Did “Empire” Ratings Dropped Because Of The Show’s Negative Jab At Gospel Singer Donnie McClurkin??

Readers some church folks on social media are trying to attribute the show Empire drop in rating to it dig at Gospel Singer Donnie McClurkin. The claim is now that church folks who night have been watching the show are back at church on Wednesday evenings. Now, I am not trying to be funny or even rude but wow it amazes the heck out of me how hypocritical some church folks are. We in the church house loved the show when it first started, in fact, many churchgoers didn't go to Bible class which had pastors all over the country mad and upset.

What I find interesting is that most knew when they started watching the show that there were gay characters on the show. Now all of a sudden the church folks feel uncomfortable because the show made a comment about Donnie they are up in arms. Why not speak out when the show first started? why not raise a fuss at the beginning? How about maybe the ratings have dropped because the show simply SUCKS right now.  The dialogue is bad, the plot shaky and the acting is so-so.


  1. The entire story line predictably only had so many episodes. The writers continued the same-ol, same-ol and it's simply a case of 'yawn-yawn'. So ditto what you said.

  2. I'm no longer watching because the script/writing is not believable. Additionally, the characters are written to depict the worst amongst us/black people. In my opinion if a white director or producer presented a beloved character like Cookie in a gorilla suit many amongst us would be shocked and appalled. I will admit there are Cookies and Luscious's but not all of us are. If a black producer/director won't present us releastically why should we expect others to do so

    It is my opinion that there are too many talented actors and actresses on this show for all of them to be painted with the same broad and harsh stroke. Even the non-black characters don't come across as realistic.

    I tuned in to Blackish last night and enjoyed every minute.

  3. To me the whole show is just Evil.

  4. The ratings should've dropped after showing two men kissing!

  5. The ratings drop shouldnt be a surprise. The first season was about the novelty of such a show. The second season is when the show will have to prove itself. Its the growing pangs which seems common in the second season. Church people didnt affect the ratings at all, they would be lucky to have such influence over the success of a show.

  6. I know exactly when ppl stopped watching... when they tried to make me believe Chris Rock was a feared man killer and master crininal. #Seriously

    1. That's my sentiments as well... The plot sucks...


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