Lord Have Mercy, Is Pastor Joel Osteen Boldly Proclaiming Blasphemy By Using A Name For God For Himself??

Readers, my Facebook timeline is going in on Pastor Joel Osteen and his new book.

Why not - seriously - why not go ALL OUT? Why not go ahead and say - I AM GOD!? If the title of Joel newest book doesn't say it all, I don't know what does.
At first I thought maybe, JUST maybe....he was referring to the Great I AM in his book title but sure enough....here is what a recap on the book says:

"Whatever follows the words "I am" will always come looking for you." So, when you go through the day saying:
"I am blessed"...blessings pursue you.
"I am talented"...talent follows you.
 "I am healthy"...health heads your way.
 "I am strong"...strength tracks you down.
Question: Is the title of  Pastor Jole Osteen's book blasphemy?


  1. I think Joel could use a good Bible study class.

    He makes to many mistakes similar to this when it concerns the Bible.

    You would think that a pastor of one of the largest churches in North America would know SIMPLE BIBLE INTERPRETATIONS.

    But certainly ignorant of him to try and change the meaning of the statement, "I AM" to something self serving.

    1. Mr.COP come on,when he speaks of the words I AM,HE IS SPEAKING OF THE GREAT IAM...WHO IS GOD HIMSELF!!! Jesus SAID BEFORE ABRAHAM WAS I AM!!! DO NOT BE TO QUICK TO JUDGE BEFOE YOU HEAR HIM OUT YOU MIGHT BE JUST MISUNDERSTANDING WHAT HE IS SAYING. GOD WILL JUDGE THOSE WHO TRY TO RUIN SOMEONE ELSES REPUTATION. All I am saying is pray and listen to him for yourself, don't base your opinion on what someone else is saying!!! And I intend on taking this advice for myself!!!

    2. I am not trying (or intending) to ruin his reputation.

      I am trying to understand how Joel can use the "I am" (as you and I both agree is referring to the great I AM aka God)

      But Joel doesn't use "I AM" to refer to God, he uses it as a statement for us to magically receive talent, health & strength.

      I have listened to Joel over the years.
      And in my opinion (aka judgment) he has very little concept of the truth of the Bible and avoids anything that would cause him choose one side of any issue (lukewarm) or even state that Christianity is the only way to God.

      He much more passionate about making people feel good about themselves, than preaching the truth of Gods awesome and HUMBLING power and of Jesus Christ sacrifice.

    3. Cop...I concur...

  2. I am certainly no fan of joel olsteen. He is pretty much a new aged guru. However, i think saying this is blasphemous is a bit of a reach. Olsteen is all about self impowerment. So when he says "I AM " this is all about building up self which is actually idolatry and not Blasphemy. In his mind we us i am all the time..like i am hungry or i am sad. The problem is when you" build up self" you become your own god. Our flesh man should die daily, so whatever we are to become should be through Jesus Chtist. But this is not what he is teaching. Its like he is using the scripture that says there is life and death in the power of the tongue but with a demonic twist. And we all know how satan knows how to twist scripture.

  3. What scares me is that these people are leading thousands without any real Biblical knowledge. Even the children in my Bibleclub have more Biblical understanding.

  4. He knows exactly what he's doing here. This snake is capitalizing on the already abundant popularity of people using "I AM" in their twitter handles, campaigns, slogans, speeches... Etc. He's a capitalist wolf. He knows exactly what he's doing.

  5. I read his first book. Some of the best scripture-twisting I've ever heard was in that one. I can only imagine how much is in this book.

  6. He is horrible...and the thousands who follow him...well...I rest my case...

  7. The words "I AM" are reserved for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, not us.

  8. I hear so many christians say they like Osteen 'because he is so positive'. I think that's the problem, he says nothing but things people want to hear about how awesome they are and how God's only desire for their life is to bless them. No mention of how they are born sinners, or how the wrath of God abides upon them and how only repentance and faith in Jesus will save them from hell (which we all deserve). It's nothing but feel-good drivel. I heard Osteen say that he was proud to say that buddhists, muslims and those who practice Judaism go to his church. But if they stay that way, and never hear anything that would make them realize they need Christ, he has failed to preach the true Gospel. Horrible.

  9. It is false outrage to have a problem with how Osteen is using I am. I am not an Osteen fan, but what he is doing is by no means blasphemous. If u think it is then i doubt that u know the Bible.


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