parenthood. We all know these non-profits are NOT political (lol). For sure the first churches to lose their tax-exempt status would be the Black churches because they never invite politicos to speak in their services (see Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton as examples A & B). Sorry Ann , if the Labor Unions can invite candidates to speak in their conventions, churches can invite candidates too.

    3. Anonymous I disagree! What in the world do Al Sharpton or Jessie Jackson have to do with this particular discussion? Neither one of these men have ever held a presidential debate forum in a black church, I don't think.


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