The Word Network Partners Conference:

Readers, on last night my timeline made a lot of noisy, but it was good noisy. According to the online chatter, there was a packed house for the Word Partners Conference‬ at Greater Grace, Detroit. According to many Prophetess Bynum is making an awesome comeback.


  1. Glad to see my girl coming back to preach. Awesome preaching woman. I've enjoyed and have been blessed by a many, many of her sad messages. Still really sad what she went through.

  2. sorry, cross out "sad "messages.

  3. Ms. Ann, it looks like the "Prophetess" have bleached her face?

  4. Ms.Ann are you sure that's Juanita Bynum? She looks mighty light in that pic!IJS

  5. So Bryant continues to lie about attending Oxford university.

    He wants to be a serious activists, but he can't stop hanging around people like Juanita Bynum that bring down any credibility.

    And Bynum allows people to refer to her as Doctor, even though she dropped out of college.

    This woman has more issues than a Batman comic book.

    From having a photo of Jesus (seriously, she has bragged about having a PICTURE of Jesus)
    Marrying herself
    Spending 5 grand on a pen (A PEN)
    To creating that self absorbed trailer to promote herself.

    If she were any other person on the street they would monitor her for a psychiatric evaluation.

    And she ALWAYS has to make a comeback, because she Consistently destroys whatever reputation she has created previously.

    I think they are both poor representations of followers of Christ leaders.

  6. I refuse to address THAT lady as a prophetess.

  7. Juanita once said that the church had taken her as far as it could and that she had superseded the the church platform. She claimed Hollywood was calling her and that God was promoting her. Well as we can see that was a bike lie! She broke and the only place that will take her back is the church. Any one can clearly see that she has no anointing or glory on her at all. She is still loud, arrogant and false. There is no repentance or humility on her at all. And the only vulnerable place she can go is the church because the church has become a dumping ground seen to the world as a place that weakness is the example of Christ.


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