False Prophet Jonathan Cahn Blows September 13 Doomsday Prophecy, Finds Convenient Explanation!

Readers, all these false prophets have been wrong again and again,... yet, people still chase after them and refuse to read and obey their Bibles. I'm not sure exactly who Jonathan Cahn is or what exactly he is teaching, but I'm really bothered that there are men who instill fear in so many and take their hard earned money to make themselves rich. That alone should be a red flag. According to online research Jonathan Cahn wrote, "The Harbinger" and "The Mystery of the Shemita." Both books have sold many many copies. The Harbinger made the New York Times bestseller list (RED FLAG!!!).

From my timeline: it's time to stop listening to false prophets like Jonathan Cahn who has profited from gullible believers who bought into his "prophetic" warnings. Sept. 14 has come and gone and another false prophet has been exposed for the wolf that he is. Jim Bakker and various organizations have once again made fools of themselves. Anyone who starts prophesying anything that is not clearly revealed in the Bible is deceived and trying to outguess God and His Word. Steer clear of them and stick to the Bible. God warns us in His Word that many false prophets and teachers will come in His Name in the last days. Don't give them any credence. Study the Bible. Everything we need to know has been revealed to those who seek the truth in His Word. We are warned not to add to it or take away from it. Don't be fooled by fools. Source Here:

Jesus repeatedly spoke out against fear in every way, shape, form and manner. Unfortunately in the Church, fear sells even in direct opposition of the Lord’s teachings. Why would unbelievers want what we claim to have when some of us are acting more frightened and pessimistic than they are?


  1. Actually Remember there is a gape between Gods calendar and ours something may still happen. Shemitah could still happen, I am not defending him just saying. And all these people who try and set dates for calamity not just the rapture just goes to prove that God is in control and not man.


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