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The Historical 'Jesus Was Black' Reveals Newly Found Manuscript.

Readers, people are so funny when it come to things like this. If it did not matter  about heritage, no one would be fighting over the rights to land. Blacks are suspiciously absent from a heritage but "it doesn't matter". No heritage? No claim to the land.

Anyhow, you can take this info for what it's worth.

According to a team of archeologists from the University of Tel Aviv. They have uncovered a collection of ancient scrolls in the West Bank region, near the Qumran Caves, where the Dead Sea Scrolls were originally uncovered in 1947, and which promise to shed a new light on the life and physical appearance of Jesus Christ.

 The newly found documents which are believed to have been written by a small Jewish sectarian group, called the Essenes, retraces different elements of the Old Testament and New Testament similar to the Dead Sea Scrolls, but scholars have turned their attention to a peculiar fragment which describes the birth of the Christ figure in a new ligh…

Does A Pastor’s Sexuality Inhibit Them From Preaching The Gospel?

Readers, Iyana Vanzant says in the teaser where two down low pastors are scheduled to reveal themselves:
You can be a lying whoremonger. You can be a thief. You can be a lot of things in the Black church, but LORD don't be gay.  Down low pastors expose themselves on ‘Iyanla, Fix My Life.

Why Did Nicki Minaj, Had To Go And Pull Her Beautiful Pastor Into Her Foolishness??

Readers, my soul weeps for this generation that considers Nicki Minaj as real music. Apparently this is Nicki Minaj's pastor - Pastor Lydia Sloley. Who Ms. Minaj took time out to thank before showing her butt, during her acceptance speech for Best Hip-Hop Video at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday night. Ms. Nicki called out Miley Cyrus for an interview Cyrus gave to the New York Times late last week:

“You know who I want to thank tonight? My pastor,” Minaj said. “I love you so much. And now, back to this b*tch that had a lot to say about me in the press. Miley what’s good?” Why even mention your pastor if you gonna act the fool?

Wes Craven Do You Now Think It Was Worth Rejecting The Saving Grace That Was Offered By Jesus Christ?

Readers, in my opinion, for any soul to leave this world without having laid claim to Jesus Christ as Savior is scary. Oh, how tragic to reject Jesus!  It's sad that people would reject so great a gift for their own personal wants and temporary fame.

Wes Craven, the famed writer-director of horror films known for the Nightmare on Elm Street and Scream movies, died today after a fight with brain cancer. A lot of his fans might be shocked to know that he attended Wheaton, one of the premier Christian colleges in America. But according to his own testimony, Craven rejected the salvation offered by Jesus Christ, and instead chose to spend his life-giving glory to the things of the Devil through his acclaimed body of work in the horror film genre. Do you think he thinks it was worth it now?


A New Church: Dr. Jazz, Presents Victory Grace Center!


Readers, Dr. Jazz ain't playing about that church thing. To financially support her and the new ministry, please visit their partners page at and check the box for Victory Grace Center.

Church Announcement: Pastor Joel Peebles And City Of Praise Are Returning Home!

Readers, there's no place like home. According to social media, In a couple of days, Pastor Joel Peebles and his supporters will walk back into Landover, MD, in unity and with humility. Unlike the day that he was forced out.

Congratulations To Bishop Rance & Ellen Allen On 30th Pastoral Anniversary.

Congratulations to Bishop Rance and Ellen Allen on their  30th pastoral anniversary the mayor of Toledo, Ohio gave Bishop Rance a plaque and a street named after him August 23, 2015.

‎Real Talk With Dr. Ricky‬ Dillard: Would You Rather Be Ministered To By A Divorced Leader Or By A Whoremonger???

Readers, I'll take a divorced leader over a whore leader every time. You can't sleep with the congregation and preach to me at the same time it ain't gone happen, especially if I'm aware of it.  Dr. Ricky Dillard have asked yet another wonderful question of his followers:
What happens when a Bishop/Pastor/Leader and his wife divorce? Does it limit the impact of their ministry? Would you be counseled by a divorcee leader? What say ye?Facebook comment:
My Pastor is going through this now. He has left his wife. Has a girlfriend on the side. He is stressed...list A LOT of weight. I no longer attend that church. Now I know why he never counseled my husband and me when we separated. I can't stand to look at him. I feel he is a hypocrite. He recently saw me at my cousins funeral and touch my shoulder to speak to me. I immediately pulled away from and brushed my shoulder off. He is the moderator of The VA-MD Baptist Association. It is a mess. So many members have left the…

Justice Or Else Tour Stop In Memphis.

