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Pastor Jamal Bryant Washes The Feet Of His Leaders.

Readers, Pastor Bryant washes the feet of all his leaders.
Jesus washing the feet of the disciples (John 13:1–17) occurred in the upper room, just prior to the Last Supper and has significance in three ways. For Jesus, it was the display of His humility and His servanthood. For the disciples, the washing of their feet was in direct contrast to their heart attitudes at that time. For us, washing feet is symbolic of our role in the body of Christ.

 Humility counts!

Pharrell Williams To Sing With The Emanuel AME Gospel Choir On Tomorrow.

Readers, thanks to A&E and Lifetime for shining a light on the uncomfortable truth that racial inequality and bias still impact our society.

Hip-hop and R&B superstar Pharrell Williams is performing on Sunday with the Emanuel AME Gospel Choir at the church’s Sunday service. Williams’ appearance is related to his role with a special program on race relations being produced by A+E Networks and iHeartMedia, according to Dan Silberman, a company spokesman.

Dr. Earl Carter Latest Video Response To The Letter From COGIC Membership, "GREEDY DOGS"!

Readers, Dr. Earl Carter has ruffled more feathers with his latest video response to the letter from COGICmembership. Calling it a conspiracy to cover up for Bishop Blake.  Dr. Earl Carter vs. COGIC is the most serious beef I've ever seen in my life.  Imma keep my personal opinions to myself but, in all honesty you can't get mad at the Bible from which we should preach the gospel. I believe it's a disgrace to God, to be called a minister but you won't really address sin, only your cause.

Sun Ho Ordained As City Harvest Church Pastor Amid Controversy!

Reader, I find this to be interesting. City Harvest Church founder Sun Ho was officially ordained as a pastor at the church only days before her husband, Pastor Kong Hee, and five other CHC leaders were found guilty of funneling millions into her popstar career.

“The 2-minute clip shows Ho being ordained by someone who appears to be Michael Scales from New York’s Christian College, as well as her husband Kong, who was one of the six church leaders declared guilty for misappropriating church funds to finance Ho’s singing career,” the article states.

Breaking: Prominent Pastor Rev. Ron Christian Found Dead At Irvington Church!

Readers, I never met Pastor Ron nor have I attended his church. May his memory live on in the lives of everyone who knew him. I pray for God's peace, strength and love to help carry his family, church family and friends through this untimely departure. My prayers go out to Christian Love Baptist Church in the sudden loss of their Pastor Rev Ron Christian. We ask that the Church community lift his family, his congregation and friends in prayer during this time.  Absent from the body, we know he is Present with the Lord!!! Praise God... For those who know Jesus, you will see him again..

Prominent Pastor Rev. Ron Christian was found dead this morning in his office at Christian Love Baptist Church, authorities have confirmed. He was 51. Source: 

Testimony Time:

Readers, do you remember church testimony time? Back in my growing up days in a little church in Alabama we used to get up in church  and tell our testimonies to each other. Well, I found this testimony on my timeline it kind of reminded me of that time, long ago.  So I decided to post it here. What do you think?

 FB, I received a phone call on last Saturday from a Partner who has been supporting our Ministry very intentionally and deliberately for the past 11 months and they said they had been stirred by the Holy Spirit to do something special for me! They would not tell me exactly what it was, but they told me it would happen soon! Well on last night they surprised me with a New BMW X5!!! After, I regained consciousness and finished speaking in tongues and running around the house with my family I yet am awed as I see the fulfillment of our Phenomenal Gods Word in my life and ministry!!! Two months ago I moved my family and Ministry to Florida at the leading of the Holy Spirit and i…

Who At Fault That A Growing Number Of Protestant Pastors Believe Christianity And Islam Are Similar?

Readers, what's up with this growing number of protestant pastors believing Christianity and Islam are similar? Even a layperson like myself knows that Islam and Christianity are incompatible. But I will agree there are some common words that are use by both Islam and Christianity (Creator, Almighty, Merciful, etc) but in reality there is no common ground between the two. You got to work hard to believe that these two faiths are fundamentally the same. To the Christian, Jesus is God and to deny His deity is heresy.

A new study from LifeWay Research suggests the number of Protestant pastors that classify Christianity and Islam as similar is on the rise. Charisma News reports the survey of 1,000 Protestant pastors found that while pastors who believed the religions were similar are in the minority, the small group is growing. According to the survey’s findings, 17 percent of Protestant pastors indicated that Christianity and Islam were similar, nearly double the 9 percent who claime…

"If given the chance would you kill baby Hitler?"

Readers, a very interesting question that has set social media ablaze for a few days with a wide variety of memes and wisecracks. I'm having trouble grappling at the fact that anti-abortion folks would be willing to kill a baby.

