Does Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake Deserves Double Honor For His Kingdom Works?

Readers, I got called out for co-signing a comment that stated Bishop Blake was worthy of double honor, for taking a church like West Angeles from nothing to a mega church. Someone said that no man deserves a double honor, but that's not what scripture say.1 Timothy 5:17

 I believe Christians should always give the honor back to the Lord, for we are what we are by the grace of God. But, I also believe there should be room in the believer's heart to give honor to others who are deserving of it. In this case Bishop Blake.
"It looked like a nice event. Bishop Blake is worthy of double honor. To take a church like West A from nothing to a mega church, is amazing. Also, any preacher that can get the likes of Denzel, Sam Jackson and Magic at their church, are doing something." 

In Romans 13:7 there is a list of those we are told to give their dues. They are listed as tribute, custom, fear and honor. We are told by God to give Honor to whom honor is due. The word “honor” means valuables, i.e., money paid and by analogy, esteem (especially of the highest degrees) or dignity and the word is also translated “precious.”

1. The Lord is worthy of all honor glory and praise.
2. Parents are worthy of honor
3. Preachers of the Word are to be honored
4. A person that lives above reproach is worthy of honor
5. A gracious woman is worthy of honor

So, the question: Does Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake Deserves Double Honor For His Kingdom Works?


  1. I love Bishop Blake's vision, hard work, and accomplishments. However, I agree that the glory belongs to God. I know the saints want to express appreciation but we should do so a little more modestly, as some of this can quickly cross the line from honor to idolatry.


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