Jesus Take The Wheel: The Preacher Pimp!

Readers, I'm thinking this artist might have stepped on some toes. A painting titled “The Preacher Pimp” is on display at the Tubman Museum in Macon GA, and is drawing protests from some religious leaders. WGXA-TV reports that pastors from local churches gathered over the weekend outside the museum, demanding that the painting be taken down. Protester  called the painting “horrific,” and said it’s a disgrace to all black preachers in Macon. The painting is by Georgia artist Alfred Conteh.

 Georgia artist Alfred Conteh. 
I will agree with the artist, we all know that many preachers are just in it for the money, if it quacks like a duck and walks like a duck then chances are it is a duck!


  1. The ones who are upset are the ones guilty of being pimps.


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