If you missed it ( you can read it here) the New York Times Magazine recently posed the question, "If given the chance would you kill baby Hitler?" It's not a new question, but it's as intriguing as ever, and Forty-two percent of those who were originally polled said they'd absolutely kill baby Hitler, with about 28% saying they were unsure, and the rest saying they'd pass.

What other historical figures wreaked such havoc and terror on humans that we should consider going back in time and killing them as a baby?

Fix It Jesus: Prophet Brian Carn Periscope That "A Woman Can't Be A Bishop"!

Readers, this feud between Brian Carn and Juanita Bynum have me shaking my head.  Two major forces should never have an open wrath. I pray Bishop-elect Bynum doesn't respond because the sister does have a sharp tongue.

Brian Carn periscope that "a woman can't be a bishop. And when you go from Prophetess to Bishop you demote yourself." He then walked through the text." Readers, it's a ton of hate surrounding the news that Juanita Bynum about to be ordained Bishop.

Should A Child Have The Right To Choose Life Or Death?

Readers, a controversial decision has been made to let a five-year-old choose heaven over hospital has caused a debate about whether or not a five-year-old should be able to make their own end-of-life choice.

Five-year-old Julianna Snow is dying of an incurable neurodegenerative illness called Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease. She's stable at the moment, but the muscles that control her breathing are so weak that any germ that comes her way, even just the common cold virus, could kill her.

If she survives, doctors say she will likely end up on a respirator with very little quality of life. Her parents, Michelle Moon and Steve Snow, asked Julianna, when she was just four-years-old, if she wanted to go to the hospital the next time she becomes dangerously ill, or if she wanted to stay home and go to heaven.


Bishop Jakes Weighs In On A Controversial Video From A School District In South Carolina.

Readers, we don't know the details leading to this, but I frankly don't care what they are...there is no excuse for a strong man to drag and THROW a little teen girl across a room as is clearly seen in the video. Disgusting.

 A video began spreading on social media sites Monday afternoon of an incident that happened at Spring Valley High School in northeast Richland County. In the recording, a female student can be seen sitting in her chair in a classroom where several other students are present. An officer can be seen grabbing the student out of her desk, causing the chair to flip over. Once the student is on the ground, the officer can be seen grabbing the student and dragging her for several feet. The officer then tells the girl to put her hands behind her back and restraining the girl.

Bishop Jakes give his take on this. 

The Emasculation And Feminization Of The Black Man Must Stop!

Readers, just read this article most of it is true, sad to say many black male and women don't agree with it. I think it is the emasculation of all men not just blackmen that must stop.  TV and media making fun of men and not giving them the respect they deserve as providers of their family (especially commercials).

Unfortunately the family unit has disintergrated leaving the mother to raise boys all alone.

Stopping The Emasculation Of African American Men

Congratulation To Bishop‬-Elect Juanita Bynum‬!

Readers, I'm so happy for the woman of GOD. Dr. Juanita Bynum is one of the most anointed prophetic voices given to the body of Christ.  Her passion for the ministry and sensitivity to the voice of God has allowed her to become a highly prolific preacher and teacher sharing extensively in many revivals and conferences throughout the United States.

Now I already know many will have a lot to say about this choice, but it is what it is. I celebrate with you Prophetess Dr. Juanita Bynum. She surely has put her time in and has served faithfully.  Congratulation to her!

Update: Unsurprisingly, Prophetess (now Bishop-Designate) Dr. Juanita Bynum is causing an uproar on social media this morning after the news was released about her elevation to the Bishopric. I'm just wondering why everyone is upset?

Lord Have Mercy Elder Earl Carter's Rights And Privileges As An Elder In COGIC Is About To Be Revoked.

Readers, some COGIC members are standing in full support of Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake with suggesting that the church cut ties with Elder Earl Carter. They have taken to social media with claims that one of the tenets of the church is respect for leadership.  Claims on social media are also being made that Elder Earl Carter's blatant and awful disrespect, in addition to the attacks and outright lies, must not be tolerated any longer.

Here's a letter from the C.O.G.I.C. website regarding the accusations from Pastor Earl Carter against this denomination and the presiding prelate, Bishop Charles Blake with the request to apologize or be disfellowshipped.

Facebook Comment:  If we allow this, it will open a floodgate that will cause our church to plummet to a place of chaos similar to Israel in Judges 21:25 when "Every man did what was right in his own eyes."

Fix It Jesus: Top 20 Christian Rappers Of All Time!

Readers are we Kingdom minded folks really doing this?!?!?! What does this have to do with the forwarding of the Kingdom of God? It would seem to me that the drive to be the best or #1 is not in line with humbling yourself and serving the body of Christ.

In my opinion, all a list like this does is make an artist idolize a position. Which can spurs envy, jealousy, and false humility. This list is surprising but in all honesty when the main goal is reaching the lost there's no "top" ranking. All have their merits.

Deitrick Haddon New Music Is For The Un-Churched!

