Do Oprah's New Show 'Belief' Clash With A Christian Worldview?

Reader, since when did Oprah become a Pastor? I'm praying for Christians who follow Oprah to check facts with the Word of God. It is the only way to find the truth and that is Jesus is the only way to God as we are all sinners. I don't think she believes how most Christians believe. She seems to have gotten her early beliefs messed up with some new age stuff.

Oprah new show BELIEF is getting a lot of street cred from all over the world, as well as a lot of pushback from the Christian community, every since it October 18 air date. According to Oprah, our beliefs help shape the paths that we take in life. Her seven-night miniseries will highlight similarities between religions, but it also seeks to render the complexities of various faiths honestly.

"Belief" allows the message and core tenets of every religion to shine through in a way that honors them while remaining honest. Even the most exclusivist believers will find something to love in this epic spiritual series.

A personal relationship with Almighty God through His Son Jesus Christ is the only thing that can fill the void in the human heart. This is not a matter of opinion--Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life; no one comes to Father except through Me.” THERE ARE NOT MANY WAY TO GOD, ONLY ONE!! JESUS IS THE WAY!


  1. Of course it does...

    1. Oprah Winfrey teaches a false doctrine of inclusion and Gnosticism. Any so called Christian that is promoted by her platform has confirmed! Don't be deceived people. No true believer will ever be promoted by Oprah! She is antichrist. Watch people and be attentive! -1John 2:19

    2. Fool, she's not the antichrist. She may work for so called antichrist but she's not the antichrist.

      Every church teaches false doctrine, and must in order to continue their 501c3 tax exempt status.
      You fools don't see church is just a business????? You don't see that????

  2. No difference from what Jamal Bryant did by mixing Islam with Christianity by having Farrakhan speak in a Christian broadcast

    1. You lying it's a difference.

    2. There's no difference... At least Oprah's show isn't on a Christian network... What Jamal did was not in the best interest of those whom are weak in the faith or impressionable to follow what's being advertised by preachers...

    3. Rev. I disagree, there is a difference. Pastor Bryant having a dialogue with Minister Farrakhan was not about how he might integrate religious faith and doctrine, but how them working together might impact our communities for the better.

    4. Ann, I agree about the dialogue, it's the place he chose to have that discussion. Hypothetically speaking, if a non-believer or a new convert tuned into the Christian broadcast to hear a sermon about Jesus and this is what they received, would you say God was glorified? Had Jamal been on his own broadcast, used his own network, and brought our Farrakhan then it wouldn't have been a huge problem. We have many that network with our people trying to bring an end to segregation and racism... God instruct us through The Apostle Paul writings whatever we do, do it decently and in an orderly fashion... Oprah is not using a Christian network for this show... She has enough common sense to do it on her own network paid for with her own money. And whoever tunes in to watch her show isn't tuning in to hear a message about the Gospel of Jesus Christ...


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