A New Church: Dr. Jazz, Presents Victory Grace Center!


Readers, Dr. Jazz ain't playing about that church thing. To financially support her and the new ministry, please visit their partners page at iamdrjazz.org and check the box for Victory Grace Center.


  1. So TD Jakes dropped Dr. Jazz off at a STOLEN CHURCH, and after being kicked to the curb by the courts she now has to finance the start up of ANOTHER NEW church.

    Seems like poor management and decision-making made by all involved.

    Why didn't they just start the new church right from the start instead of the hostile takeover of City of Praise?

    1. She didn't start her own ministry because perhaps she was focused on the millions of dollars that flows through Jericho... To her suprise, she didn't have access because Joel controlled the corporation...

      If God is calling her (the cop-out many use to do what they please) to start the ministry, why not use the $100,000 plus salary she was receiving along with the severance money to finance the new church?

    2. Exactly Kareem.

      It's so much easier (aka CHEAPER) to take over a church than to build one from the ground up. Especially a church that has its own source of income already.

      And now here they are a year later, back a square one. All because they were to lazy & cheap to pay & work to establish their own church.

      Now Dr Jazz is churchless and has to get financial support and volunteers to start over.

      It was all about getting a church without having to work for it or pay the start up costs.

    3. This is a great opportunity for her to be in and for others to be reminded how church is actually ran. To be at the top, then thrown overboard, and to start again is a humbling experience which many aren't equipped to do.

      But this, this time, she has a unique opportunity of starting a church with her national platform. She will eat (books, engagements, etc) but wants a church and will start the gym like other notable mega churchs did in the past.

    4. First of all, whoever wrote this ridiculous article is petty.To act like all Dr. Jaz is after is money is very petty. No one took over City of Praise. Dr. Jaz was brought in to Pastor Jericho City of Praise, which is a totally different entity. She had absolutely nothing to do with the dramatic foolishness that had been going on the previous 4 years. Second of all, please do thorough research, and fact checking when making such bold, and WRONG comments regarding situations that you have no detailed information about. That is addressed to everyone that created a theory of what might have happened, as so often "church folk", "saints" or the lack therefore do. What you can do is not be concerned or worried about Dr. Jaz or VGC.


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