Is Seminary Education Necessary For The 21st-Century Pastoral Ministry?

Reader's, question from my timeline:

Should formal biblical and theological training be required to become a pastor in the 21st-century church?

I don't believe that formal education is a biblical prerequisite for pastoral ministry, but the Bible does teach that pastors should be mature in their faith and have a command of the Scriptures.


  1. Since being a pastor can be a full time job, if the corporation (church) wants an educated pastor than that can be a requirement. Im sure people with quote "study thyself approved..." as a justification but that is not relevant here.
    Also, as the corporations customers (church members) become more educated it only stands to reason that so should the pastor.

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  3. Great question Ann.

    I don't think it's necessary to have a Seminary education to be a pastor today.

    It may help, but not necessary.

    I have met men with degrees and all sorts of education in Christianity but can't seem to preach the truth from the pulpit or live an upright life.

    I have known men with barely a grade school education that know the Bible back & forth and most importantly IN CONTEXT. They preach the ENTIRE TRUTH of the Bible and the are well respected and of good reputation. And a good reputation is sometimes harder to get (and keep) then a degree In seminary.

    Our mission is to love our neighbors and preach the good news of the gospel And you don't NEED a formal education in seminary to it.

    Study the word first and LIVE BY IT.

  4. I am more inclined to say that the average parishioner should seek bible training from some type bible institute.. In that way many would be like the Bereans and will be made to be sharp in the word of God discerning truth from error.

  5. Lol....Some of the degees are no more valuable then the paper they're printed on. And the seminaries are just expensive printers. Knowledge and command of the Scriptures doesn't have to come from a college.


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