Say What: Black Preachers In Charleston, SC Are Scared Of Minister Louis Farrakhan??

Readers, Minster Louis Farrakhan did not create the present situation that the black community is facing, therefore he has every right to speak about it. Recently, the Nation of Islam newspaper The Final Call reported that Farrakhan was scheduled to visit and speak in Charleston, SC this week as part of his city-to-city tour promoting the upcoming march and rally and also to pay homage to those killed at Mother Emanuel AME Church.

 However, according to the article, individuals behind the scenes worked to block use, of public facilities that would be used by Farrakhan to hold his speech. Churches that were approached to hold the event had stipulations. According to Farrakhan, “We went to another church to speak and they rejected me again; we went to three churches … one church was willing to let me come, but said, ‘You got to sign a paper that you not going to say nothing controversial.

Minster Farrakhan: Our leaders, I hate to say it like this, but we’re bought and paid for. We’re hirelings now so we can’t always say the thing that needs to be said for fear of somebody yanking a paycheck away from us. We have to become so in love with our people and so desirous of liberation for our people that we don’t allow ourselves to become whores in the process that we can be bought and paid for to keep justice from our door. Whores cannot lead this nation. Whores cannot make democracy work if you can be bought and paid for. So we are going to expose this. Somebody’s got to tell the truth on our leaders who are bought and paid for. You better come home and let’s go to work to free our people. Otherwise you will be exposed and our people will rise up against you. The masquerade is over baby. We’re going to have to clean it up.
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  2. A GREAT MANY church folk just want things to stay the same. The only concern is people continuing to praise and worship passa, his family and his agenda.

  3. Can i be honest. I would not let him speak at my church either. The bible says "my house shall be a house of prayer". When people tried to come to the temple doing other stuff Jesus had to take out his belt and beat them. The problem is we let just anybody into our pulpits and forget that God is holy and therefore his house should remain Holy.

    If louis wants to speak at a hall or somewhere like that then fine but how dare you allow someone who dont even believe Jesus is God to get behind your pulpit. I Guarantee that Louis would NEVER allow a christian to come and speak and teach at mosque. Why, because he respects the house and his god. Christians let all kinds of mess into Gods holy house. And thats a slap in the face to God in his own house. So let him speak somewhere else and stop trying to get behind our pulpits. Some people might get mad at this post but i will be loyal to God before im loyal to any person, event , or agenda. The world hated Jesus so i guess they are going to hate me too.

    1. It's a darn shame! Some Black Preachers are one the reasons why Black People can't wake the hell up.

  4. Make all the uncle tom house negroes show themselves. The people of those churches should ALL abandon the scared to death cowards!

  5. Louis actually does not respect Jesus anyway which is why he can come into Christian houses of worship so disrespectfully with controversial messages. For example, the one where he was talking about gathering 10,000 men to rise and kill their oppersors. You preaching revenge from a christian pulpit when God says vengeance is mine. So NAW, he can't come to my chruch. . Why would you invite a spirit of violence, rebellion, and lawlessness into your congregation. Now everybody acting up in the church and you trying to figure out why. Its because you opened the door for that spirit to come in.

    The only place louis should have in a christian church is in the congregation hearing the gospel which can save his soul. Why arn't these pastors trying to save this man . We need to cry out in prayer for him. They will surely have this man's blood on their hands when they stand before God.


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