Breaking News: Kong Hee And City Harvest Church Found Guilty Of Fraud!

Reader here's a story I've been following for the last year or more.  Six leaders of a Singaporean “mega-church” have been convicted of a $36 million (£23 million) fraud after diverting the donations of disciples into a failed project to turn a pastor’s wife called Ho into a global rap music star.

Kong Hee, the founder and chief pastor, and five aides failed to persuade the judge that the scheme was a legitimate use of church funds to spread God’s word to the secular world by helping his wife break into US music market. Sun Ho, 43, who performed under the stage name ‘SUN aka Geisha’, singing sexually-charged lyrics in skimpily-clad outfits in series of glitzy music videos, was not accused of any wrongdoing in the venture.

The love of money is the root cause, you can blame everyone and anyone, but it all comes down to envy and the lust to get more. People will lie, cheat, steal because they covet how Hollywood celebrities and rich people live.


  1. This Pastor is a con man , Jail him and cane him if possible, a pastor must show good example to the church and public, how can he take publics money and spend lavishly for his wife's stupid career, as a cabaret Singer....S26M siphon out by members and misused , this money laundering among church members...he should not be given a lenient sentence but a deterrent one.
    I am also disappointed.

  2. Hmmmm Not the first time these pastors are at it just like some famous American Pastors and growing cult groups. Really a disgrace using the Lords name in vain. Gods blessings Are about humility and being humble.

  3. You know what's funny?

    Had this church been in America they could have BRAGGED about paying for her music career and no one (not the IRS, state officials, or other government divisions) would have or could done anything to stop them.

    Cause our government really doesn't care if the churches and pastors are ripping people off.
    That's why we have
    Creflo Dollar's
    Joel Osteen's
    Benny Hinn's

  4. Classic example of First Lady privileges... Whatever the pastor's wife want to do, 99.9% of the time they get their way... Had that been just an average member, no way the church or pastor would have allowed this to happen.


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