Readers, during his recent "Justice Or Else"‬ tour stop in Memphis, The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan received members of the Memphis police department into his suite on August 21, 2015.

 He first thanked them for providing him with what he considered the best and largest police escorts he has ever received while visiting any city in the U.S. He then offered words of guidance, shook hands with each officer and took photos.

The Memphis PD Major asked Minister Farrakhan to keep them in his prayers....and The Minister concluded their meeting by having everyone join hands and offered a beautiful prayer.

Erica Campbell: 'More Caucasian Children Gravitate To Christian Hip hop'???

Readers, do you think this is true, if so why?  Why are so many Christian rap fans white?  This is an important topic and needs to be discussed. It's not to offend white people and I want to challenge those who say it's "more race talk" to really examine why they do not like discussing issues of race. Lecrae recently posted something asking why a lot of his white fans do not like discussing the topic of race.

Dr. Anthony Bradley, Associate Professor of Religious Studies at The King’s College in New York City, answered at Legacy Conference 2015 why it seems like, "more Caucasian children gravitate to [Christian hip hop]," which Grammy Award-winning gospel artist Erica Campbell said in an interview this spring. Bradley has published multiple books on race, religion and culture — including Black and Tired and Liberating Black Theology — and been featured on CNN/Headline News, Fox News, NPR and more for his expertise.

In my opinion, the reason this issue is be…

Coming To A City Near You: The Festival Of Praise Tour!


The Jehovah's Witnesses Are Actively Advertising That They Accept Credit Card Donations At Their Conventions.

Readers, just sick!  For years, Jehovah's Witnesses has ranted against other religions for "passing the plate" and now they are just as bad if not worse.The above picture was taken at the 2014 convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Zimbabwe.
Zimbabwe’s per capita GDP is $600, the third lowest in the world. The average wage is $253 a month—and that’s for the 30 percent of the population who are employed. The highest government salary is $508 per month. Jan 6, 2014 – A global business magazine has ranked Zimbabwe one of the two poorest countries in the world.

Jesus Now Accepts Plastic

The Journey Continues For Dr. Jazz!

Readers, praying for Dr Jazz, love her ministry!

Jesus Take The Wheel: The Ashley Madison Leak, Alleged To Have Caught It First Two Naughty Pastors.

Readers, the possible for serious consequences for the exposed customers of Ashley Madison have just got real. I Found this link in an email this morning, talk about embarrassment and shame.

I Won't Be Distracted, Shaun King Continue The Good Work,We Got Your Back!

Readers, I'll always be proud of Shaun King and his work. I have been following this young man's work for years every since I ran across he and his wife blog many years ago. Praying that he keeps doing the work that is set before him, by not allowing the noise on the sideline to pull him off course.   I'm loving how the Black Christian Community is standing behind Activist Shaun King. Check out a couple of tweets:

Shaun King And Why We’re So Quick To Believe White Folks

Jesus Take The Wheel: Pastor John MacArthur Confronted By Messenger From God???

Readers, on Sunday, August 16, an intruder wearing a backpack mounted the pulpit at John MacArthur's Grace Community Church while Dr MacArthur was preaching the Sunday morning service, put his fingers in his lips and emitted a piercing whistle, pointed his finger at the pastor and began shouting that he had a message from the Lord to deliver to him.

 In my opinion,  Pastor John MacArthur has always been a trustworthy expositor of God's word. I pray he continue to expose the false by his uncompromising stand for the truth. Plus, this man should not have ever been able to get that close.Training is needed, so this never happens again. Praise God he did not have a weapon or something in the backpack.

Tiquila Wilson Of BET's Sunday Best Season 7 Contestant Apologizes To The Body Of Christ!

Readers, remember Sunday Best contestant Tiquila Wilson who was eliminated from the show, earlier in the month, in which the show policy indicates contestant(s) once eliminated must leave the hotel premises? 

Well, Tiquila failed to do as policy stated and wanted to stay longer for the recording of the remaining contestants, which didn't end well. Anyhow, Ms. Wilson has issued a heartfelt apology to the Christian community asking for forgiveness for showing bad behavior.  Rumors have it that if she had not apology she would've been blackballed by the gospel elite and regulated to singing in the local church assembly only.  

