Deitrick Haddon Ask, Have The Sifting Begin?

Readers, every generation has the same decision to make: will I serve the God of the Bible or the“god of this world”?  Last night, on social media Preachers of LA star Deitrick Haddon, posed the above question to his fans, followed by this comment:
"This conversation is for the prayer warriors, prophets, and God chasers! I want to hear from you if you're out there!! Feel free to comment!!Real talk!"

Answers and comments H E R E!


  1. Ms. Ann…I am going to reference some Scriptures again so get ready …Let me say…for DeitrickHatton and any of the other faux preachers like the ones on PREACHER of LA, Detroit or what ever... putting God on trial here saying "things He used to intervene on, he's allowing" only proves Deitrick ignorance of Scripture, and as a preacher, he should know better. We should never forget...God is all wise, all knowing and possesses an infinite numbers of attributes we can't begin to count, and these attributes are all GOOD. In Genesis, when God destroyed the world by flood, He did so because MEN HEARTS WERE ON EVIL CONTINUALLY. HE knew then it was time for this type JUDGEMENT. When God established a covenant with the nation of Israel and Israel sinned, there were times He prolonged judgement against them, because He was long-suffering towards them. Then they were times He passed judgement on them quickly so that many observing would take notice not to disobey and dishonor His Commands, which by the way, commandments given for their own good. When Israel invaded the land of Canaan, it is said the Canaanite people were involved in all sorts of debauchery (child sacrifice, temple prostitution, beastiality, idol worship, etc.) for over 400 years. Another example of God's quick judgement happened in Acts 5 when Ananias and Sapharia who lied to the Holy Ghost at the time the Spirit of God came to indwell the hearts of all individual believers who placed their faith in the ressurrected Christ. Notice the result of this quick judgment in Acts 5:11 "And great fear came upon all the church, and upon as many as heard these things." After seeing what happened to Ananias and Sapphira, the saints learned early on when the church was in its infancy, they were not to lie to the Holy Spirit. And even today, GOD is judging, at times quickly, and at times prolonging His judgment against wicked me. Bottom line, according to Scriptures, God never changes. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. At times, God judges quickly, and other times He long-suffered with men in their sin. Rather than pose such a question, as a "minister", Deitrick should preach that men ought to redeem the time, to accept the LORD while He may be found. The LORD is soon to return and no one knows the hour of His Coming.

    1. Kenyatta Hoskins:Monday, 10 August, 2015

      Anonymous great comment.

    2. Come on Ms up for comments on "the minister and preacher"...

    3. Dear Deitrich, please stop inviting your buddies to make things up. Read the Scripture and stop trying to sound deep.

    4. V Williams...interesting? What do you mean by inviting his buddies to make things up? I think of all people who would question God not intervening or "allowing: things to take place would be Dietrick, especially after God has shown him mercy after Deitrick committed adultery against his first wife and no telling what else. He''s gotta know that God's in the judging business. Sometimes He tells us in simple words like "The way of the transgressor is hard". There are consequence we'll have to undergo when we step outside the will of God. And not to point finger, I know I am grateful for the Lord's long-suffering towards me, sparing me His swift judgment, as well as His quick judgment towards me (kept me from going off the deep end). Come on V Williams, tell us more...

    5. When I say 'invite his buddies' to make things up' I'm referring to the many who pretend to prophesy and are simply saying what people want to hear as opposed to what God says needs to be heard (Jeremiah). He is opening the door for speculation when the Scripture has said all that God intends to say. Why would a preacher ask someone to tell him what the Word makes clear? I simply don't take the man seriously.

    6. Exactly. This guy is a joke. Like I said earlier, rather than pose such a question, he should preach to men to redeem the time. I am quite sure that won't happen. He is too interested in changing Gods commands so to make it modernized to fit the culture. You can smell his kind a mile away.

    7. I am learning it is EASY to pontificate on things you have not experienced, you don't know what longsuffering is until you've had to suffer long.. I am being more careful with the scripture says...,,these days. I think what he's speaking from is his own experiences, our church culture shapes the way we think about certain things.. Go easy on this brother...Just a thought

    8. You missed the point. Deitrick is not honing in on any points about how Christians long-suffer. So let’s not make this a “love session for those who experience”. Everyone “experiences” something. The Bible says "Man that is born of a woman is of few days and full of trouble." (Job 14:1). And even more to the point, Scriptures tell us as Christians, "Since therefore Christ has suffered for us in the flesh, arm yourselves likewise with the same mind: for he that has suffered in the flesh has ceased from sin". Deitrick AND ALL OF US experience suffering, trials, tribulations, disappointments, hardships, etc. I’m not sure all Deitrick has gone through, but from what I understand, Deitrick committed sins (just like the rest of us) and maybe is suffering some of the consequences of his actions. No different from what we all undergo when we sin. My comments are personal against what Deitrick asked here, questioning God’s dealing with the nation and this generation (throwing shade against GOD). I dealt with his issue and noted that at times God judges quickly, and other times He prolongs His judgment against me. God is perfect in all His ways including the way He ushers in His judgment. Deitrick calls himself, a Christian, a preacher, a pastor, and an encourager of the "gospel" through music. He “should” know better. As for your statement about the church culture affecting the way we think, unless the "church culture" adopts and adapts to the WORD of GOD, it will never really be a “church”. It’ll just be a place where “ministers” like Deitrick would come and use such ploy like he did here.

    9. OK Bro/Sis Just thinking out loud.😀

    10. No Problem...

    11. derrick where not you sent..?1God is holding back.?'s the people not living up to word the words says..and not intervening...but ...way too much smoke and rhetoric pastoring going on and not enough discernment.


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