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More Americans Say That You Can Be Good Without God?

Reader for the first time, a majority of Americans — 56 percent — say it is possible to be a good person without a religious belief. So says new Pew Research Center data drawn from two polls conducted among about 5,000 American adults in June and July. “God is not a prerequisite for good values and morality,” Greg Smith, Pew’s associate director of research, said in a post about the findings. ” … [T]he public’s increased rejection of the idea that belief in God is necessary for morality is due, in large part, to the spike in the share of Americans who are religious ‘nones.

Why Are Black Pastors Attending A Faith Meeting With Donald Trump?

Reader's according to "The Brody File" they have learned the names of some of the pastors and religious leaders who will attend a meeting next Monday with Donald Trump at his office in New York. The meeting, which is expected to include discussion of his views and strategies on a number of different issues along with a time of prayer, is private and not affiliated with his presidential campaign.

 The meeting will give those in the room a chance to form their own opinion about Trump rather than hearing information secondhand. Pastor Darrell Scott from Cleveland, Ohio is organizing it. He heads up the non-denominational New Spirit Revival Center in Cleveland Ohio, a church of Pentecostal/Charismatic persuasion. Pastor Paula White, a longtime friend of Trump’s is also said to be playing a role in this as well.


  1. Black church folks will back anybody if there is a glimmer of hope that they will win. That way they can push their agenda through our government.

  2. Ms. Ann, some pastors can be bought. If they make that deal with the devil, I hope it's worth it for them.

  3. They're meeting with him because, "Birds of a feather flock together."

  4. So this idea come from that Jezebel Paula white?

  5. I'm surprised that Pastor Smith would even entertain this foolishness.

    1. Mrs. Brock, I wondered how you felt about Pastor Smith being part of this debauchery. Will you now see him in a different light? I don't particularly think he's different from the crowd anywho. Just a different wrapping.

    2. Hey just found out that Pastor E. Dewey was asked but declined. So Pastor Dewey is not a part of this. And it makes you wonder are the rest even attending this.

    3. I'm sure this meeting involves some sort of donation from Trump. Additionally, aside from a few social issues, black people, the church in particular, are very conservative.

    4. Mrs.Ann your so fake just like your Bff Dewey....Your moved by every wind of doctrine...I noticed a lot of people stop by your blog an tell you that but it does no good because your full of yourself....IJS

    5. Haha it takes a fake to know a fake. I like Pastor Smith teaching and do believe he teachs sound doctrine.

  6. How about we just watch and see not what Pastor Smith says but what he does. He's an impressive PREACHER of the gospel from what I've heard. The m just interested in his actions.

  7. Anne Brock has a divisive spirit!!


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