1st Lady Serita Jakes Have Come Under Fire For Her Sixty Dollar Candles??

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 According to my timeline, clearly 1st lady SERITA has prepared an awesome foundational HOME for The Bishop and the five JAKES children. Everyone is NURTURED &THRIVING as INDIVIDUALS.

With that being said, everyone not feeling those whopping $60.00 dollars a pop over price scented candles and have taken Ms. Jakes to task for it on social media.

But I say continue blessings for Lady Serita! I love candles in my home as well. Why not EXPAND the BRAND to all home accessories, I love the idea.


  1. I too loves candles and burn them all the time non-stop.

  2. Yankee Candle is half the price and has buy one get one free. And it smells awesome. Just buy that instead folks. She doesn't need money from candles.

  3. I am going to refer two post down.

    Her husband is worth 150 "MILLION" and she fills the need to sell some over priced candles?

    I don't know if it's foolish or just greedy.

    1. Right, i would love to know where the money from these candles is going because she ir the ministry definitely does not need the money. I hope it going all going to the poor of or to fund overseas missionary work...or better yet to help that mother who catches the bus with her children down to the potters house.

  4. Hmmmm. I'm too distracted by her fictitious title to comment. I just refuse.

  5. The mere fact that some of the Facebook commentators are going along with this foolishness is unsettling.

  6. Her last name is the brand dumb black church folks will buy them....

  7. Well, the candle sure smells wonderful! Finally got one to test. Smells GREAT!

  8. I make the same candles size .and charge $29.00 dollars. And I have many different fragrance.

  9. Love me some Pastor TD Jakes and his lovely wife but $60 is a little steep for just ONE candle, it must not going to ever burn out lol. I mean I can go to Bath and Body Works and spend $25 for the same size candle that's going to do the same thing or just buy some Glade candles but to each his own..


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