Pastor LeAndria Johnson: Taking Back What The Devil Has Stolen!

Readers, I feel bad for Pastor LeAndria Johnson. In so many ways I believe she's being exploited. So sad! Character Counts. Everybody is not sipping and slipping this is the problem with the church. Be ye holy, for I am holy. I know God is still doing a work on and in this young lady life. I also believe she's fighting a lot of demons that seem to be winning in her life right now. After she won "Sunday's Best" and got pregnant I gave her the benefit of the doubt and prayed for her. But I'm finding it hard to follow someone who preaches heaven while raising hell on social media.  How can you stand in the pulpit preaching to folks about how they should live and you not living right?


  1. Welcome back sister!

  2. Get out of here, taking back what the devil have stolen?? The church is now a joke.

  3. What he ^^^ said.....

  4. This is a prime example of rebellion, willful disobedience, and an intentional twisting of God’s word.

  5. Ann, She shouldn't be in the Pulpit in the first place, the Word of God is clear. He will not be mocked (Gal 5).

  6. She may have been Sunday's best
    But Monday though Saturday this chick is Churches worst.

    Pastors SHOULD BE one of the most well respected & self controlled person in the church.

    Now congregations will allow people that aren't even trying to live holy to led the church.

    the pastor preaches so well.
    They have God given talent to sing.

    Unless your talent is helping others discover The saving grace of Jesus Christ, Having singing or speaking talent does not give anyone the God stamp of approval to start a church.

    Everyone makes mistakes.
    We all sin.
    Only He who is without sin can talk.

    Yes we all sin and fall short of the glory of God.
    But if we are handcuffed with the belief that we can't judge ANYBODIES BEHAVIOR because WE ALL SIN, then any
    convicted child molester,
    Illegal drug dealer,
    Or wife beater
    Can be allowed to pastor and you dare not judge them.

    And putting a video of yourself in a drunken stupor for all the world to see ISNT A MISTAKE.

  7. Who in the world ordained her as a Pastor? She was a gospel, singer. Some are called and others have called themselves... YOU HAVE TO KNOW GOD AND THE WORD FOR YOURSELF. FOLKS NEED TO STOP MAKING GOSPEL SINGERS PASTORS AND THEIR IDOLS.

  8. I am sure the devil is not worried at the least, this "Pastor with her crackish ways" taking anything back from him (whatever that means). Instead of Le'Andria using her "gift" to beguile many silly folks who would pay to watch her perform under the guise of recovering back from the devil, she really should aim to seek to give back to God all is due Him. This senseless individual is blindly on Satan's path, and the devil will make sure he hands to her his cash reward for using her gift to amuse.

  9. She needs to be saved... Washed in the blood of the lamb, purified in the fire. She wouldn't be out bringing reproach on the name of the Lord, causing Him to be blasphemed among the heathen if she was a true DISCIPLE. She needs true repentance and salvation.


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