You Got Mail: Should A Christian Pastor Perform The Wedding Ceremony of His Lesbian Daughter?

Readers I received the following email today:

 Ms. Ann got a question for you. My pastor of fifteen years has a daughter who is a lesbian and is a member of our church. She has gotten engaged to her lesbian lover and have asked her father to walk her down the aisle for the wedding. What should our pastor do?
SUPPORT HIS DAUGHTER!! That's what love is all about!!


  1. Its one thing to love your child, but it ia a different thing to support a lifestyle that you do not ageee with...if he doesnt agree.

  2. Love is trying to save a person's soul from hell like Christ did when he suffered and died on thre cross for our sins.

    If i support your sin, which can separate you from God, i actually hate you. I hate you because i dont care where your soul goes and i just want you to be happy in your flesh.

    So, no this is not Love.

  3. Loving your child will sometimes we mean you cant support them.

    If your child decided to be a drug dealer, would you support that. Absolutely not!! Why, because you know the CONSEQUENCES that go along with that lifestyle.

    So while you still love them you would not stand and cheerlead in their corner in support of that.

    Its needs to be the same with Christian patent. God says there are consequences for sin. So you would be wrong to support their sin , especially if you know unrepentant sins will lead your child to hell.

    1. Amen! No way he should be involved in that wedding! If my child decides to go out an rob a store and wants me to join in I'm going to do everything in my power to explain to my child the truth and why they should not be robbing stores. I would do the same in this situation explain to my child the truth in the abomination of what they are doing but I will not participate. Will I still love my child? Of course but I will not participate in my childs sin.


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