Readers, the 'unchurched' will latch onto anything they feel validates their willingness to be 'unchurched'.

According to reports, Deitrick Haddon is back with a new music project "Masterpiece" from his own creative house DH VISIONS. It is a partnership with eOne. It is following his personal mantra that anything that you do for God must be done with excellence and ahead of the curve.
Deitrick understands that this new album will push the envelope.

The Latest From Dr Earl Carter: "When Wrong is called Right!

Reader, here's the latest video from Dr Earl Carter. In which he explains that the targets of his message are the homosexual preachers in the pulpit and churches....and not so much as the World.

Dr Earl Carter is teaching on the spiritual and natural results of the homosexual activity. WARNING: HEAVY EXPLICIT SEXUAL CONTENT IN PARTS OF THE VIDEO.

Fix It Jesus: Worldwide Jubilee Miracle Healing And Victory "Prayer Cloth Service"???

Readers, I cannot imagine the people who fall for this charismatic garbage.  I suppose the god of this world has blinded the minds of these poor deluded people. If you believe any of this garbage, you are a special kind of stupid. Lord have mercy the scam never ends.

Where's The Outcry: Thugs And Terrorists Have Attacked Seven Black Churches In The Last Week, Without Hardly A Peep From The Media!!

Readers, If someone (ESPECIALLY a person of color) had burned down seven white evangelical churches and counting, the media would be ALL OVER THIS. Pundits everywhere would decry these actions as domestic terrorism. As of, today this is barely making the news -- and people actually argue with a straight face that the U.S. is "post-racial."

Seven St. Louis, MOarea churches have been set on fire in the last two weeks, and authorities believe the arsonist is racially and/or religiously motivated. The six churches which were set on fire were of different denominations, but five congregations were black, and the sixth was racially mixed.

These church burnings and terrorism in St. Louis are a part of a long-standing attack on the institution and it must stop. And people trying to ignore the problem and say it does not exist are just plain lying.

RIP Apostle R.D. Henton:

Readers, it's  with great sadness that I announce the passing of Apostle R.D. Henton on today, October 22, 2015. He will truly be missed by so many. A powerful man of God I would watch him every morning on the Word Network on Sundays! Sleep on Apostle. ~RDHentonBreakthroughMinistries~

Is A Certificate Of Purity Biblical?

Reader, the buzz surrounding this incident does not come from the fact that two people got married and both were which most people applaud.  But rather because Brelyn, the bride, gave her father a certificate of virginity stating that her hymen was intact and that she was a virgin.

Most people are confused as to why she needed to do this, and even more so, why she posted it on social media. Brelyn the bride presented her father with a 'certificate of purity' on her wedding day to prove she was a virgin. She gave the framed document to her proud father, who is a pastor, before tying the knot with her groom Timothy earlier this month.

 The statement on the signed certificate confirmed that her 'hymen is intact', citing a passage from the Bible that some Christians interpret as an instruction to abstain from sex until marriage. What are your thoughts?

Do Oprah's New Show 'Belief' Clash With A Christian Worldview?

Reader, since when did Oprah become a Pastor? I'm praying for Christians who follow Oprah to check facts with the Word of God. It is the only way to find the truth and that is Jesus is the only way to God as we are all sinners. I don't think she believes how most Christians believe. She seems to have gotten her early beliefs messed up with some new age stuff.

Oprah new showBELIEF is getting a lot of street cred from all over the world, as well as a lot of pushback from the Christian community, every since it October 18 air date. According to Oprah, our beliefs help shape the paths that we take in life. Her seven-night miniseries will highlight similarities between religions, but it also seeks to render the complexities of various faiths honestly.

"Belief" allows the message and core tenets of every religion to shine through in a way that honors them while remaining honest. Even the most exclusivist believers will find something to love in this epic spiritual series.

Breaking News: Kong Hee And City Harvest Church Found Guilty Of Fraud!

Reader here's a story I've been following for the last year or more.  Six leaders of a Singaporean “mega-church” have been convicted of a $36 million (£23 million) fraud after diverting the donations of disciples into a failed project to turn a pastor’s wife called Ho into a global rap music star.

Kong Hee, the founder and chief pastor, and five aides failed to persuade the judge that the scheme was a legitimate use of church funds to spread God’s word to the secular world by helping his wife break into US music market. Sun Ho, 43, who performed under the stage name ‘SUN aka Geisha’, singing sexually-charged lyrics in skimpily-clad outfits in series of glitzy music videos, was not accused of any wrongdoing in the venture.

The love of money is the root cause, you can blame everyone and anyone, but it all comes down to envy and the lust to get more. People will lie, cheat, steal because they covet how Hollywood celebrities and rich people live.

Fix It Jesus:Father Deliberately Drove His Wife and 3 Kids into Arizona Lake in Apparent Murder-Suicide!

