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A Shelter Require Homeless Women To Attend Megachurch And Tithe!!

Reader this is a doggone shame, a homeless woman says a shelter required her to attend Church of the Highlands, even though a church where she was a member was about a block away.
A women's shelter in Birmingham requires all residents to board a
van and attended worship services at the Woodlawn branch of the Church of the Highlands each Sunday. They're not given the option to attend any other church. They're also required to tithe every week, despite being homeless.


Bishop Jakes Weighs In On A Controversial Video From A School District In South Carolina.

Readers, we don't know the details leading to this, but I frankly don't care what they are...there is no excuse for a strong man to drag and THROW a little teen girl across a room as is clearly seen in the video. Disgusting.

 A video began spreading on social media sites Monday afternoon of an incident that happened at Spring Valley High School in northeast Richland County. In the recording, a female student can be seen sitting in her chair in a classroom where several other students are present. An officer can be seen grabbing the student out of her desk, causing the chair to flip over. Once the student is on the ground, the officer can be seen grabbing the student and dragging her for several feet. The officer then tells the girl to put her hands behind her back and restraining the girl.

Bishop Jakes give his take on this. 
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  1. If CNN wanted a real opinion about police brutality as shown in the video, they could have interviewed a Black Lives Matter advocate. The media is clever when using their "Christian guru" to speak on issues of justice, knowing this false prophet would address in ways to satisfy their agenda. - Notice the comfortability...Jakes and Lemon.

    (Sure, Jakes had not seen the video before...yeah right)...

    1. Chrishonda JacksonTuesday, 27 October, 2015

      Anonymous I agree....I'm guessing Jakes will be the go to Negro preacher that'll satisfy white America.

    2. RIGHT...and the thing about it is, the school system, never think twice about getting the law involved. When I was in school, the teachers were stop #1. Then the principal next, then my parents. No COPS ever considered with this protocol. Now it's the teachers, the principal, then the COPS. The school system is but a rat hole for our children. They teach them (especially with this thing called common core) practically nothing and yet cream the loudest "ITS ALL ABOUT THE CHILDREN". What a SMOKESCREEN! They inject immoral garbage into these children, and I'm wondering how did we get to this point in education. Lemon should have been interviewing the educators of that school district to ask them why and how did we get to this point. But they pull in Jakes, the prosperity preacher of all people.

      We need to do better with our children. We've gotten away from God and our children are being led into the open hands and arms of a system who seeks to devour them.

    3. There is a lot of blame to go around, starting with the immature parents who are raising out-of-control children. I'm not saying that this cop was right at all, but kids these days do not respect authority and want to challenge everyone. They cuss and fight like there is no tomorrow and have no proper leadership at home. I see ALL of the time. Then the parents don't want anyone to discipline them.

  2. Why are they asking Jakes? I don't know about anyone else, but if mine is refusing to leave or whatever she might have done...CALL ME...not some school cop. They should not even be allowed to touch students.

  3. This happens all the time! LOOK AT THE DEMANDER OF THE OTHER STUDENTS. It is quiet in that classroom you can hear a pin drop. Also since when are police called for a CHILD that is being verbally disruptive, what happened taking them to the office or calling the parent. For anyone who says "let's reserve opinion until we get the facts" This MALE cop PHYSICALLY ASSAULTED this FEMALE student. I get so sick of when people of color get chastised, beaten and kill we always have to hear about sit back and get all the answers! "Oh well he should have had his headlights on...or "Oh he shouldn't have stole out the store" when does justice gets served and DEATH!

  4. Jake do you want that done to your child? You do that to my child? Better have your funeral arrangements made. What sort of insanity is this? A full grown male against a teenager sitting in her class in school where a parent is led to believe they are being cared for????? Get a reality check. Kids answer back. If you can't handle that then you ought not to be a teacher. THEN to call a cop into the room because you lost control of your class? Kids will stretch every nerve you have in the classroom, why? BECAUSE they believe it is ok to speak up, out without being beaten up for having an opinion.Jesus wept. Since when did school become a pemanent detention center and chute with a one way ticket to jail? The youth is your future, they will be the Drs and Rns looking after you and you disregard any thought they express? Lord have mercy because this is evil.

  5. Waiting for full story before I can comment. I will say this, take race out the picture. View from the lens of police officer versus young female student. If you take race out the picture, you might be able to see things clearer.

    1. I see every human... Regardless of race, as God's creation and a person He formed and placed here for His purpose. Now.... Looking through THAT lens... Is this OK to you? How would God see this? She is His creation and His child right? God tells us to be sober, self controlled, kind, merciful, slow to anger.... In that lens, how does this look? I see a man physically assault a child. THAT is against the law, which God says we are not to break. The video shows all we need to see. She could've been paralyzed or killed if she'd hit her head or landed wrong or if he'd used greater force. Race has absolutely NOTHING to do with basic human rights and decency.

  6. The video depicts child abuse. Period. Bad behavior or not. Black or Caucasian or otherwise. This is simply child abuse and excessive force. If a parent did this to their child, they'd be jailed and get a visit from social services.... for child abuse. No debate. So, there are many levels of wrong here. A disobedient child, a simpleton of a teacher, absentee principal, and totally out of control officer. Since when does the school jump straight into calling law enforcement over so trivial of an issue?! Why wasn't the principal brought in? Were her parents called? They should've been summoned to remove her from the school. Furthermore.... The officer could have just moved her desk into the hall if they wanted her out so badly, and waited until her guardian picked her up from school. This was ALL wrong. Common sense and self control did not prevail at all! This is clear cut child abuse. No parent would be OK with this happening to their child.... Misbehaving or innocent. SO... People can MISS ME with that "she should have..." Or "... We don't have all the facts" trash. We saw the video. Inexcusable. Never is it OK to assault another human. Period.

    1. 100% on point. Excellent perspective...

  7. First I'll say it was excessive force. I would not want this happening to my nieces or nephews.

    Secondly, I have been a substitute teacher. These kids are BAD! If I ask a child to leave my class for whatever reason, THEY SHOULD GO. I do not have time to call parents and wait. It was reported to me (as I was not there), that she was asked by the teacher and principal to leave. If her behavior was disruptive, other students suffer. She should have just left and called her parents if things weren't right. Obviously she had a cell phone. Next time I hope she leaves as asked.

    The police were called because many of the parents are just as crazy as the kids and don't want anyone touching their child. Ya'll know this.

    If discipline and instruction were implemented at home, these incidents would probably not occur as often.

    Just my thoughts...

    1. You're absolutely right! These kids are BAD and extremely disrespectful!! School officials have their hands tied because many of the parents work against them and do nothing to hold their child accountable.

  8. Many of these kids have to respect for nor fear of authority including their parents.

    1. Hypnos, I agree about the behavior of the kids nowadays and the situation, but the means don't justify the end here. He was out of line.


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