To the Body of Christ, BET Network, Sunday’s Best Producers, Staff and Contestants and Family, Friends and Supporters I want to take this opportunity to publicly apologize for anything I have done as a Christian and new artist to bring shame and embarrassment to the Body of Christ and the BET Network and to my name. God has blessed me with a great gift and…

Franklin Graham’s Salary Raises Eyebrows Among Christian Nonprofits!

Readers, what would Jesus think of this? Franklin Graham’s annual compensation of $880,000, revealed in a Charlotte Observer story, has some worrying that too many top Christian nonprofit leaders as well as pastors, are seeing themselves as CEOs instead of as God’s servants.

"CEOs at the top 50 U.S. charities, including Samaritan’s Purse, earn in the $350,000 to $450,000 range, which makes Graham’s $622,000 salary from his aid organization alone about 40 percent to 50 percent higher than average, according to a Forbes story. He receives the rest of his $258,000 compensation as CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association."

How Much Is Too Much To Pay A Pastor?

Serena Williams Breaks Jehovah’s Witness Rules Just By Playing Tennis!

Readers didn't know If you’re a Jehovah’s Witness, you’re not supposed to participate in competitive sports. According to an online source, an issue of the Watchtower made that clear a decade ago: “… if measuring ourselves against others — their feats or advantages — stimulates feelings akin to envy or competitiveness, beware! These are negative emotions, incompatible with God’s thinking.” But that doesn’t seem to apply to Serena Williams.

Serena Williams Breaks Jehovah’s Witness Rules Just By Playing Tennis

Fix It Jesus:They Said They'd Post The Information —And They Did.

Readers, customer data stolen by hackers from cheating website Ashley Madison was posted online Tuesday. The online dating site is for people interested in cheating on their significant others. It was hacked a month ago by a group called the Impact Team. They promised to release customers’ credit card information and “secret sexual fantasies” if the site was not shut down. Some of that data was posted Tuesday on something called the Dark Web.

No matter your moral beliefs what this group did was illegal and truthfully scares the heck out of me.  Just because they attacked a web site for cheating scumbags doesn't make it alright. Source

Kenneth & Gloria Copeland Are People Of Integrity So Leave Them Alone!

Readers, it's a doggone shame that someone outside the Church had to do this.
Facebook comment: Be careful whom you put your mouth on. Whether if they are in right standing with Kingdom or not, God called them and His covenant with them still stands.
"Last Week Tonight” host John Oliver launched his own fiery brand of televangelism on Sunday (Aug. 16) to criticize the Internal Revenue Service’s hands-off approach to faith-based fraudsters who promise prosperity, at a price. John Oliver, a satirist who has taken on the name "Megareverend" and "CEO of Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption" is the host of Last Week Tonight.
But for some Christians in cyber space John has over step his boundary.
John Oliver exposé on preachers like Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, Creflo Dollar, Mike Murdoch and Robert Tilton, is ruffling a few feathers.

Folks, need to lighten up, the video is really well done and funny. “True” Christians should take a look and address this issue to prot…

Did Hilton Hotels Pull It On-Demand Pornography From Hotel Rooms, Because It Was No Longer Profitable For Them??

Tell the truth and shame the devil.
Readers, an international hotel chain has announced that it has decided to pull-on-demand television access to pornography in its guest rooms, generating applause from Christians and other morality-focused groups. Hilton Hotels and Resorts, run by Hilton Worldwide, will no longer contract with “adult” program providers after September of this year, and all hotels must phase out on-demand access by July of next year.

Let's be truthful here, it's a blessing from God to be able to eliminate porn in any way shape and form but lets not all be fooled as to why they did it. They are just like most other big companies, they will do whatever they have to do to grow their bottom line. Although I commend Hilton for this, the only real reason its happening is because it helps their bottom line.

 They said it themselves, they offer wi-fi for people to use their own personal devices...which they can watch porn on and not pay for it on demand...which mean…

38 Year Old Woman Has Decided To Wed The Son Of God!

Readers, this lady's personal relationship to Jesus Christ has gone to another level.  She is committing to remain a virgin for the remainder of her life as a gift to Christ. After years of soul searching, a 38-year-old theology teacher has decided to wed the son of God. Jessica Hayes married Jesus Christ in a festive ceremony at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Fort Wayne, Indiana on Saturday. While it wasn’t the wedding day she’d imagined as a little girl, the consecrated virgin still grappled with the big question facing brides-to-be. Source:

Thanks President Obama: Christianity Is Booming In Cuba As Country Reopens U.S. Embassy!