Lord have mercy readers, mental illness is real. A father intentionally drove his wife and three young children into an Arizona lake over the weekend in an apparent murder-suicide, police said Monday evening. Glenn Baxter, his wife Danica and their three children Reighn, Nazyiah and Zariyah all died on early Sunday morning after their SUV crashed into the Tempe Town Lake.

But Tempe police are now saying the crash was no accident. "Mr. Baxter took deliberate action," police spokesman Michael Pooley said, according to the Associated Press. "It's absolutely horrific what happened to those little kids and their mother." Rest Here.

Attention Pastors And Church Leaders: The Congregants Are Not Yours To Do With As You Wish.

Readers, I wonder how many time this pastor's sermons were about the same sin that he was committing? Did he get his congregation stirred up against gays or abortions, but sneaked right away after the sermon was over with members from his "flock"? He ought to be ashamed of himself, and the congregation of the church should start to have a serious conversation about the ethics of their staff, including the preacher.

Shocking developments with the City of God church near Detroit. This really broke my heart....this could've & should've been avoided. Unfortunately, men and women of God are just men and women. They can put their God "mask" on for the crowds, but if they are not totally committed to their "calling" or vocation, then they should step down and seek God for themselves first and foremost.

According to social media, City of God Church, Pastor Keon Allison shot and killed one of it faithful church member Deante Smith in church after bei…

Breaking News: Pastor Shoots, Kills Man Who Threatened Him Inside Small Detroit Church!

Readers, Detroit police say a pastor shot and killed a man who threatened him inside a small Detroit church on Sunday afternoon. Source:

Jesus Take The Wheel: Day star Christian Network Has BANNED "Pastor Jamal Bryant"!

Readers, I'm guessing Daystar Television Network will be wanting that $10,000 donation back that they made to Jamal Bryant and Empowerment Temple in Baltimore, MD, to aid in the aftermath of the riots in Baltimore.

If you stand up for the real "chosen" people this is what happens. If you were teaching in a manner that condoned the "yes Massah" and "Slaves obey your master mentalities" they'd allow you to tap dance all over their studios. Preach BLACKMAN!

 Readers, is this an attack on one of Black America's most prominent preachers because of his passion for speaking out for the black lives that don't seem to matter in this country? Is the Daystar Television Network justified in slapping the man of God like this because of comments about Republican Presidential Candidate Ben Carson and an association with other black leaders such as The honorable Louis Farrakhan?
Update: Pastor Bryant's message can be found @

Is Bishop Larry Darnell Trotter & Mildred Andrea Williams Headed To Divorce Court?

Readers, I'm surprised by this news. When a Christian marriage unravels, many questions rise to the surface. Bishop Larry Trotter got engaged to and marry his praise and worship leader Mildred Andrea Williams, December 24, 2013, without the blessing of his Facebook  family.

At that time, some of his congregation was highly upset that the bishop was so thirsty that he would marry his praise and worship leader, that they took to social media to express it.

According to latest reports, the couple is now headed for divorce. Why can't Christians stay married?

The Word Network Bishop George Bloomer Interviewing With Dr. Jamal Bryant!

Reader, I watched The Word Network interview of Pastor Jamal Bryant last night by Bishop George Bloomer. And in my humble opinion, pastor Jamal Bryant was amazing in this interview; he held his own with no problem at all.

Pastor Bryant is the kind of Christian pastor who Dr. Martin Luther King would be proud of. Even late in his life, Dr. King began to see the realities of racism and Pastor Bryant seems like a minister who sees those realities. You can watch the interview here: 

What Would Jesus Say About Raising A Transgender Child?

Reader, I struggle with this, I really do. I get that there is a dysphoria there that has to be addressed. But I believe these parents are promoting their child to be transgender.  My opinion, this is bad parenting, way to young to make such a serious decision. She is the mother she is the child until she is older she should not support this. You can love your child without supporting such nonsense.

 Some of todays parents are not being parents their children are ruling them.  The mother should be honest & say since they'd already had 3 sons, she wanted another son, but she didn't get she's dressed her daughter as a boy.

Much Needed, New Ministry Coming To Chicago!

Reader, it's official change is coming to Chicago.  Pastor Mark Smith will launch a new ministry beginning Sunday, NOVEMBER 1st.

Southern Baptist Leader Al Mohler Says Boycott Gay Weddings, Even Family!

Reader, this Southern Baptist leader says attending the same-sex wedding of a friend or family member (even your own child) is the same thing as APPROVING of the marriage! Do you agree?

According, to Mohler Christians should not attend a same-sex wedding — even of their own child — because it signals “moral approval” of the union, the president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary said in a new book. Boycotting weddings of gay friends and loved ones will be excruciatingly difficult, The Rev. Albert Mohler wrote in We Cannot Be Silent, which goes on sale Oct. 27.