Kenneth & Gloria Copeland Are People Of Integrity So Leave Them Alone!

Readers, it's a doggone shame that someone outside the Church had to do this.
Facebook comment: Be careful whom you put your mouth on. Whether if they are in right standing with Kingdom or not, God called them and His covenant with them still stands.

"Last Week Tonight” host John Oliver launched his own fiery brand of televangelism on Sunday (Aug. 16) to criticize the Internal Revenue Service’s hands-off approach to faith-based fraudsters who promise prosperity, at a price. John Oliver, a satirist who has taken on the name "Megareverend" and "CEO of Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption" is the host of Last Week Tonight.
But for some Christians in cyber space John has over step his boundary.
 John Oliver exposé on preachers like Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, Creflo Dollar, Mike Murdoch and Robert Tilton, is ruffling a few feathers.

Folks, need to lighten up, the video is really well done and funny. “True” Christians should take a look and address this issue to protect their (church’s) tax exempt status.


  1. But what is integrality???? (Fix it Jesus!!!)

    1. That Facebook response is laughable.

      "if they are in right standing with the Kingdom or not"!?!?

      So if the pastor is ripping off people using money he didn't earn, we SHOULDN'T talk about their behavior.

      That's EXACTLY WHY so many preacher get away with anything they want. The mis-interpretation of scripture and applying it to bad pastors.

  2. Really something else. ...LOL

  3. I glad he made this video.

    He showed EXACTLY why it's so easy for preachers to live the good life off the people that follow them, TAX FREE.

    And how easy it is to create your own tax free church.

    1. I'm also glad he made the video... Many churches are guilty of what he said... The money is coming in but little next to nothing is going out... money laundering...

    2. Rev. Kareem A. Christian, I happen to catch this the other night and was upset that things were being said about the whole church because of a few, and taking partial statements to make a point. There is prosperity preached in the Bible and when looked at and practiced in the Biblical way is seen and understood that way. But just like a lot of good things, there are those that distort the truth for personal gain and status. Discernment is key to being able to see the difference. Do not condemn or put the whole church in 1 basket. There is a lot of religion, but not many sons and daughters. Hell is enlarging itself and strait and narrow is the road to heaven.

  4. Lets look at the facts! Churches do not pay taxes on owned property. Yet they are protected by police and fire departments nationwide. People can go to Seminaries or colleges and get a doctorate in religion and start a church of their own anywhere they choose and that property is no longer taxed. Free protection on the tax payers nickel!


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