Readers, another well deserve notch that has been added to our wonderful president legacy. With the reopening of the American embassy in Cuba, the country is also becoming more open to Christianity. Relations between Cuba and America have been strained if not completely closed since the Cold War. However, after 53 years, the two countries are finally seeing some progress toward a better relationship. Secretary of State John Kerry who presided at the ceremony to reopen the American embassy in Cuba, was the first secretary of state to visit the country in 70 years. Source Here:

Why Do Black Churches Have Steady Membership While Other Christian Denominations Decline?

Readers, this article clearly points to the fact that people, young and older are seeking for churches & ministries that speak to where they are today. And it's not just an AME issue. I always struggle withchurches that have a "we not changing" mentality while they are seriously in decline. Everything points to "time to try something new", but they won't." In my opinion, there are numerous reasons why some black churches retain their members, but, for the most part, the church has played a historic role in black life that has fostered a continuing strong black Protestant identity."

Church Announcement:

Readers, get ready for the 2015 inaugural service of Bishop Joseph Walker 3rd  November 6, at Tennessee State University. Facebook:

Tasha Cobbs One Place Live!

Readers, Tasha Cobbs has posted enough videos on her Instagram account to make you want to go out and preorder her new album, and I did. But, I was kind of disappointed in the fact that I had to buy the whole album.  I am not one to buy an album with a lot of feature artists on it. So, when I went to iTune to pre-ordered the new project and found it to be in album mode only. WHY? Is this a common practice when it come to preorders on iTunes?  Why the album only mode?

Anyhow, according to social media the Grammy award-winning contemporary gospel music artist, really blessed the church house on Wednesday night with her wonderful vocals during a live recording at "The Greater Allen A.M.E. Cathedral of New York". She gave all the glory to God and led the congregants into true Worship and Praise under the Power of the Lord's Presence.

1. Immediately (LIVE)
2. Jesus Did It ( LIVE)
3. Fill Me Up (LIVE)
4. Overflow (LIVE)
5. Jesus Saves (LIVE)
6. One Place
7. I Love This Place …

Fix It Jesus: North Carolina Pastor Plans To Arm Church Members??

Readers, Reverend Melvin Clark of Washington Missionary Baptist Church, a pastor at a Shelby, North Carolina church plans to take 10 parishioners and turn them into trained security guards.
"It's putting a plan in action that we interfaced with our local law enforcement. People will begin to take matter into their own hands because they believe there is no plan in place," he argues.
Right now, the church has surveillance cameras. To get inside, with exception to a few times a day, you have to be buzzed in. Clark says that's not enough.  Nearly three months ago a gunman opened fire at Emanuel AME Church in downtown Charleston, South Carolina. Nine people were killed in the mass shooting. This past Sunday two men were arrested for bringing guns into a place of worship in Charlotte. "That's the motivation," said Clark. "What is the plan of action if something happens?"

Say What: Ben Carson Wants Nothing To Do With The Black Lives Matter Movement!

Readers, Dr. Ben Carson, who's trying to get the Republican presidential nomination apparently doesn't think he needs the black vote. At least that's what a lot of people are concluding as he continues to alienate himself from black voters and the black community. It's evident in his public disdain for the Black Lives Matter campaign. Carson told Fox News that he doesn’t agree with the groups' apparent strategy of forcing a meeting or their agenda upon 2016 candidates, by either disrupting or threatening to disrupt a campaign-related event.

Is Satan The Worship Leader In Your Church?

Readers, here's a blog article that have really ruffled some feathers. The author claims that Christians need to become more astute at determining the source of things, especially when it come to gospel music.
For instance: when you hear a song from a favorite gospel artist or group, are you sure their source comes from God? Are they plugged into Holy Ghost power or demonic power?
Just because they can sing good or make you feel goosebumps doesn't mean God is their source. God may be the source of their gift: but is He the source for how that gift is being used?Rest Here:

Rest In Power Mr. Julian Bond, And Thank You For Being A Force For Change.

Readers, we lost a wonderful, compassionate man with the passing of Julian Bond. He fought for the civil rights of all minorities. I always respected Mr. Bond's commitment to the cause of justice and his willingness to be on the front line of the battle. Take your rest sir your purpose down here has been completed.

Dr.Ricky Dillard Want To Know Should An Unmarried Woman Become A Bishop??

