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Testimony Time: Dr. E. Dewey Smith Let Rickey Smiley Take Over The House Of Hope Pulpit!!

Reader Sunday October 8, 2017, Dr. E. Dewey Smith senior pastor of the House of Hope Atlanta Ga, allowed his friend and church family Comedian Rickey Smiley to grace his pulpit with an awesome testimony....plus a big plug for his new book.

Check it out below: 

Why First Lady Sarah???

Readers, it's kind of disappointing to see a new generation of senior pastors wives who are allowing  titles to define them.  Usually, the first lady of the church is uppity, at least that's the perception that is given off.   I was hoping this first lady trend would die out with the next church generation...but I guess not. To me, this creates an aura that a person is better than another or has a sense of royalty. This is why the black church is having so many problems now is because of this Primadonna attitude that our community has created. Bottom line, just role your sleeves up and do God’s work. We need to be transforming mind’s and hearts, not titles.   In my opinion, there is no such thing as a First Lady or First Gentleman when it comes to the Word of God. They are fabricated, idealistic titles that have invaded Black church culture.


  1. Ms.Ann, I am a pastor’s wife and I hate being called “first lady”. Looks like people today mainly the black church is caught up with titles. Aren’t we suppose to decrease and Jesus increase in our lives? Seems like a lot off flesh on display in these days and times.

    1. Ann the term 'First Lady' has infiltrated many Churches, it has become prestige, it is however gender driven because when the man is ordained as the Pastor or Bishop, his wife is automatically promoted as the First Lady of the Church. In other words she becomes an assistant Pastor or joint Pastor to the man. However, when the woman is the pastor or the bishop of the Church the husband is never esteemed in the way as the reverse. To keep things equal; the likely probable titles for the husband of the woman pastor could be 'First Man' or 'First Gentleman', can you imagine? How does that sound? Not very appealing to the modern Churches, is it? However, it is a fact the husband to a woman pastor is never and often does not choose to esteem himself to the prestige position, as the wife to a bishop would do.

    2. Amen! my sister! I am a 1st Lady and I believe that we SHOULD be servants to the congregation and not the other way around. We only have this title by default because we are married to the pastor. I am the opposite of what I see on TV and what I have experienced. I believe in getting my hands dirty and will do whatever it takes to help bring the vision that God gave my husband to past. It is a sad state of affairs when the "1st Lady" can not be approached. Somewhere the body of Christ has lost what it means to be a SERVANT.

    3. Abraham's Daughter, I really was hoping this one trend would end.

    4. Ann you sure this Sarah Jakes Roberts?? Has she bleached her skin or something?

  2. Ain't this Bishop Jakes kid? Then why in the world she two shades lighter?

  3. This has really been an eye opener for me to just read this article. Unfortunately, my church has experienced the false prophet and the arrogant behavior of the first lady. Also, these same people made off with our money and went and started another ministry. Since then GOD has opened my eyes to the things that I couldn't see because in All honestly I was worshiping man more than I worshiped GOD which made me too, close to see what God was trying to show me all along.

  4. As soon as I hear the title 'first lady' I know what type of ministry I'm dealing with and I let my feet express my opinion.

    1. V Williams you crazy! I went to a Pentecostal church for six years, and we called the preacher's wife the First Lady. Don't ask me why???

    2. I would have kept it moving! If a ministry does the 'first lady' thing which is man-made mess they probably do other messy things.

  5. A List of titles we should discontinue in the church.

    Unless your pastor wrote one of the books of the Bible, he doesn't qualify as an Apostle.

    If you EARNED IT YOU CAN USE IT. That means if your pastor calls himself Doctor because he donated money (honorary) or graduated from an UNACCREDITED school he is LYING TO MAKE HIMSELF LOOK GOOD. (Jakes, Bynum, Copeland, Meyer & Hinn, ALL FAKE DEGREES)

    The title of Prophet has been tainted. If your not sure how, the canceled show "Preach" is a perfect example. Pastors are using the title Prophet only to elevate themselves.

    It's NOT in the Bible.
    There is NO MENTION of the role of a church leaders wife (other than that of any mans wife).
    It's MADE UP.
    It gives the impression that the other women in the church are second class.
    And it leads people (and the wife) to believe that she should be leading some type of ministry in the church. Which is unnecessary.

    1. Cop I so agree with you. This culture/growing tradition of “first ladies” in the church must cease. It’s not Biblical. There are no scriptures that support this practice. Acts 10:34 says God is no respecter of persons. So I suggest also that they drop these titles.

    2. Cop I would love to hear why you think today's church is in love with titles?

  6. I hear that title in Baptist churches a lot. I don't personally use it, and I think it gives the impression that the congregants are supposed to treat her like royalty, in almost a worshipping way. I've seen folks practically trip over themselves to have the "honor" to serve the first lady, especially for special anniversary services. There's a way to treat those who lead the "flock" with respect without worshipping them. It seems like it's a recent title, like within the last decade or so. Maybe I'm more aware of such things these days.

  7. I think it is possible to get so caught up in self and being first that we forget the words of Jesus, that the first will be last and the least will be greatest. We like prominence, but we forget that it is only when we put God first in ever way and humble ourselves that we can be truly lifted up.

  8. It just simply implies threes a second and third possibly!


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