Readers, the Bible does speak of the Bishop in a way that it must be a man, at least the KJV does. Now, these newer versions leave out most of what the KJV originally interpreted. Anyhow, Dr.Ricky Dillard may be known for being an outspoken renowned choral master....but once again the veteran recording artist is asking about unmarried women place in the church. Dr. Dillard, 50, took to his social media page yesterday to invite people to participate in the conversation about a woman place in leadership positions within the church with the following questions:
Should an unmarried woman become a bishop? Should any woman? Does it matter? Is it a sin? Is it possible this passage was written in a misogynistic era? What say ye?  Thoughts?

Congratulation Bishop Elect Jackie McCullough On Your Elevation & Consecration.

Readers, praise God for yet another general in the Kingdom Of God. The consecration of the Rev. Dr. Jacqueline McCullough to the Bishopric. A true General of the Gospel. Love her teaching!

Is Dr. Jasmin "Jazz" Sculark Leaving Jericho City Of Praise?

Readers, Dr. Jasmin "Jazz" Sculark, CEO and Founder of Dr. Jazz Ministries, releases the following statement in response to the District of Columbia court of Appeals decision on August 10, 2015 regarding Jericho City of Praise.

"I have been honored to pastor at Jericho City of Praise for this past year and serve the congregation and community. I am not, nor have I ever been involved in any way, directly nor indirectly in any of the legal battles surrounding the church and the Board of Directors. All of the legal cases predate my arrival to Jericho City of Praise. "God sent me to the DMV area to minister to souls. I was never called to a building, but to reach and win people for the kingdom of God. My thoughts and prayers are with the people and pastor that will give leadership to the Jericho City of Praise Church. Remaining faithful while laboring together with God." -- Dr. Jasmin Sculark, CEO & Founder, Dr. Jazz Ministries.Statement Source:

Pastor Rick Warren Shows Us How The Megachurch Handles Racism!

Readers, saying "All Lives Matter" as a response to "Black Lives Matter" is missing the point. White lives do matter, but that has never really been in contention. Yesterday, Pastor Rick Warren posted the above pic to his Facebook page, for which he got called out for. Someone have suggested that maybe Pastor Rick, need to educate himself more on the Black Lives Matter movement before posting ignorant comments to social media.

Question: should the church be a much stronger voice in standing against the racism, hate and brutality in our country?

Former Pastor Files Multimillion-dollar Lawsuit Against Megachurch.

Readers, The Fountain of Life Assemblies of God Church in Florence is being sued by its longtime pastor for millions of dollars. Pastor Ron Graban is the son of former Fountain of Life Pastor, Minister Paul Graban, who's now 91 and lives in Texas. Source:

The Word Network Is A Religious Network, It's Not A Christian Only Network!

Readers, in my opinon, some white conservatives will work with evil people from all sorts of religions all day long to advance their agenda and cause. But as soon as they "THINK" people of color are doing the same thing they want to call them out for it. It's a double standard. I am glad that Dr. Jamal Bryant and The Word Network invited Minister Louis Farrakhan to the program.....which by the way set off a firestorm among the Christian Right. 

Way, before black people, are even seen as a Christian or Muslim in America we have to deal directly with social injustice, that's a fact. So called leaders that have a problem with the unification of black people on issues that directly affect us (especially when they have been completely silent) they need to shut up which is what they were already doing. Now all of a sudden, everyone is focusing on Minister Farrakhan being on the word network and questioning Pastor Bryant faith.  Two men of different faiths, who were men en…

Did Sunday Best’s Tiquila Wilson Go On A Rampage After Elimination???

Readers, according to social media, Tiquila Wilson who was a Sunday Best season 7 fan favorite....alleged to have turnt the Marriot hotel out after being sent home early.

Lord Have Mercy: How In The World Can Anyone Trust A Pastor Who Lies?

Readers, somebody is lying and there's a Youtube clip to prove it.   Evidentially, this been going on openly at Hillsong NYC for a couple of  years, according to some.  Hillsong senior pastor Brian Houston came out swinging just last week when it was being reported that Hillsong NYC church has 2 openly-gay men leading the choir. So how it is possible that in last week’s denial statement, Hillsong repeatedly states that were “unaware” of what was going on? But in the video clip below it's something total different?  Here is the official Hillsong denial:

Deitrick Haddon Ask, Have The Sifting Begin?

Readers, every generation has the same decision to make: will I serve the God of the Bible or the“god of this world”?  Last night, on social media Preachers of LA star Deitrick Haddon, posed the above question to his fans, followed by this comment:
"This conversation is for the prayer warriors, prophets, and God chasers! I want to hear from you if you're out there!! Feel free to comment!!Real talk!"
Answers and comments H E R E!